First Time(1)


From Second String To First String

I was never a well built guy in high school but I was still one of the best football players, yet I wasn't the guy that the girls wanted to be with. I did date a few girls but none that I was in love with or interested in sleeping with. I was lucky enough to be recruited by a good college in Florida. The first year was pretty rough but I was able to pass all of my courses, and was able...Read On



In good hands

My niece come to take care of me.

As a field inspector for a cellular company I've spent a lot of time traveling around to many of the states and have slept with many women, but none could compare to the women I have known for most of my life. It all started over two years ago when I was in St. Louis checking on a tower crew and had broken my leg when I lost my footing on a muddy hill. Had been laid up for a week and two...Read On


The Niece I thought I knew

After high school I went off to college in New Mexico to study structural design, leaving behind my parents my younger sister Ann and my older brother Mark and his family which included my fourteen year old niece Beth. While at college I meet and slept with a lot of women went to a few parties. After college I moved back home to be close to my family that I missed. Things had really...Read On