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Topic When Am I Going To Die? - Death Clock
Posted 30 May 2010 07:53

I have no idea when my time will come, but in the mean time I'll cum at every opportunity, and when I'm gone from this world to the next I will find some sweet angel or naughty shedevil to accomodate me as well hehe

Topic Mythical Creatures
Posted 15 May 2010 12:29

And the nymph know me too well, her knowledge of the elders is great with her woodland genetics

Topic Mythical Creatures
Posted 15 May 2010 12:24

Remington seems to be the sleepy troll beneath the bridge awaiting Syd to stroll by.

Topic "FORUM GAME" If Lush were a small town what role would the person above you play?
Posted 15 May 2010 02:04

artfull pleasure provider

Topic If You Woke Up With The Person Above You What Would Be The First Thing You'd Say?
Posted 15 May 2010 01:58

I agree Ms Holly ... but i think he will need the 'special' treatment ...

And what might that treatment entail mistress?

Topic Forum Game: Sexual Choices
Posted 03 Aug 2009 04:36

finger in her pussy

slow and deep or fast and furious?

Topic Check out these twins
Posted 11 Aug 2008 02:54

Firstly, that is great photoshopping for sure. And more importantly, an inquiring mind wants to know "When one slips the rod into this conjoined snatch, which one would moan and which would shudder?" *hehe*

Topic How to get more story view / votes / comments
Posted 21 Jan 2008 12:46

I want to thank lush for posting this forum, I am new at writing and have found only the tip of the icefurg, so to speak. I will follw the guidelines set forth in the initial post here, and see where it takes me from there. I have only been writing since late November 2007, so I am in much need to learn the tricks of being viewed and voted on. I think I'm doing OK, so far, as one of the top ranked authors here on lush, there are now a few loyal readers of the tales I spin, and true stories I write about, but as you guys said, if you're not on the first page (which is sometimes for ony minutes) then the casual passer by probably won't get to see.

Agaion, thanks for the tips, I will try them. BTW, I love the site, it has been a blessing for me as a struggling newbie to the task.

Gerald coffee

Topic Christmas elves for the guys...
Posted 26 Dec 2007 02:04

OK Kanga, so I must say that this is a great picture of the elves, and NO I didn't find them under my, uhh, tree on christmas morning either. My question, since I'm new to the forum is this "where's the other two?" there have always been twelve. Were they out being naughty with Santa?

Topic Merry Christmas everybody!
Posted 24 Dec 2007 05:05

Merry Christmas


and to all here on LUSH



Topic Sensual Girl-Girl Vid
Posted 21 Dec 2007 04:27

I totally agree.....WOW...I would love being with either one.....WOW

Now I know what someone can get me for Christmas

Topic Reuters top 100 photos of the year
Posted 10 Dec 2007 13:48

I agree, some are pretty fair, some are not worth the time they take to load. I am not sure about the "top" 100, there must have ben some better choices. But, as a photographer, I'm a snob, what can i say. The one shown here on the forum is an interesting photo shop pic, but I don't think it was very well planned, could have looked much more real. Just an opinion, MINE!