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Teen sex stories are those which feature teenagers, 16 years old and over, having sex and performing other sexual acts. They may be stories of first time fumblings, senior school prom quickies, teens losing their virginity and other tales of innocence lost during teenage years.

Recommended Read

In Pursuit Of Adonis - Game On

A goody two-shoes on holiday is shocked by her fascination with the local bad girl.

**Teri** Welcome to another misty noon in Moose Bridge Harbor - the Bridge, as locals say - where the air looks as if it's been jetted from a vaporizer and even a flying volleyball seems to gather dewdrops. Blame the sleep-sucking heatwave back home in the Hudson Valley that's frying car seats (and the screaming thighs that weld to them) for the sixth day in a row. Even from Portland to...Read On


Agatha Allbut & The Bimbo Squad Ch 01, The Backstory

A nerdy inexperienced girl kisses a boy, and enrages enemies

Agatha Allbut was a nerd. Not a hot nerd like Willow, or Velma but a real honest to God, down to Earth NERD. She would have fit in with Lewis and Booger if she had been alive in the eighties. She looked just like one would expect a girl with that name to look; 5'1", 95 lbs measurements of 32A-26-31. Long mousy brown hair, always in a ponytail, pale oily skin, thick glasses, and of course...Read On


The Step-Daughter's Pool Party (Part 2)

Steven was hard as a rock as he walked out to see the eight girls lined up in their white t-shirts. One of which was his own step-daughter, Angie. Another was her best friend, Cindy who had previously blackmailed him into letting her watch him finish jacking off almost a year ago. He walked over to the group of three girls not participating in the contest. They were still in their bikinis....Read On


Ally (Part 2)

A Return For More...

I lay there in bed at almost four in the morning, unable to believe what I'd just done. Not more than an hour earlier, my stepdaughter's friend Ally and I had been in the living room talking. At some point it turned sexual, got physical, and I wound up laying on my back getting a blow job like no other I'd ever experienced. I swear to God, Ally almost made me come in her mouth right...Read On


Anna’s Birthday

Anna is now eighteen.

CHAPTER 1: School Fun   I got out of bed on a Friday morning in early December to get ready for school,.I did so with unusual enthusiasm. It was my eighteenth birthday and I was having a party tonight. I was finally of age. I didn't have to worry about getting anyone in trouble anymore.   I showered and then I got out. I looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled at myself as I combed my...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 20

A trip to the theatre followed by a departure for Finland.

Luke The week before Easter and the two weeks after, the university was involved in Sevens rugby tournaments. Given that Sevens is a game of speed and style, grace and skill, I felt lucky to get into the third team of four entered for each. For those that don’t know, Sevens was traditionally an end of season variant of rugby invented so that under the guise of either playing or...Read On


Returning the Favor to Teenage Boys

I experienced having my cock sucked by an older man, as a teenager, and returned the favor later on.

Recent events in my life have shown me that it can be very satisfying to return the favors to others, that we enjoyed early in life, when we are able to repay them. My name is Tom, and I live with my wife, Kendra, in the Atlanta suburbs. We’re in our late forties now, and our two children are already grown and have families of their own in the area. I’m in a management position with my...Read On


Boys Will Be Boys

Boys who are best friends with benefits, explore their sexuality.

My family moved to a small town in Scotland during the 1930s. On my first day at the local secondary school, I met Peter, who had also recently moved into the area. We’d both had relatively sheltered upbringings, so this all-boys school was a significant shock to the system. The final year class that we joined comprised of twenty unruly and rowdy eighteen-year-old lads who’d grown up...Read On


A Good Man's Just Reward pt2

Husband wins, babysitter learns

Her little pussy clasped at the word fuck. "Yes Ron, please fuck me." Ron nudged her into the house and shut the door. His gaze was even hotter. There was one more test he needed. He took the back of her head by her hair and tipped it back. His intent was plain in his eyes. She parted her lips in anticipation. My husband kissed the babysitter. His tongue (oh, god, that wonderful, evil...Read On


A Good Man's Just Reward pt1

Husband wins, babysitter learns

My husband is the greatest man in the world. I've had that thought many times over the last eight years. I know it's hyperbole but I believe it. The best father, the best husband and the best man there could ever be. He's a giver. He moves through life with quiet ease, always trusting in a kind word where others often resort to shouting and demands. For example, he doesn't hustle and con...Read On


Cal's Studio

Cal brings two teens back to his studio for pictures and more

It was the fourth of July weekend at the trailer park, and it was hot, humid and sweaty weather. Missy and Kylie had been best friends since they were in kindergarten together, and at seventeen, they were best friends and spent just about every waking hour together. They were both dressed in tiny cutoff jeans, and wore halter tops that were tied at the neck and at mid-back. The thin cotton...Read On


Babysitting a Sixteen-Year-Old Boy

Twenty-year-old horny girl babysits two teen boys.

My name is Mary, and I'm twenty years old. I finished my second year in college and was home for the summer. A friend of the family asked me if I would stay with their sixteen-year-old son, Billy, while they went on a trip. He had just turned sixteen and didn't have a driver's license yet. They wanted me to take him to school in the morning and pick him up after his swimming practice in...Read On

Enjoying Kitty

Is it a crime when teenaged girls flirt with middle-aged men?  Stanley Jenson was often embarrassed when his daughter’s friend Kitty Jones was over at their house.  She flirted and gave Stanley all kinds of compliments.  She talked about sexual things and liked to get attention from Stanley. She purposely would wear short-shorts and tight shirts.  She had luscious lips which she often...Read On


Life Of A Teen Boy (Part 2)

Teen boy picks up girl at a party.

( A short review of Part 1. Tom had gone to take a nap before going out on a date with Jane.) Tom and Jane were swimming in a pool naked. Tom had always wanted to go skinny dipping with Jane. They were splashing each other and laughing. They had a beach ball that they threw back and forth. Tom swam underwater towards Jane and came up right in front of her. He grabbed her, kissed her and...Read On

Recommended Read

Bianca Bigboobs Is Back In Town

Our lives had taken very different paths, but here she was in the back of my car

“Jeez,” the freely perspiring, oversized hunk of man beef said, opening the car door. “How come it always rains in your country?” I wanted to ask if a man who clearly had hyperactive sweat glands didn’t find England more congenial than California, where he spent most of his time, but it wasn’t my job. I also wanted to ask him if he didn’t have bigger fish to fry. There was a media scrum at...Read On


Tutoring Has Unexpected Rewards

How helping my sister's best friend helped me lose my virginity

My sister Kate and I were seventeen, twins, and in our junior year of high school. That's where our similarities ended. She was popular, athletic, outgoing, and had lots of friends. I was her polar opposite: nerdy, socially awkward, only a handful of friends. Pretty much irrelevant in our school's world. The only thing I knew I had going for me right from day one of high school was my brain....Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 9

Who was it? Meeting Tina's parents and first time at Luke's house.

Luke It’s amazing how fast the brain can process information. It was a micro-second that told me who the three people where, Diane hadn’t finished saying “Oh, fuck!” before I knew. “I’m guessing that’s not her brother, that she’s never spoken of?” “She hasn’t got a brother. Luke, for Tina, please stay calm.” “When have you ever known me not to stay calm?” “Okay, how about you not...Read On



Where The Hell Did That Come From?

As I'm sitting here on my computer writing this at almost two in the morning, I'm still asking myself a simple question - Where the hell did that come from? I will say this - What happened last weekend was not what I would have ever expected from one of my daughter's friends. And it definitely was not anything I ever would have expected from her friend Ally. Ally comes from a different kind...Read On


The Polka Dot Bikini

Tim has lost his job and his wife but finds a young girl in a polka dot bikini.

Being fired from my job and having my wife tell me she wanted a divorce after fifteen years of marriage on the same day was not fun. I don’t know if she and my boss got together and planned it all out or if it was just pure shit luck for me, but that’s what happened. After spending a weekend drinking with my buddy, Pete, I decided I should get out of town for a while. There were too...Read On


A Schoolgirl Finds Hot Stuff

A photo shows a schoolgirl who's really hot, and who's not.

The girls were lounging in the common room, their bare legs glistening along the armrests. "Tyler?" "Oh god, he's so cute." "Not worth it though. I chased him for a year. He likes to brag about how he once kissed three different girls the same day." Carol giggled. "I was one of them..." Kelly was only half listening. These kinds of conversations tuned her out. Not that she didn't like...Read On


JJ's Fantasy - Part II

A young man ends up having sex with the sexiest of his mother's friends.

A little background on me. My name is Jason Ardmore Jackson, JJ to everyone. I was watching my mother and her friends sitting at the kitchen table. Every Friday night my mom and her friends would get together to drink wine and gossip while playing cards. I hung around, keeping their wine glasses full, my mind packed with thoughts of which one of Mom's friends would I fuck. To tell the truth,...Read On


Life Of A Teen Boy (Part 1)

Teen boy seduced by older woman.

Tom was an eighteen-year boy who had graduated from High School. He was good looking and had been very popular at his school. He was working in a grocery store as a bagger until he had to leave for college. Tom had a girlfriend, Jane, who was working for her father. One evening, a nice looking woman came through the check-out line where Tom was the bag boy. She smiled at Tom and asked him if...Read On


JJ's Fantasy - Part I

A young man ends up seducing three of his mother's friends.

"All of it," she hissed in my ear. "Every drop! Give me every fuckin' drop! I want... Oh fuck, yeah... yeah." She squealed in my ear, loud enough to make me flinch. I didn't mind, it was the sexiest damn sound I'd ever heard. Mrs T's tight pussy contracted on my cock and her hips bucked as she drove her pussy down on my hard cock. I moaned as her frenzied pumping milked the last of my cum...Read On


Her Teacher Has Sex With Kelly

After he showed Kelly the size of his cock she knew she had to suck, and then later, fuck him.

It was late fall of 1977. Kelly and I were seniors in high school. Kelly had changed so much over the past couple of years it was almost unbelievable. She had grown from being a shy, timid virgin to a strong woman that exuded confidence, and when she wanted, raw sexuality. Kelly had experienced nearly a dozen men and boys by that time, some barely sixteen, some more than twice her age. ...Read On


As A Sixteen-Year-Old, Six Men Had Their Way With Kelly

Kelly spends an evening at Lori's and fucks the Ford mechanics.

It was late August of 1976. Kelly and I, who were both sixteen at the time, had been to a wild party the week before at a townhouse rented by Don and Rod. Don was dating Lori, one of Kelly’s friends. Before the party had ended I had sex with Lori, while Don and Rod had both screwed the living daylights out of a very drunk and high Kelly. Two days after that party, under many protests, I had...Read On


What A Vacation

It started in a hot tub...

My wife and I had planned a vacation for about three months. We'd rented a cabin, made all of the arrangements, took the time off work, and had the dates set. We were taking my stepdaughter Karley and we'd told her she was welcome to invite a friend. I have to admit I was somewhat surprised when she said she'd asked her friend Katie. I knew Katie but only had met her a few times. Karley...Read On

Callie And George

George Young was retired and a widower.  He and his wife had a wonderful life up until she died of Alzheimer’s.  Unfortunately, in the end, she didn’t even remember who he was.  Watching her die was exhausting and just about the saddest thing that George had to do. It was a long two years, but Agatha finally passed away.  It was a relief for George.  George didn’t date after her death...Read On



Not what you'd expect at a hockey rink.

I'd been officiating hockey for almost ten years. I thought I'd seen everything. And boy, was I wrong. One night, heading into the ice rink to officiate my games, I found there was construction going on at the rink. The floors on one side of the rink were all torn up. The other side had some things going on. Some walls had been taken down. There were construction signs all over the place....Read On


Charlie and the Factory, Ch. 6

This is the backstory of how Daisy met Shawn...

I said before that we are all born in original sin, and that for some people lust is part of their destiny. You're probably wondering how Daisy and myself met and how I heard she was a stripper. I was on campus one day, going to eat lunch, when I found out Daisy was on Twitter. It was no big deal really, but she looked older and more womanly. I tweeted to her: “Is it really you?” She...Read On


Charlotte Sometimes

Charlotte's life is turned upside down when she has to move to 1990s Northern Ireland

‘This is officially the worst day of my life.’ Charlotte paused and lifted her pale blue eyes from her diary. She looked around her room, Robert Smith staring down at her from every wall. She smiled slightly as the opening bars of ‘Fascination Street’ began to reverberate around the room. Charlotte had not taken the news that her dad had got a new job well. She was pleased until she heard...Read On