Love Poems(2)


A True Cowboy

A Cowboys thoughts of long ago

A True Cowboy © By Rough Riding Tender Cowboy He never rode a bucking bull, Or won a silver saddle. He made his living tenden beef A critter you call cattle. He never owned a store bought suit For Sunday go to meeten. And always used a firm hand shake For friends that he was greeten. My pa just called him happy And he worked for us for years. He seldom seemed to grumble...Read On


Prairie Passion

Prairie Passion Lightening washes sky full bright Streaking white across the night Steaming sweat on glistening bodies Prairie passion feeds their fires The cowboy and his red haired lady Have found their passion swiftly soaring To the sound of natures music Keeping pace with heavens fury Through the moaning heated night Fingers glide and lips make merry Fingers slide...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


Summer Theater

A story of one of my most enjoyable acting parts i shall never forget

Summer Theater                         By Rough Riding Tender Cowboy         It was full dress rehearsal for the actors and actresses at the local theater, in preparation for the summer outdoor pageant.   The stock panels had been removed in order that we could use the lights and bleachers of the local rodeo grounds.   The setting was an...Read On


Why cowboys wear a silk scarf around their neck

The thrill of a blindfold

Why cowboys wear a silk scarf around their necks By Tender Cowboy As we undressed, I quietly stepped behind you and slipped silk scarf from my neck over your eyes, gently affixed, I lead you onto the bed and you stretch out upon it. I watch your body stretched out on the bed, my eyes caressing the gentle curves of your breasts as they heave with each trembling breath. You feel the...Read On


Flash back

My education by a super milf

FLASH BACK By Tender Cowboy I sat at the kitchen table reading the local paper, sipping my second cup of morning coffee. The price of crude oil was up and cattle prices were down, nothing very newsworthy, I thought as I quickly scanned the obituaries. Well, my name's not in here so I guess it’s a good day, I thought to myself with a chuckle, but one name sort of caught my eye: J.P....Read On


A day on the ranch

love can be found when you least expect in strange places

A day on the ranch Rough_riding_tender_cowboy Dust rolled up from the pick-up tires as it tugged a rusted horse trailer down a winding South Dakota back road. The sun was already high in the sky as the rancher headed out to check the water supply and some fences in the north pasture. As the truck bounded across another cattle crossing, a late model red mustang convertible came into...Read On


Train Ride to Remember

Writen from the ladies point of view by the Cowboy

The train ride to remember By rough riding tender cowboy I had looked forward to this trip for a long time. Hubby couldn’t or wouldn’t leave the farm for long and I wanted to visit my sister on the coast. I decided that the train trip out there was just what the doctor ordered. I packed books and comfy clothes and planned on watching the scenery day dreaming, reading and sleeping...Read On



The perfect plan

We had the perfect plan to be a fly on the wall at a toy party

I had just finished sweeping the garage and drive way when Jeff, one of my best friends pulled up on his new Harley soft tail. “Hey man grab your leathers and push that bad boy out let's go putten,” he said with a grin. Well it was a nice spring evening and there was nothing better I would like to do, but I had to decline, due to honey do’s. “Wow would I love to, but I promised the other half...Read On