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Just released another ebook, this one is a slight departure from my norm, but nicely hot for those who enjoy naughty dominants and subs. In this case it is a male dom with his wife as his sub, daddy, with thye help of another dom's mechanical device lures his step daughter into their world, strangely enough she loves becoming his submissive sex slave....hehe, go figure. Here's a link to it if you would like to check it out: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/173744

22 Jun 2012 15:25

Chapter Two of Leslie's Punishment has been submitted, soon it should be up for your viewing pleasure. I hope all will enjoy the story inspired by a friend and fellow artist.

01 Apr 2012 13:46

Well, the ban ended almost as quickly as it began...thank God. I released a new tale of joyous incest to celebrate the occassion on smashwords.com. The title is Dark Family Bonds and it tells the story of a photographer with a dream of becoming known in the art world as a fetish photographer. Little did he know that his sister had fantasized about being tied up and fucked by the person calling the shots. I hope some can go and enjoy the tale as much as I have writing it.

24 Mar 2012 07:53

I'm so pissed off I can hardly stand it! PayPal has announced that they will ban the use of their site for epublishers who allow certain types of erotica...ie, incest, beastiality and rape. Not that I agree with the latter two for my own stories, but I have and do write stories for publication that have entered the world of incest as many of you know. If you feel PayPal is wrong for such cesnsorship please follow the link and sign a petition to let them know how we feel about removing our right to free expression and forcing us to read only what they allow. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/7/stop-internet-censorship/

25 Feb 2012 09:33

Just wrote a story for a friend, she may want it posted, she may not. Time will tell if Alexis is shy about her fantasies.

11 Feb 2012 12:02

A New Year has been wrung into existance and in keeping with my ever devious thoughts...I wrote a new story and published it on smashwords.com. Sorry guys, this one is for sale only, but I welcome all coments on "A New Year's Celebration with Brenda" She's a hot 18 year old who, with the consent of her grandmother, seduces grandpa. they have great sex and then are joined by grandma as well for a rousing threesome that wrings in the new year with several bangs.

08 Jan 2012 05:00

To all of those I have called friends...HAPPY NEW YEAR...May the new year be even better than the last...May all of your fantasies become realities...May your lovers entice you to try new exciting things as often as you want what you so deserve...Be safe above all and return to find more tales of wondrous adventure in the coming year.

31 Dec 2011 07:12

A new series has begun. "Young Athletes Club of Northern Florida" may be an ambiguous title, but trust that you'll love the theme of a father/daughter, grandfather/granddaughter club with plenty of very athletics involved. Posted as a incest story, but includes non family members as well.

24 Nov 2011 05:49

At last, another chapter of Brandy and the Exchange Student is up and ready for viewing. This time it goes beyond the three of us into a delicious tale of four horny folks getting wet and wild...if you read it, please leave a brief comment, I need to know whether to continue the story or not.

30 Oct 2011 13:42

For those who followed the adventures of Brenda and Jerry in Common Interests, the sequel has been written and published on smashwords.com. Here's a link if you'd like to check it out: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/91388

29 Sep 2011 15:35

As usual a story is not complete without detailed accounts of sexual and sensual delights. I have written a second part to Cassandr's Destny and it is up for any and all to enjoy. Without the constraint of a limited word count the action is hotter, so much more intense as most of my reader's have come to expect from my tales. Enjoy it and leave a comment if you would.

18 Sep 2011 06:13

Well, Chapter two of Brandy and the Exchange Student is up and readable..please enjoy and leave a comment so I can know how best to write for your further erotic enjoyment. Here's the link: Brandy and the Exchange Student, Chapter Two

05 Sep 2011 03:18

It has been far too long since I've posted a story, so here's a tale for all of those who find them fun and enticing. The first chapter is up already, and the second has been submitted for approval. Hope you all enjoy. Let me know

03 Sep 2011 19:44

Well, for those who didn't know I just got out of the hospital. Been far too long since I have been here. I'm doing fine now, just need to build up my vascular system again...one good thing though, I finally quit smoking....yipppeeee.

23 Jul 2011 10:03

Well, the ebook promotion on smashwords was a success, I found loads of new readers, and received a few nice comments on my works. I'm hoping some of you took advantage of the span of cheap downloads while it was going on, but if not, my stories along with so many other authors pieces are still available. Please let me know if you enjoy the ones I've written for your pleasure.

16 Apr 2011 03:01

Announcement....Smashwords.com, the site I publish on is having a promotion. Loads of ebooks at discounted prices, even free....in fact all four of mine are free to download from March 6th to March 12th....go check them out. You can find mine under my pen name....Gerald Dawson...if you enjoy my style of writng that is. But there's loads of ones to choose from.

06 Mar 2011 05:12

I just received the honor of having one of my ebooks released on Barnes & Noble....feeling very elated over it. Hopefully someone will go and check it out. "A Handyman's Spirited Tale"

28 Feb 2011 03:44

Well, I have hit a lul in my writings. Very much enjoying reading loads of stories of all kinds, if you have written one, let me know. The first page of listings goes by far too quickly to catch them all.

09 Jan 2011 06:02

Wow, over 12,000 views of my latest storym "Dreams Do Come True". Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words. Feel free to leave all the comments and votes you can, they help me to write just what you all seem to like. Chapter two has been submitted, hopefully up soon.

12 Dec 2010 04:13

Curently in awe of the number of pleasure seekers that have honored me by reading, voting and commenting on my recent additions to the vast list of potential stories that could be read. I thank each and every one for that honor. It alone inspires me to pound the keys to bring another smile to those who enjoy my thoughtful word images.

20 Apr 2010 13:48

I have posted the first two chapters of a new story, written with a special friend in mind who shall remain nameless, though she is certainly the star of the show. Hopfully the moderators find the story worthy of posting to the public's eye. It is a novelette already completed, so keep watching for new chapters as fast as I can get them up. Gerald

02 Jan 2010 09:04

I am thinking it has been too long since I posted a new tale...has been a hectic year, and though many tales have been written and hopefully enjoyed, I have lacked in my participation here on lush....a thing I will attempt to resolve soon. New friends are wonderful *grins*

19 Jun 2009 20:13

After a long absence from lush, I think it is time to again begin posting my stoies...I have not qit writing them, only have been sharing them in a more personal way with friends on line...I'll review a few (dozen hehe) and see what I can post soon.

21 May 2009 02:31