Temporary Release

Robert finds himself alone with the hot new temp.

Robert flashed his badge to security and took the lift to the sixth floor, checking himself out in the mirror as he ascended. He was in uncommonly high spirits for a Monday morning, looking forward to an easy week of training temps. Alyssa being one of them. Alyssa had come from the agency a week ago. A young, wide-eyed blonde who genuinely seemed unaware of her allure. She didn’t...Read On

Group Sex(1)


And Tracey Makes Three

Best friends come together.

It was lunchtime, and for a change the IT department wasn't completely deserted. Alex was at a computer, but not at work; he was browsing through photos of his latest romp with Emma. Stills from the video they had made. He clicked to the next photo. Emma's eyes were closed, her mouth open in a silent cry. Flushed cheeks, jet-black hair matted to her forehead. The next, she was biting down on...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


The Night Train

Strangers on a train get acquainted.

One train service ran all night at the weekends, transporting to and from the city a motley crew of passengers comprising sweaty revellers and bleary eyed shift workers. Steve, one of the latter, was in good spirits after finishing his shift, and, once on board, he had successfully avoided the attentions of the angry drunks, whose stops had come and gone. The train was out in the...Read On


Waiting For Dawn To Come

Dawn finds her friend's porn.

'Typical,' Ed moaned, pulling up his trousers and staggering to the ringing phone. On the TV, an extended tongue was paused on its way to a shaved pussy. He picked up the phone and managed a reasonably polite 'hello'. 'Hi, Ed?' A woman's voice he couldn't place. 'Yes?' 'Hi, it's Dawn.' Dawn from work? She had never phoned his house before. 'Hi, how you doing?' he said. ...Read On