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Teen sex stories are those which feature teenagers, 16 years old and over, having sex and performing other sexual acts. They may be stories of first time fumblings, senior school prom quickies, teens losing their virginity and other tales of innocence lost during teenage years.


What A Vacation

It started in a hot tub...

My wife and I had planned a vacation for about three months. We'd rented a cabin, made all of the arrangements, took the time off work, and had the dates set. We were taking my stepdaughter Karley and we'd told her she was welcome to invite a friend. I have to admit I was somewhat surprised when she said she'd asked her friend Katie. I knew Katie but only had met her a few times. Karley...Read On

Callie And George

George Young was retired and a widower.  He and his wife had a wonderful life up until she died of Alzheimer’s.  Unfortunately, in the end, she didn’t even remember who he was.  Watching her die was exhausting and just about the saddest thing that George had to do. It was a long two years, but Agatha finally passed away.  It was a relief for George.  George didn’t date after her death...Read On



Not what you'd expect at a hockey rink.

I'd been officiating hockey for almost ten years. I thought I'd seen everything. And boy, was I wrong. One night, heading into the ice rink to officiate my games, I found there was construction going on at the rink. The floors on one side of the rink were all torn up. The other side had some things going on. Some walls had been taken down. There were construction signs all over the place....Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 6

This is the backstory of how Daisy met Shawn...

I said before that we are all born in original sin, and that for some people lust is part of their destiny. You're probably wondering how Daisy and myself met and how I heard she was a stripper. I was on campus one day, going to eat lunch, when I found out Daisy was on Twitter. It was no big deal really, but she looked older and more womanly. I tweeted to her: “Is it really you?” She...Read On


Charlotte Sometimes

Charlotte's life is turned upside down when she has to move to 1990s Northern Ireland

‘This is officially the worst day of my life.’ Charlotte paused and lifted her pale blue eyes from her diary. She looked around her room, Robert Smith staring down at her from every wall. She smiled slightly as the opening bars of ‘Fascination Street’ began to reverberate around the room. Charlotte had not taken the news that her dad had got a new job well. She was pleased until she heard...Read On

How Anne Became Popular

It’s kind of funny how some people become popular. Just last week Anne Johnson was a regular girl. She had a few friends but wasn’t at all popular. She didn’t wear trendy clothes. She wasn’t a nerd or a jock. She didn’t play an instrument or was in a band. She was just a regular person. Until that really cold day in January. Anne Johnson was wearing Jake Smith’s varsity football coat. He...Read On

Recommended Read

Amy Learns A Secret.

Out with her aunt and friends, 18 yr old Amy finds herself in the beer garden sucking Frank's cock.

He takes her by the hand and leads her to the far corner, a place where shadows will screen them from the eyes of smokers who come outside to sit at wooden picnic tables. It will be a place of half-darkness. They will not be disturbed. She watches him glance back, checking no one has noticed them slip away. He is a married man, his wife an old friend of her Aunt Ruth. Her eyes follow his...Read On


Abby's Panties 2

Tommy gets caught

As I stood there, my cock thickening, Abby reached underneath her long t-shirt and pulled down the panties she was wearing. It was quite possible the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I stared down at her bare legs as she slowly pulled one foot out and then the other. She stood back up straight and tossed the panties to me.  They were warm, almost hot to the touch.  "Now..." She said softly...Read On


A Visit to the Doctor’s

Michael gets a very thorough exam before the school year.

  Six months shy of my eighteenth birthday, my father was killed while writing a citation for speeding on I-294. He was a state trooper, the drunk driver was found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in jail. Four days before my birthday, my mother and I moved due to her being transferred. She got a well deserved promotion to chief analytics officer for one of the top educational...Read On



I had only met my daughter Julie's friend Lindsay a year earlier. Lindsay and her mom had moved to town and had enrolled in my daughter's school. Within a couple of months she'd hit it off with my daughter, hung out with her, had been to the house, and my daughter found someone that she was pretty similar to. Both girls had an obnoxious personality at times, very outspoken, very blunt, and...Read On


Another Love

A guy meets his daughters best friend and learns to live again

I never meant to get into a new relationship after so long not least with a girl, and girl is the right word who could have been my daughter. In fact, she was my daughters’ best friend which is how we came to meet in the first place. I should explain that I am just shy of 50, a widower, my wife Louise died of cancer ten years ago and along with the grief of losing not just my lover but my...Read On


Brandy (Part 2)

Not The Sleepover I'd Expected

I could not believe that I'd spent the whole evening with my step daughter Kylie, her friend Katie and her other friend Brandy playing truth and dare. Jesus, I was so fucking turned on every time Kylie had friends over. They would come over, change later in the evening into t-shirts and shorts, I'd see their chests puffing out as they walked around the house, stare at their asses, and I...Read On


Wife Tales - Hubby's Special Birthday Gift

I surprise my hubby with a sexy young birthday gift.

A soft breeze blew across my body as I lay on the beach. It was not enough to cool the hot rays of the sun but it was refreshing. I loved the warmth of the sun on my bare skin. That’s one of the reasons Michael and I loved the clothing optional beaches. I also loved them because I enjoyed men looking at me while I was naked. It was arousing for me to know they were staring at me. Michael...Read On


A Friend Who Needed Attention

I was accepted to the local state college and was looking forward to trying out some college tail. After graduation, I spent the summer working for my dad and kicking around town in search of a piece of ass. This is the story of one of the times, the summer before college. I worked hard for my dad and he knew it. He would let me out early on Fridays and I'd go searching for the...Read On


Dani Part 2

I was unaware of Dani watching me as I rode away from her house just as I was unaware that her legs were still rubbery from the intense sex that we had just experienced in the shower. I didn't know that once I was out of sight she flew up to her room, closing and locking the door once inside and literally tearing her clothes off. I didn't see her flop on the bed and spread her beautiful...Read On



Not the friend I thought she was

I've been married for almost twenty years. I just turned forty-two. And I will openly admit I have not been a saint. I've had my experiences outside of my marriage. I've done crazy things that I would not explain to my neighbors, co-workers, friends or people that I know in my personal life. They simply wouldn't get it. They would judge. Call me a cheater. Call me a liar. Call me a pig. Call...Read On


The List, Chapter 4

The next List members get introduced

What exactly is the meaning of sexy? It can be looked on as a spectrum, really. There are multiple types of sexy in this list. Especially these next two entries on the list. These two are the only two younger than myself. Meaning, these are the only two current Wayside juniors who got chosen. I may have had a heavy hand in that. In the past chapters, I talked about the Majorettes and dancers...Read On


The Teen Slut Goes Shopping

My mother's pervy boyfriend takes me shopping

After the night my mum’s boyfriend, Dirty Derek, snuck in my room and fucked me, things changed dramatically in our household. For a start, he stopped showing an interest in my mother. I thought she would be angry with me, but instead, she was really pleased. From what I heard most nights while lying in bed, Derek was pretty brutal and kinky with my mother in the bedroom. I assumed she...Read On


Another Trailer Park Teen

Another episode in the story of Cal, after he moves to a WV Trailer Park

When we last left Cal, he had just pleasured one of Mountain View Mobile Home Park's many MILF's, the lovely Kelley, or as he had affectionately renamed her, “my dirty little fuck princess.” She was one of the girls of Mountain View that he had his eye on, the other was another teen that was a friend of Kaylee's and likely in her classes in the local high school. He knew it was a...Read On



As a matter of record, she is not a blood relation. We met at the reception when my uncle married his long lost high school sweetheart. She was the daughter of my new aunt's sister and we wound up sharing a table with her older brother and my younger ones. I was immediately taken aback by her stunning good looks. Long dark hair fell past her soft shoulders and that was an immediate turn...Read On


Babes In The Woods

A school principal chances upon two promiscuous schoolgirls in the woods

Since it was such a glorious day, Principal Pulaski decided to take a stroll during his lunch break to the nearby woods. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a ferret carrying something in his mouth and decided to see what the little chap was up to. As he drew nearer, he saw the ferret attempting to bury some small piece of jewellery in the ground next to a large old oak tree....Read On



Teens use unconventional ways for fundraising

"Here's the problem my friends," the mayor was saying. "Here in Texas, we're living in a cesspool of human tragedy. We have an influx of immigrants, squatters and the homeless. As you all know, they need clothes, food, and shelter. Many children need medical attention. Our community is doing all it can to help, but our resources are limited. In a month or two, we will have spent our...Read On


The Teen Slut And The Gas Man

The gas man gets a nice surprise when he comes to read the meter

Ever since my encounter with an older man, Paul, and the sexual exploits he introduced me to, my sex drive had become insatiable. I suddenly found myself with an unrelenting desire to flash my body in public. It was shortly after my seventeenth birthday that I started exposing myself to dirty old men looking for a bit of action. It was an unbearably hot day in August when I began exploring...Read On


Sarah (Part 4)

She came back for more

The last time my daughter's friend Sarah was at the house, we'd gone as far as you could go when messing around. Naked, making out, fingering, touching, licking, sucking, and even fucking. I'd taken a huge risk and entered her without a condom. She stopped me, telling me that she wasn't on the pill. And knowing that she was sixteen, I couldn't do it. There was no way I could risk getting one...Read On


Teens on the Run

Lexi and Brandi run away, and get dirty on the road.

Lexi and Brandi had hatched a plan to get Lexi's mom's boyfriend to come over and then get compromising video of him with one or both of the girls. They had dressed in the sluttiest outfits they could come up with, and had gotten the boyfriend, Jack, to come on to them, but then they got carried away with the sex, and failed to get any video. When the boyfriend reported the incident to...Read On


More Sex Education From Marie: Boys' School 4

Marie continues her Sex Education lessons, with the help of her young assistant

I was heading back to the Boys' School, accompanied by my sexy young assistant, Lyn. After her last visit there as my demonstration model, she was not being deprived of a second encounter with the class of horny teen boys, even though I had warned her that I had much more in mind for her this time. Still not yet seventeen, she was again clad in school cardigan, blouse, school tie and...Read On


Mad at Mommy

Teen decides to get even with mom by seducing mom's boyfriend, with help of her best friend.

Lexi had been grounded again, and her mother had told her to stay in her room. Lexi was mad, and determined to get back at her mother in whatever way she could. But what could she do, to really piss off her mom?   She had already lost all driving privileges, after scraping the side of her mom's car at the last Lewisville High football game, when she drove too close to the sign near the...Read On


Hangin' at the Mall

Teen seduces older guy at the mall.

Where else can a teenager go to hang out, without being harassed by her parents or other adults? The mall was it, if you were over sixteen but not yet eighteen. After that, you were able to go to bars, and other fun places. And especially if you were a teen who had blossomed early, and already had a firm set of tits, and a nice round ass to attract attention. There were always lots of...Read On


Not What I Expected To Happen At A Hockey Rink (Part 2)

I Didn't Expect Her To Call Back

I had been officiating hockey for years. I traveled all over the place. I'd been to places I would not see otherwise. I'd met people all over that I'd never have met anywhere. I'd gotten to be known in the communities. I always had a positive attitude. I was always friendly to the coaches, kids, and the parents. I got along well with everyone. And over a lot of years, I came to be pretty...Read On


Izzy in the Washroom with a Friend

Izzy tries to enjoy a tryst in the restroom

Perhaps he saw her with her head down, sleepwalking through the hallways of the high school. Izzy noticed him glancing at her, ignoring his friends. He was a short guy with a silly silver chain around his neck. He was a junior, a year under her. They had chatted and flirted before. He used to tease her a lot. They even started texting for a while but his girlfriend put a stop to it. She...Read On