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Teen sex stories are those which feature teenagers, 16 years old and over, having sex and performing other sexual acts. They may be stories of first time fumblings, senior school prom quickies, teens losing their virginity and other tales of innocence lost during teenage years.


Another Mother and Daughter

Brenda and Beth were so gorgeous and so horny!

I met Brenda, a gorgeous brunette with a darling smile, at a technology transfer conference in Atlanta. The minute I saw her sitting alone at a table, I went over and introduced myself. She was very friendly and asked me to sit down. We had to pay attention during the many speakers, but when we broke for lunch, I asked her to have lunch with me and she agreed. As we talked, I found out that...Read On



Old man achieves deja vu

For some time, I have had performance issues. It is a combination of age and too many years of taking blood pressure (BP) medicines. The doctor had prescribed Viagra prior to the passing of my wife, but the results were not satisfactory. My doctor had taken care of me for over twenty years and knew my history of taking BP meds for over thirty years. So, each time I had a physical, he...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 2: The Cheerleader's Touch

Chad Dupree meets a sexy cheerleader...

Summer 2009... "So, are you ready for your senior year, Chad Dupree?" she said to me with that smile of hers. As much as I was excited, I was also kind of nervous. It was my last year of high school. "Are you going to miss me, Chad?" she said. "A little bit," I said to her. She was my first high school crush. She was one of the first girls I set my eyes on when I arrived at that school....Read On




The night before, my stepdaughter, her best friend, my wife and I were in the hot tub. The girls were wearing bathing suits. My wife was wearing a typical one-piece bathing suit that showed off nothing. It was to be expected. The problem was, however, that my stepdaughter was wearing a two-piece bikini that showed off a massive amount of cleavage. For her age, she had boobs bigger than...Read On


The Captain’s Daughter

Angelica was an absolute doll and eager to get laid.

I had just been appointed as the CEO of a small, but growing IT company in Melbourne, FL, which came with a seven figure income plus stock options. With that much money I figured it was time to reward myself with a week-long cruise on a large cruise ship out of Port Canaveral. I told my travel agent to book me the largest and most luxurious suite available on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of...Read On


Mother And Daughter

They both were so gorgeous and sexy! I had to have them both!

I met Michelle and her daughter, Marie, at Six Flags over Georgia. Like me, they were just strolling around looking at all the rides and other things to do. I noticed them immediately, not only because they were so strikingly beautiful, but also because they were probably mother and daughter. I was very horny that cool Saturday morning, so I began to imagine which one would be the best in...Read On


The Cutie Next Door

Ashley was already a seductress at age sixteen when she and her mom moved next door.

I’ve been married three times and all three were disasters. My first wife was only sixteen and I was seventeen when we got married in high school. It lasted less than four years when I discovered that she was having an affair with an Iranian student. She kicked me out and I rarely saw her again. Wife number two was a secretary at the Army Depot where I worked part-time during my last two...Read On


Christina (Part 3)

In The Bathroom

As I stared at Christina's little ass walking across the living room all I could think of is that I hope to God nobody knows what's going on, what we've talked about, or has any idea of what my almost-forty-three-year-old mind is thinking about this high school girl. You and I both know about society, the taboo bullshit people deal with, things people don't talk about, and judgment that goes...Read On


School Of Higher Learning, Or, My Sexual Beginnings At The Hands Of An Older Woman.

What follows, actually took place much as it is. It's written with little embellishment.

I learned a great deal in High School My Junior year was one that was a tremendous growth year, it started in World History class. I was in a lecture type of class that had approx. 150 students per class. And so, it was easy to sit close to the back and not think about anything, except the body of the teacher’s assistant. I will call her Sheila for lack of a better choice, the need...Read On


White Briefs On A Clothesline

Journal entry for a teenager who has an erotic adventure.

Journal entry for today... I think it might be a bad idea to actually write this down since I think it's the sort of thing that could lead to big trouble. I'm home alone. No school because of some kind of "teacher training" thing. Mom and dad are both at work all day, which leaves me home to do as I please. They think I'm catching up on homework but I have other ideas. After they leave...Read On


Forbidden Fruit

Two young friends explore their fiery curiosity and submit to their nubile desires.

I grew up in a Christian household where a girl is typically conditioned to think her own sexuality is naughty and unnatural. Or that is how it was for me. As I neared my eighteenth birthday I discovered, explored and embraced my nubile sensuality. Followed by a small amount of guilt. My desire to know more about sex was insatiable. I routinely watched sex on TV, read about it in books,...Read On


A Summer's Day

A good girl explores being bad at a pool party

    My favorite teacher, Mr. Andres, had sent me a text this morning. It read: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” A joke between us since I had taken his English literature class during junior year. He was still on my mind while I sat in the back of a car. He had this image of me, one I had perfected. I was the studious, intelligent girl with ideologies and passions. His protégé,...Read On


The Waterfall

Skinny dipping the waterfall

Home from college in summer, Jake and I decided we would look for that waterfall in that national forest preserve. Hiking for several hours, we finally reach the falls, unpacking we set up our tent some hundred yards away under the pines. Then, being hot and sweaty from the long hike with heavy packs, we decide to strip down to our undies and cool off in the waterfall. Not long afterward...Read On

Picking Up A Truck Driver

The summer was coming to an end.  Lisa and her best friend Maddie were not looking forward to going back to school.  It would be their last year at that dump.  They had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives.  For one thing, they both wanted to move.  They were sick of all the kids that they grew up with. They had been just hanging around at the town pool and going to parties in...Read On


My Cheyenne Beauty

Raven was the most gorgeous creature I’d ever seen and I wanted her immediately.

I’m a Hollywood producer and had been in the Helena, Montana, area for a week searching for locations to film a western. I was taking my time because Montana is such a beautiful state and I enjoy the scenery and the different tribal cultures. I was planning to leave the following day when I noticed in the local newspaper that the annual Northern Cheyenne Tribal Festival would begin the...Read On


Party Pool

Swimming without my suit available.

One afternoon, Linda, a senior like me, but at Hockaday Girls Academy in Dallas, got me to drive her home from school in her sexy uniform with the short little skirt and white panties underneath. She had a pool in her backyard, so she invited me to go for a swim. She knew I didn't have a suit, so I think she planned it that way. I told her, there was a problem, me not having a suit. She...Read On


Why I Love Teenagers

Melissa and Sharon were hot-to-trot…for the right price.

I just love older teenage girls! Their hormones are raging and most have already had their cherries popped, so they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fucking me for cash. I go to the local mall every Saturday when all the cute teenage girls are shopping for clothes. I usually walk around a while, then find a good seat in the food court to watch them laugh and eat. I’ll take a...Read On


Christina (Part 2)

Not the ending to the night I expected...

I was sitting at my computer desk, staring at the screen. All I could think of was that Christina, my stepdaughter Katie and their friend Allison were upstairs in Katie's room talking about God knows what, maybe sleeping, or for all I know, maybe doing more than just that with each other. I sat there staring at my screen, horny as hell, and desperately wanting a couple of things. I wanted...Read On


Blended Families--The Beginning

Open the closed door to this quiet home to see what goes on in some blended families

The summer before Leah's senior year was supposed to be one of fun and sun but it was turning out to be everything but. Her mom had been dating one of the salesman's where she was working and she had announced this morning at breakfast that they were getting married today. It was really no surprise because they had been dating over a year and her mom had been dropping hints. It was just the...Read On


A Little Friendly Blackmail

He wanted his stepsister, but he got his stepsister AND her best friend!

"Becky!" Eighteen-year-old Phil Porter yelled at his seventeen-year-old stepsister. "What the fuck is your problem?" He steamed. "I don't have a problem," she merrily replied. "I got the last slice of pizza, so I’m good," she said as she licked the remaining piece of pizza from tip to crust before taking a bite. "What the hell is with you, sis? You already had two slices and so did mom...Read On


My Little Yacht Part II

Taking a 60' Trimaran to Mexico

A Sailing Adventure to Mexico. On the day of departure, the owner's sixteen-year-old son managed to fill the hundred-gallon gas tank with water and the water tank with diesel fuel! The owner asked if we could still sail the boat to Mexico, and I assured him we could; so, off we went across the Gulf of Mexico. The girls were put in the 40' port cabin with their mom; while I was assigned the...Read On



No Regrets

The first time I went to Tennessee, I was a kid. It was a great experience. I had the fortune of seeing Graceland, where Elvis lived. The next time I went, I had the opportunity to see Nashville. This was years before it exploded into a busy metropolitan area. The country world was slowly but surely moving to Nashville, taking it over, and when I saw it with my family, the craziness hadn't...Read On


Munich Swim Clinic

An American boy learns the German way to swim.

Starting when I was sixteen years old, I began to be a very competitive swimmer. I was totally devoted to the sport, and my parents were very supportive. In the course of my training, my coach told my parents about an intensive six-week swim clinic outside of Munich. It was run by a young German couple in their thirties at their home. They were former Olympic swimmers and had a beautiful...Read On



When Jules came to live with us, little did I know...

Four years ago, my son - Ethan, was born. We needed a babysitter for those times when we went out or would be late returning from work. We had a neighbor's girl named Jules that was highly recommended and mature for her 14-years of age. She really hit it off with Ethan, and he absolutely loved her. About two years ago my wife abandoned Ethan and me, leaving us to have to rely more on Jules...Read On


The Heath Sisters Part 2: Home Alone

Jerry gets some time alone with Lilly's younger sister Holly.

Lilly and I sat on the couch and watched some television after returning from a night out on the town. She nuzzled up against me, her feet on the couch. The floral print summer dress she wore rode up her taut thighs, along with my hand caressing up and under. Lilly had been coming to stay with me more and more. Her mom didn’t seem to care where she was. I’d been showing her around the...Read On


Summer Lawn Boy Part II

Sharing a boy with her girlfriend

Jeannie met Jim at the door with her girlfriend, Trish in tow, wearing a sundress! While the girls, all giggles, got the towels and soap, Jim stripped down to his tighty-whities, placing himself in the open shower stall. Soon the girls arrived and Jeannie motioned for Trish to sit on the toilet seat right across from him, not two feet away, staring at his bulge  while Jeannie stood, watching...Read On


High School Road Trip

My bus ride home from D.C. was quite arousing

“Come on, Tina. We are going to miss the bus.” “Calm down, Molly. They won’t leave until all of us are back onboard.” It had been a long hot day in D.C. The weather was unusually warm for April. Our annual junior class trip to D.C. was always at this time of the year. It was something we all looked forward to, mostly because we got out of a day of school. My best friend Tina had talked...Read On


Summer Lawn Boy

Pleasure, after mowing the lawns all week.

Mowing lawns all week in the heat could be torture; so, when Jeannie offered to let me use her shower at the end of the day, I accepted gratefully! After I finished mowing her lawn, being it was the last one of the day, I rang the bell. It was great to have a place for a sixteen-year-old boy to relax and cool off in a shower after a long day!  Jeannie met me at the door and quickly...Read On


Discovery of Our Boys' Pool

Boys caught skinny dipping

Tish hastily called Jeannie to announce her discovery of a neat place she had found while hiking some back trails in the undeveloped forest located behind their new residences. In the back, just about a mile inland, was a creek with a small pool. After riding her bike up the trail and parking it, she had ventured about half a mile further to discover a small pool across the creek. The best...Read On


Snowed in with the Babysitter

After Mr. Powell disciplines his naughty babysitter she becomes insatiable!

Kennedy checked her phone for the time -- it was 11:37, meaning Mr. Powell was very late. She looked out the window and was surprised how much snow had accumulated in such a short time. There was no doubt in her mind that the roads were going to be dangerous and she hoped that Mr. Powell would make it home safely. Kennedy had babysat for the Powells for a few years. Mrs. Powell...Read On