Rich Man's New Acventure

Bret is tired of the same old routine of getting his, and wants to try something new.

Bret was one guy who never had trouble finding a piece of ass when he needed to get busy, needed some satisfaction, and needed to bust a nut, so to speak.   He was rich, drove a great car, good looking and the loneliest guy in town.   Sure he could always go down to the local pub and find some sweet young pair of lips to suck his cock dry, or some tight little snatch to stroke until...Read On



Sexual Aerial Acrobatics

Brittany and Lance fuck hard while waiting to perform an aerial act with the crowd below

this story was inspired by a forum post not long ago "A Challenge".  thanks to Roccotool for the challenge, though this one could not be shortened enough to meet the 500 word limit, thought it was worthy of posting anyway.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   The aerial acrobats stood poised on the...Read On

Group Sex(4)


Cream Filled Sandwich

We had a need to explore the world of group sex, this was to be our first adventure

A few years ago, I got married to the most wonderful woman.   We had flirted with each other for months, laughed and played, gone places and just plain enjoyed being together 24/7.   It was a natural that we would end up together when we made love, we both very much liked being adventurous in the sack, among other places, in fact lots of places, lots of positions, lots of slow and fast...Read On


Fun Photo Shoot for the Girls

I went for a photo shoot, the girls had other ideas

Was it destiny or fate that brought me to this place?   Could I have avoided it, made another choice?   Well, no matter, the choices were made, and by whatever name, I was here, and what was to be would certainly happen, no matter how I got here.   I was on a photo shoot, nothing out of the ordinary; I am a professional photographer, so do them all the time.   This one...Read On


Satisfying Jane, Chapter 1

Jane and I had a passion for giving oral to each other, and others as well

It was a bright sunny morning, a brand new year, and my girlfriend and I had decided that some fun needed to be a part of our routine.   We had lived together for sixteen months, but because we were both older and economics demanded it, we had not gotten married.   Living in sin, so to speak, was just how it needed to be.   All of our friends understood that, so it was fine, even though we...Read On


Satisfying Jane, Chapter 2

The party was on, all four of us were about to have a great time with each other.

They came in and sat down, one on each side of Jane on the sofa; I took up my place in the facing chair.   I offered a cocktail to them, they each opted for a glass of hearty red wine, which I delivered post haste, bringing one for each of us as well.   As I again seated myself in the arm chair Sally bounded off of the couch and came to join me, turned and straddled my lap as she eagerly...Read On



Brandy and Grandpa Take a Hike

Brandy comes to visit for the day and she and I go for a walk in the woods and on the wild side.

It's been months since I had found the time and opportunity to be with Brandy. If you haven't heard as yet, she is my teen aged granddaughter. I spoke of her in a tale a few months back if you have a need to feel the origins of our lust filled weekend or even what led up to it. Needless to say, Brandy and her Grandpa get along very well, though not in society's ever watchful eye. She and...Read On


Brandy and the Exchange Student

My granddaughter returns to bring her G-pa a new freind.

By now most have read of the wonderful bond Brandy (my now 17 year old granddaughter) and I share. She and I have grown very close since that first day we touched, teased and I brought her to climax. She was a virgin at the time but wanted her G-pa to be her first lover which I ended up being in ways she had never imagined. Since then we’ve gotten together on several, though many less than...Read On


Brandy and the Exchange Student, Chapter Three

An unexpected visitor to my home brings even more sensual and sexual delights.

It had been two weeks since Brandy Arianna and I had visited the cave, each day bringing forth the memories of such a sweet adventure. Again it was Saturday, my day to play and write tales of erotica and pleasures. Little did I know what lay in store for me as a car pulled up in the driveway, Brandy’s car at that? I could tell by the sound that my granddaughter had come to visit her G-pa and...Read On


Brandy and the Exchange Student, Chapter Two

Brandy arranges for a time for the three of us to share. A cave is such a place to fuck.

I watched for a message on my cell, not really expecting one from Brandy, but wanting to know if they had enjoyed their visit enough to repeat it again on the following Saturday. To my surprise, as I looked at her Facebook page, I saw that she had plans to take the exchange student sightseeing at the lake on that very day. I smiled knowing that was her way of letting me know to meet them...Read On


Dreams Do Come True

He married young, forced to bring up his daughter on alone and discovers her secret at 16.

I have written this story for a friend who says she just loves stories of a loving father and what he gives his little girl. Bunny, this one's for you. I had graduated from high school earlier than most and begun college at the youthful age of 15. Was I smarter then the rest? No, not by a long shot, I just happened to be able to score well on the tests and caught a break. I had been...Read On


Dreams Do Come True, Chapter Two

Bunny's cousin comes to drive the SUV to the finish line, things heat up as she seduces her cousin

Another chapter in the loving tale of Gerald and his daughter Bunny. Inspired by lush member sexybunny18, the tale takes on a new feel as her cousin shows up to help with the driving and seduces my daughter. Chapter Two Each day when I got home from work we would mount up and go for a ride, starting with ten miles and then twenty. By the time each Saturday rolled around we peddled 75 miles...Read On


Family Easter Gathering

My grand daughter flirted with me and found her first orgasm.

I find myself at a loss for words to tell the tale of Easter 2010. For several years I have written words of erotic pleasures, my once provincial ways now etched deeply within those folds of life’s choices. It could not have happened as I once was, but now I have changed and so has my way of thinking things such as incest wrong. So, I am guessing the best way to tell the tale is to begin at...Read On


Family Easter Gathering, Chapter Five

Brandy stirs me in ways I can hardly believe as the tale continues to explore ways of finding orgasm

I awoke to feel the caress of Brandy’s hand along the soft flaccid shaft of the manly cock she had satisfied already in so many ways. Her eyes filled with even more devious thoughts as she saw I was not fully awake. “Grandpa,” she said in a soft whisper, “try not to get hard too fast.” as her body slid beneath the covers. I knew her intent, I felt her flesh as her body turned and her...Read On


Family Easter Gathering, Chapter Four

Brandy and I spend the morning enjoying breakfast in wondrous ways and go on to make love even more

She turned the corner into the dining room and I saw that she had donned the same outfit she had worn upon her arrival. She walked a bit awkwardly, but then her body had been pummeled worthily and somehow it seemed only right that she be sore as heck. She sidled up to me as I slid the sausages onto two plates and scooped out the eggs to join the patties of Jimmy Deans’ finest. The toast was...Read On


Family Easter Gathering, Chapter Six

Brandy and I continue the weekend's adventure. The sex gets more intense and more often.

I have taken a break from this story to write of another, yet the longing to return has drawn at me since that decision was made. Enjoy this addition if you would, the power of love abounds in our glorious times shared. It was a lovely day, the sky was clear, the air just warm enough to feel alive, which I did anyway as the wondrous weekend had turned out. We had the rest of the day,...Read On


Family Easter Gathering, Chapter Three

Brandy finds out just how full she can be as her Grandpa finally penetrates her womb

I lay restlessly with the dreams of Brandy and the joys she had found with her grandpa, knowing full well that they would be followed by many more over the weekend stay. I would have two nights and a day to arouse, and be aroused by, the not quite 17 year old that held my love and soul at her command. I awoke from the post climactic haze and found her still beside me, naked and curled against...Read On


Family Easter Gathering, Chapter Two

I was blessed with a weekend of sharing my home with Brandy, alone and very naughty.

Near the town I live around there’s an annual event, a sort of fishing tournament that most of the locals attend. The event takes a year to plan out and prepare for and then in two days time it is over yet again. My daughter and her husband, along with the three girls attend every year, camp out and have a ball. It’s not my kind of thing so I usually avoid it like the plague. Working in retail...Read On


Family Get Together, part 1

My oriental niece gives a good bath and so much more

I had flown to Seattle on business, and decided it was about time that I visited my brother and his family.   It didn’t happen very often that I could do so, and over the years my visits were rare, in fact very seldom, and we had drifted apart for the most part, not really a true family any longer.   My wife couldn’t go with me on the trip, so I would do the catching up on...Read On


Family Get Together, part 2

my neice had me once, now she wanted even more of me, and got it

My heart still raced from the “not-so-relaxing” bath I had just had.   My beautiful niece had not only cleaned me from head to toe, inside and out, but sucked me dry of semen before exiting to leave me to dress myself for dinner.   I don’t know if it was all because of the surprising   development of getting a blow job from her, or due to how nervous I was about walking in to the...Read On


Family Get Together, Part 3

My niece and I had done the deed, now caught in the afterglow by her parents we must ...

Some time later, an hour, maybe two I awoke from my peaceful slumber, still bleary from the sexual workout I had enjoyed with Arisol.   I turned my head to find her still lying on the bed as I had left her, still on her tummy, her fine hips still on the pillow.   It was a wonderful sight, and what wonderful memories of the orgasms she had, and the climax I had achieved.   I basked in...Read On


Family Get Together, part 4

the next morning after the family sex.

As I awoke in the chill of a Seattle morning I found myself still completely nude, but thankfully some one had pulled a comforter around me as I slept.   I opened me eyes and found that I was alone in the queen size bed and figured that Wade and Mako had retreated to the house sometime during the early morning hours after our “get together” a few hours earlier.   I looked at my...Read On


Family Get Together, part 5

Surely I would go to hell, but was on a path I could not alter, now another joins in the fun

About then Arisol bounded into the room, the smile on her face was the picture of perfection, her manor vibrant and alive with the joy of the day, or so it seemed.   I looked up at her well dressed stature, her perfectly quaffed hair, and all but unnoticeable makeup, she was indeed picture perfect.   She said “are you ready to go? We have less than an hour to get to the gallery.”   ...Read On


Family Get Together, part 6, the final chapter

This is the final chapter in the anthology of the trip to Seatle. Though long, well worth reading

I had gone to the house after Sally left, I really needed some time to myself to reflect and to rest, and my body was just plain worn out.   Well, this has been one heck of a trip so far.   I’ve been in Seattle for about 24 hours, and have been sucked, fucked, teased and humiliated altogether too many times for a 58 year old guy that lives in the bible belt of America .   ...Read On


Finding Family

Finding a family member I had never known, and right here on lush

This story was written for a member of lush, she has encouraged me to post it more than once. I'm sure the admin will verify that prior to its approval, but rest assured the names provided are very much real though the story is no more than fantasy.   Well, to make a long story short. I had been writing erotica for some time and posted a series of chapters involving a man and his niece. And...Read On


Finding Family, Chapter Five

Xel and her grandpa have found so many delights, and yet ever more adventures await them.

Xel awoke a little while later, I felt her stirring and looked into her sleep laden eyes. She smiled at me and rolled over to press herself against me. I rolled over so we would be face to face and whispered, “You okay baby girl?” with a loving smile painting my face. Her face moved to mine and she kissed me, gently at first and then harder. Soon I felt the stirrings of heat between us...Read On


Finding Family, Chapter Four

Xel has found her true love....multiple orgasms. He can't believe how much she loves cock.

We got back to the hotel and went straight to the room. I for one was pretty much beat. Xel seemed to have an aura of energy building even as we stood before the dresser and began undressing each other. Her beauty would never cease to amaze me, her manners subtly submissive and yet so courageous in ways of pleasure. I pulled her panties from the leg pocket of my pants and held them to my nose,...Read On


Finding Family, Chapter Six

Xel and I go to the botanical gardens and find two new friends, four is far better than two

We walked in to the garden setting, such a wondrous place with so many plants and such spectacular scents filling the air. Yet none so sweet as the scent of my granddaughter as we walked side by side down the first pathway. Even now I could smell her pussy, just barely aroused from the promise of being touched. I knew well already she would cum in a heart beat if I had the chance to push...Read On


Finding Family, Chapter Three

They finally find a place to share themselves in ways that excite all present.

We seemed to play for hours, and soon it was time to clean up and find some dinner. It was early evening when we rose, her beautiful naked body slipping back into her outfit so exciting. I had a hard time believing that she was my granddaughter, and yet she had the same levels of desire and lust as had her grandmother. She slipped in to her panties, thin cotton, barely wide enough at the...Read On


Finding Family, Chapter Two

Together at last, freshly showered and pleasuring each other fully as only family can best.

Xel was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I knew she looked much like her grandmother, but there was a part of me that knew she was her own person. A radiance glowed from the young pert woman I walked beside. Hand in hand we walked directly to the bed, our hands trembling, our desires revealed, the truth of what would be an incestuous relationship thought to be...Read On


Leslie's Punishment

Daddy gets pissed off when his little girl has been watching porn on her computer.

“Leslie, get in here!” he yelled to his 16 year old daughter. He had been putting away the laundry his lazy kid was too busy to take care of when he’d made a discovery. It was hard enough being a single parent, but the way she acted was as if he was her slave. “No way is she getting off easy this time,” he thought silently as he waited for a reply. “What now?” she asked herself as she...Read On


Leslie's Punishment, Chapter Two

Leslie is bound to her daddy's bed, waiting for the poker game to end so she can have him again

He walked from her room, naked and satisfied; physically at least. He felt a pang of guilt at having done what he’d done to his little girl, it was so wrong for a father to steal his daughter’s virginity and then pound her to climax before filling her with cum. But damn she was one hot little whore. He walked to his bathroom and stepped into the shower to wash away the sweat and residue of...Read On


Lust for Marie's Daughter

Gerrel is getting married, but the woman he wants to share his wedding night with is her daughter.

My lust for Marie was hardly a secret, we had met in the mall, found ourselves with so many things in common it was no wonder that after only a few weeks I moved in with her, and within a few months of going out we decided to get married…though I wasn’t sure that sweet Marie was the whole reason for my passions I wanted to be a part of the family and watch as Sandra grew up to share time with....Read On


Lust for Marie's Daughter, Part 2

I am able to fully enjoy the wedding night I had dreamed of...with my step daughter.

Sandra and I cuddled where our first time making love happened; we lay in each other’s arms for about a half hour and touched each other with the aftermath of bliss our orgasms had brought to us.   I could easily have stolen her away and kept her from her mother, but that would have been way too over the top, at least in legal terms anyway.   I excused myself to go and use the bathroom...Read On


Lust for Marie's Daughter, Part 3

Marie finds her fantasy a dream cum true, and then Gerrel finds both his lovers willing to play

I drove the short distance to Jake’s house and parked in front.   Walking up to the door I could her Marie’s moans as once again he filled her with pleasures.   I knocked to interrupt them as they apparently fucked in the living room one last time before her entry to blessed wedlock.   After a few moments Jake appeared at the door in a robe that barely covered his aroused cock as it...Read On


Lust for Marie's Daughter, Part 4

Sandra has found the joys of both her mother and step father but wants more, and gets it in the end.

I must have dozed of, as had Marie, we had each had a triumphant day, our wedding day. It was her day to become my wife and the best man’s lover, my day to make love with and find sated glorious sex with my step daughter. All in all the word spectacular comes to mind as I recall the multiple means to the ends of sensuous orgasms shared; now even with both my wife and her daughter openly...Read On


Lust for Marie's Daughter, Part 5

Daddy is taken by both his wife and step daughter

Chapter 5   We all awoke in mid afternoon, my bride and her daughter sitting on the side of Sandra’s bed talking in low voices to not awaken their sleeping man whore.   They giggled like school girls as they discussed a few very naughty ideas they had in store for me.   I laid quietly listening without moving, I really wanted to know just what they had in mind, curiosity may...Read On


Parking Lot Incest

Daddy sees his daughter coming out of the Grocery store and decides she needs his lovin'

“Josie,” I called out as I spotted you walking to your car as you left the grocery store. You turned to see who was yelling. A smile cast upon your face as you saw your daddy striding up to talk to his little girl. “Shopping kiddo?” I said as I got close enough to not have to yell. You giggled, one of those taunting sounds that stir memories of tickling you when you were little. That was...Read On


Return to Seattle, Chapter 1

It had been a year since my trip to Seattle, it was time to again visit my loving niece

For those who have not read the stories of "Family Get Together", chapters 1-6, please take the time to do so, it is the intro to this very lustfull adventure, and will explain much of the situation described in this second eddition to the tale of pleasure, lust and fulfillment.   It has been a year since my visit to Seattle, the memories of my brother Wade and his wife, as well as...Read On


Return to Seattle, chapter 2

The artwork had arrived, and so had we, the new owner was hot for more than just art.

“Yes mamm, George Dawson” I said as I extended my hand for a shake.   “I’m honored that you chose to own not one, but two of my pieces of work.”   The woman looked at me, my smile radiant and friendly, hers equally as warm and cordial as she replied “Nice to meet you, I’m Melissa Johnson, I’ve admired your work for months at the gallery, but never dreamed I’d be able to actually own...Read On


Return to Seattle, chapter 3

The adventure continues as Arisol, Sally and Uncle join in for some fun and frollic

Without any attempt at redressing we all got out and went directly to the garage apartment, Arisol without the coverage of any pants or undergarments carrying what she had shed, Sally and I holding up the waistbands as best as possible, it was less visible than going to the front of the house.   Once inside all of the remaining clothing was shed and the ones brought loosely in by hand,...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter Eight

Playtime for Four

I moved into the dining room area followed closely by Tawny, one of the two that had all but let the cat out of the bag. I sat in my usual seat in order to not rock the boat load of fun they apparently had planned and sat silently as she and Jane brought forth the scrumptious meal. A honey glazed pork loin roast cooked with carrots, potatoes and sliced green peppers to season the meat as...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter Five

The girls wanted to givve their Daddy something special, they did, and he returns the favor

  Each one of my daughters had worked together to give happiness to me, their once needful father, and boy did their plan work.   Though I had thought my self adventurous in the sack when Sheila had been my lover and wife, her three girls had shown me there were so many ways our family could find joy I had never imagined and until now never really considered. It is incest after all, and...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter Four

The girls plan comes to a head...his, many times over as each take our passions seriously.

Her body moved away from my back as the other two forced me to lie back onto the comforter’s satin smooth surface and began lavishing me with kisses and caress. Each paid particular caress to the bulge laying down my pant leg, swollen yet not quite hard as they gave it a good effort to make it grow to meet their needs.   I saw Jane lean over me from above, her huge bare breasts brushed over...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter Nine

The dimness of the theater is a great place to have sex. Two boys come in that the twins know...

We made it to the theater in straight up twenty minutes, the show due to roll in only eight more as I pulled into the all but empty lot of the older mall in town. I looked around and figured I was going to bear the brunt of their wishes once again as we walked to the mall entrance and straight to the theater’s box office; certainly no waiting line to contend with. I paid the young looking...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter One

Chapter one is just the beginning of satisfying not one, but all three daughters wishes

I just loved the way my wife and I got along, we always had.   We had wed just out of college and made our ways up the ladders of success, waiting until we had gotten old enough and enjoyed life as a couple before considering children.   I had just turned thirty when our first was born, in fact, identical twins.   Both girls would surely have Daddy wrapped around their tiny fingers as...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter Seven

Poolside play and a bed for four leads them to the next day and more wonders to come

Still poolside we laid out in the afternoon’s sun to dry, my all but naked girls basking in the sun reveling in the climaxes the swim had availed them and me, their Daddy sworn now to satisfy each and every one of them as often as I could. I gazed over at Jane, the fairest of the four of us and said “Baby, you either need more lotion or to get out of the sun. You’re gonna burn bad if we don’t...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter Six

From the bedroom we adjourn to the shower and the pool. Playtime is a joy for the whole family.

As they tickled me viciously; I found hands caressing every inch of my body and could only laugh and smile.   Life had indeed taken a turn, and nothing would ever be the same again for me, or likely not for my girls either. I wondered how they had planned the epic event of our current relationship, but guessed that I would know when the time was right.   For now I was content that we...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, chapter Three

The twins get home and the newfound life begins in full with a synchronized show

Jane lay on the table panting in her post climactic waves while I slipped back into my boxers, pants, loafers and shirt, she watched as her prize was covered and faked a pouty smile again.   I laughed and said “Jane, go clean up and I’ll fix lunch.”   She slid off of the table and about slipped in the large wet spot on the floor from her squirted orgasm; thankfully I caught her and helped...Read On


Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter Two

Jane finds oral wonders and then my cock as she cums several times

Her shorts were drenched with the cream of her first orgasm, in truth it had been moderate, but for her age and being the first time with a partner worthy of her little experience at how to enjoy or prolong such fruitful wonders.   I would guide her to know these things just as I had her mother before her.   My hands grasped her knees and pushed them together, her head rose to watch me as...Read On


Truth or Dare

Big brother and his sister find themselves alone for the weekend. Long desired pleasures are found

After a lengthy chat with a friend here on lush a week or so ago I found myself compelled to write yet another tale of sensual incestuous delights. Consider this one inspired by a guy I admire and the lady he courts. “You two know not to have any parties while we’re gone,” Cameron’s mother had told him and his little sister as she and their father got ready to leave for the weekend. They’d...Read On


Twins Have a Bond

Carry and Jerry are twins and when she feels something so does he and visa versa.

I looked into her eyes and knew just what she was thinking, even what she felt, as we walked along the beach. It had been a long winter and we were glad that Mom had decided to bring us to the beach to get away from the city for a few weeks. Dad dying had taken a toll on all of us, but I think it upset Carry even more than she let on. I always knew when she was bothered by things, I always...Read On


Young Athlete’s Club of Northern Florida

Gerald and AJ have founded a new club. One that has it's secrets but is so hot it's amazing.

I just love the way the girls play. We’d been in the sports club for about a year and I could hardly wait for each Saturday to roll around. It was hard to remember a time before I began coaching my granddaughter in softball and then basketball. I’ve been an athlete my entire adolescent and then adult life and knew just how to get the most out of someone’s abilities. Looking back now I’m...Read On


Young Athlete's Club of Northern Florida II

As the day progresses AJ and Gerald take on Brandy and Summer as Bob is taken by Becky and Cattie

As mentioned in Chapter One, there were only nine of us as we made our way to the kitchen area. Nobody seemed to want food, but juice and water were always welcome thirst-quenchers when loving times of passion had been found. Andy and his daughter Candy sat on one of the love seats and were joined by Cattie, my granddaughter that had sucked him dry as Candy; his 17 year old daughter...Read On


Young Athletes Club of Northern Florida, III

As the week between trips to the club goes by, cybering with the girls leads to discoveries.

The week went by far too slowly for my likings. AJ and I met up at the club to review membership details and take care of the business aspects of our growing enterprise. As it turned out he brought Becky along for the evening so she could get a workout on the courts. She was trying her best to be a basketball star, and with just a little bit of coaching she’d make the varsity team even as...Read On


Young Athletes Club of Northern Florida, IV

It's another day at the club. AJ tries out a new member, when accepted she takes on multiple partner

We all piled out of the car and made our way inside. AJ was standing with Becky as she and Summer introduced yet another candidate for membership. At this rate the mortgage would be paid off in no time. I had wondered who drove the expensive looking Escalade parked outside and soon found out that George and his granddaughter Gwen had been invited by Summer this week. George was obviously...Read On

Love Stories(4)


A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 1

A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

It was the middle of summer when Mary left her home in Manchester England to go visit her long time friend and former class mate Nicole in the ‘New World”, the colonies as America is so often called by proper British folk.   Her visit had been timed well, South Carolina would be steaming hot for the Brit, and she could enjoy warming in the sun on a daily basis while visiting about...Read On


A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 2

A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

As Mary awoke the next morning she could hear the clatter of pots and pans in the kitchen and figured that Nicole was up cooking.   That was wonderful she thought, she had missed dinner completely and was starved.   She walked to the bathroom, toothbrush in hand and flung open the door.   Much to her surprise a tall lanky man, short military hair cut, broad shoulders, and finely toned...Read On


A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 3

A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

Ace drove the SUV to the base and headed straight to the Officer’s Club parking area, fond a place not too distant from the entrance and parked.   He normally would have driven his classic Jaguar XKE, but with Mary joining the group, the ‘two seater’ just wouldn’t do tonight.   Besides, if the club wasn’t active enough, he and Nicole could slip out to the parking lot and fool...Read On


A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 4

A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

They gazed into each others’ eyes for a moment before leaning together for their first tentative kiss.   The sparks of romance filled the small car’s interior; it was a kiss of passion.   Their lips met softly, closed at first and then as the heat of the moment overtook them opened to allow each other’s tongues to explore the excitement of discovery together, their mouths entwined in...Read On



A Trial of Fantasy

Weary Student finds relief

It has been far too long since I posted a's one written for a friend...plaease enjoy and comment if you will  *grins*   It had been a long hard road to get this far, and Neotha was weary; most surely ready to have the final test done and gone.   ‘Two weeks’ she thought silently as her eyes strained again and again to read the texts of case histories, legal precedents...Read On



Suzy's No Slut

Suzanne has chatted with Jerry for months. It's about to get real, he's coming to meet her.

Suzanne had been chatting with a, supposedly, male friend on line for several months. She needed a friend, her real life sucked, it seemed that every man she found affection for used her and then left her with little or nothing to show for her time and effort or simply tossed her aside once he’d gotten what he wanted. The result was the same either way; she was ignored and forgotten by every...Read On



A Sailor's Tale, Chapter Eight

It is Barney's turn to seek out revenge for the acts of the other two, and he finds it

Chapter Eight Meanwhile Sally was deep in thoughts of her own. In the beginning Sally had heard that Barney was loaded and only went crab fishing because he enjoyed the adventure. The morning when she went into the men’s room, it was not for sex, although she enjoyed it tremendously, it was for the money that she thought she could extort from Barney. Charles was...Read On


A Sailor's Tale, Chapter Five

Barney has finally gotten ashore, the joy will begin, but yet another twisted part unravels

Chapter Five They came to the end of the warehouse about to turn into the parking area for those that had cars waiting for them as ships disembarked crews and two men came around the corner, no worries, just business men by the look of it but my hackles rose a bit and my grip on her waist tightened.   One man, a particularly large man at that, came straight at them in a way...Read On


A Sailor's Tale, Chapter Four

Chapter four, they finally get together as the plot thickens even more

Chapter 4   I read Sally’s note, I couldn’t understand why she was so desperate to get the coat before picking me up on the docks less than 10 hours away.   A sigh streamed from my lungs as I tried to figure out what I could do to make it happen.   A thought occurred to me that Sally had just done something she hadn’t up to then…another person that she seemed to know,...Read On


A Sailor's Tale, chapter Nine

Revenge is sweet when Barney gets the promised deep throat and hot wet pussy he had waited for

Chapter Nine   Walking back over to the couch I slipped out of my shirt, stepped out of the house shoes I had slipped into while I waited, and dropped my pants to the floor and stepped free of them as well.   My cock sprang up to an upswept 45 degree angle and a good two inches longer than Uncle Charles’ had provided.   I sat back down beside her just as I had...Read On


A Sailor's Tale, Chapter One

This is a novelette already written, patience my friends and you shall be rewarded with glorious sex

BB was on his way yet again, another week at sea with the other ten members of the crew.   They hadn’t met up yet, most waiting till the last possible minute to climb aboard for what had to be the most physically demanding job on earth.   Crabbing wasn’t an art, though the captain would like to glorify it and say “there’s magic in them boxes boys…haul ‘em up, get ‘em emptied and toss ‘em back...Read On


A Sailor's Tale, chapter Six

They awaken in a house, another player has entered the scene and wants his share of her

Chapter Six   I went to the door to the hall, I hadn’t even tried it before…or had I?   Maybe Charles had unlocked it when the shower came on or something, I’d have sworn we were locked in.   In my bare feet I slipped to the balcony and watched as Sally walked across the room towards my uncle by the fireplace…as Charles turned I realized that he too was enamored...Read On


A Sailor's Tale, Chapter Three

Chapter Three brings the two closer to being together, thoughtfilled want of lustfilled acts

Chapter Three   Her reply came back before I had to return to work.   “Dear Barney   Don't you dare spill one drop of your sperm out there, I want it all for myself and I want you horny as hell when you hit the dock.   Thanks for the extra money. We are going out to a fancy restaurant when you get back and I...Read On


A Sailor's Tale, Chapter Two

The tale continues inChapter Two, messaging hotter, thoughts naughtier, real sex on the horizon

Chapter Two His phone vibrated as the boat chugged along towards the crab beds; the text read “Dear Sailor Boy. I'm really sorry about what happened in the men's room today. I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me” It seemed as though someone wanted him to think what happened was somehow wrong as he read the unnecessary apology.   Just reading the reminder sent a wave of...Read On


A Sailor's Tale,chapter Seven

The plot has come to a head, pardon the pun as Barney,Charles and Sally have their fun

Chapter Seven   With a firm command I received a reply “You have been behaving like a real baby and tonight I'm going to show you how a real man makes love to a woman.”   I began to struggle against the powerful man who wanted me over by the statue, with a gasp I feel Sally grab my balls and tug me to my fate, the pain is formidable, the anguish...Read On


A Trip to the Colonies, Chapter 5

mary had to tell about the engagement, but Nicole wasn't ready to hear it

Mary’s mind reeled at the feelings and thoughts of what had just happened, was it really true?   Had Michael just proposed to her?   He still was before her, still on one knee, could this be real?   Or was it just a dream?   They had only met the evening before, and yet she felt a bond for this knight in his pure white uniform that was unmistakable, she truly felt love, not the...Read On


The Adventures of Sally and Barney

As the Prolog will tell, this is a continuation of A Sailor's Tale...

Prolog:   As “A Sailor’s Tale” came to a close a new life began, one that included both me and Sally as a couple with a mission, our lives would be different somehow after the tumultuous beginnings we had shared.   And though Uncle Charles had been left alone in a slumped pile of naked flesh beneath the statue, his balls still bound with the zip ties so that he would never again be...Read On

Straight Sex(15)


A Touring Cyclist Rides More Than A Bike

We didn't know each other when the day began, but we rode each other well before it was over

It was late June in Oklahoma, the time for rugged bicycle riders to come together for the touring event of the year.  This year was going to be especially difficult, the course was laid out from the Texas/Oklahoma border, into parts of Arkansas, and finishing in Missouri, starting and ending on successive Sundays, an eight day ride of 538 miles.  There were optional rides on side roads for...Read On


A Trial of Fantasy, Chapter 2

A lady in need of a break from her daily studies finds her cyber friend willing to chat.

I have edited the grammatical errors that caused my tale to be withdrawn, and hope it will now be found worthy of posting for your enjoyment. Another day closer to the exam; the stress was really getting to Neotha as she sat in the typical chair, reading and searching the vast library of legalese still yet to be filtered through before the trial yet to come; the dread New York State Bar...Read On


Black Friday Bargain

This MILF needed a game machine and would do whatever she had to to get one.

It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2007, and I am a tried and true associate of one of the largest retail chains in the business.   Some call this day “Black Friday”, we call it “Blitz” among ourselves, because it is reminiscent of the Blitzkrieg of generations before us.   I woke early and arrived at the store at 4:00 AM as requested by my store manager, then proceeded to familiarize...Read On


For the Lady Who Wanted it All

The memories of Virginia flooded my memories and then she again flooded me completely.

I was sitting in the break room at work a few days ago when a page came over the intercom for me to answer a customer call.   In that I was on break, I called the desk and asked if someone else could answer it for me, but was told that the customer had specifically asked for me, and told that I could begin my break anew if I took the call, so please to do so.   Being a long...Read On


Instant Message, Instant Sex

I saw her eyes, and wanted to chat, it quickly turned into a meeting for sex

In the world of cyber space there are an unbelievable amount of things one can do, explore, and investigate.   I have found answers to simple and complex questions, made purchases and sales of treasures and keepsakes, and found a great number of friends in a wide variety of sites.   My favorites are the ones of “adult content” and have become obsessed with chatting on line at all hours...Read On


Jeanette's Song

Jeanette and I may have met on line and enjoyed each other, but reality was even better.

It had been a year or more since that fated day when I was purchased as a pet. Me? A pet? I had to laugh at the thought, yet was intrigued to know what that involved. Though I had been a participant in a few activities on that nameless site I had not often visited it so didn't know what that meant. For the most part I still don't, but will soon find out. I clicked on the tab to see who...Read On


MEATing a chat friend

A meeting in Dallas with a cyber fuck buddy gets wild and romantic

I am pretty new at writing tales of erotic adventures, So, I ask that you please leave a comment, if you can, or at least a vote.  this will help me to know how to better write a story that YOU, the reader will enjoy.  Thank You, in advance for your help. You have to love the internet, one can find anything, actually everything you could ever imagine, and even some not thought of,...Read On


Sex at Work

I had confessed to being an Erotic Story Writer, She wanted proof and got it!

I encourage comments and voting on my stories, I am new at this type of writing, and would appreciate any feedback.  I feel it would help in refining the stories I feel the need to write.  Thanks   I have been working for a large retail corporation for about four years in one of the smaller outlets in the Midwest .  I am a middle aged married guy, my wife even works at the...Read On


Sex at Work, Part 2

She had gotten the proof required, now she wanted even more

Well, it really wasn’t a dream.   I had confessed on a web site I visit regularly, I guess a week or so ago about telling my coworker of a website that I had a story posted on, and her response after reading it and how she wanted proof of my genital size, and getting a pretty fair blow job in the break room at work out of the deal, though it was way to quick, I got my rocks off,...Read On


Sex at Work, Part 3

She had gotten more proof in the cooler, now it was my turn

As a fairly new erotic writer I encourage any comments and votes on my work, that is how I will know if my writing is meeting the needs of YOU, the readers.  Thanks   This confession seems to go on and on, when will it ever end….not soon, I hope   I had managed to satisfy Mimi, not only her natural curiosity about my genital size, but as to how well I could bring her to...Read On


The Layover

The cybersex had been great, but meeting her for the first time was hotter than hell

Being a 58 year old man, I was thrilled to be chatting with a hot looking 27 year old bleach blond from Florida. We had found each other in a “friend” chat site, both looking for some on line fun. Being a creative writer can really come in handy sometimes, and Karen really seemed to enjoy the erotic tales I would write for her over the months we had been chatting. Our sexual...Read On


The Quickie

anonymous sex at its best

"He looked at the beauty laying on the king size bed, naked before him, his arousal evident with the massively thick cock standing at full attention before him.  He knelt across her thigh and pulled her other leg upward, laying it across his hardened abs and chest, her body rolled onto its side as he pulled it upward, her sweet petals opened slightly at the parting of her legs.  He...Read On


The Wildest Ride - Ever, part 1

A story of the wildest of rides across the US on a vintage Harley, and the people I met

I was cruising across the US, east to west, returning from a ride to Washington DC to my home in San Francisco on my vintage 1954 Harley Davidson 70 inch panhead. She was a really sweet ride, I had custom chopped her, for those who get into bikes, she had an Ariel Springer front end, lots of chrome and a sweet black pearlized paint job that set off the Bates seats, lighting equipment and...Read On


The Wildest Ride - Ever, part 2

The second and final part of the story of a ride across America for a yound hippie, me

As we arrived at the small farm house, a man in his mid to late twenties, dressed in a pair of overalls, boots and a beat up ball cap greeted us at the fence surrounding the yard, his dogs barked at us, I guess they didn't get a whole lot of company, and they warned him of intruders.  Or maybe they just liked to bark and it was a good excuse. "Been riding long? he asked.  'Since Omaha today"...Read On


Wonders in the Park

He spies a woman of great beauty and takes what he wants, returning joy as well

To those who would read my thoughtful words, imagine if you will a day of peace, a day of dreams, a day destined to be anything but run of the mill…imagine the woman is you. I shall begin as I walk through the park on a sun drenched day, the afternoon is perfect, the sky clear blue, and folk are few as I take a walk to relax. I come to the edge of the park and see a young lady, reclined...Read On



Cassandra's Destiny

Cassie turns 18 on Halloween and wants so badly to be the chosen maiden at the ball.

Well, here's the deal, I entered this story in a contest, unfortunately for me it wasn't selected as a finalist. Luckily for you guys you get to read it before the contest begins since the rights have been released back to me now. I ask that you accept it as a slightly rewritten version of the original (which I found much too short for my style of writing) and send your comments and votes to...Read On


Cassandra's Destiny, The Ball

Cassis was so happy to be chosen as maiden of the ball. Who would have known she was such a slut?

As Cassandra felt the delights of Alfonse's cock for the first time and drank of his blood to fulfill her destiny more than her body was changed. Yes, she became a vampire as was he, but somehow the desires to know everything flooded her mind and body both. This is the continuation of the short story written originally for a contest. Without the word count limitation now in place, see just...Read On



Common Interests

Working together we found a common interest, became friends and found pleasures in a time of need.

This is a story brought about by friendship of a woman of my acquaintance. Though it is purely fictional, it was not conceived without reason or thoughts of the adventurous tale told of a bond that should never be; regardless of how much the glory of fulfillment might drive friends to seek it. It had been a year and more since I met her at work, her name, though I will change it to...Read On


Common Interests, Part five

Well, Brenda got moved in, her husband away, my wife as well, guess what, we have a lot of fun.

I felt the covers that had lain over us stir and the absence of my lover’s body as I awoke. My eyes caught a glimpse of her bared buttocks as they disappeared into the bath room’s door. I stretched out my arms and legs luxuriously to drive the sedentary muscles of sleep from my body, it felt so good to simply relax. To know that soon Brenda would come to greet the morning with me, even though...Read On


Common Interests, Part Four

Brenda comes to stay in the guest house and we have the place to ourselves.

The story continues with the departure of Brenda's husband and my wife as well. A house guest with benefits to say the least comes to continue our adventure and cum she does. Friday rolled around and I made it to work early as usual, Brian dropped off Brenda as usual, yet this time she came in and asked if she could borrow the keys for a minute and put a suitcase and some hung clothing...Read On


Common Interests, Part Six

While Jane and Brian are both gone, Jerry and his sweet lover Brenda have the time to play

I went back home and found the house empty, not only was there no sound, but now even the walls seemed empty to me. I went to the computer and searched the net, read a couple of stories and even they left me empty in ways I needed filled. Writing had always been a thing to take away the idle time of emptiness when Jane was home, but now I simply hungered for companionship, and only one...Read On


Common Interests, Part three

We had found pleasures, but none before now in public, a new twist to our bond and new challenge

The weekend was hard, well not hard as one would think but difficult to bear with the absence of my new found lover. Somehow I wanted more, and then more again and again of the insatiable lush woman who could satisfy my every fantasy. I sat at the computer and wrote, as you have read of our time shared that she had planned for us to come together again. I saw her only once over our...Read On


Common Interests, Part Two

Brenda plots another visit to my place, the sex is hottrer than ever, the orgasms even more intense.

I last wrote of an adventure of adultery and its reasons of the why it happened, how sweet the advent of the act came to pass and outcome of climactic orgasms and then how it had returned to a time of friendship; one not lost with the powerful pleasures we had shared, amazingly. I had thought that would be the end of the tale, nothing else worthy of the readers of my stories to read; I...Read On


Dentists have Twilight Drugs, Part 1

A two part story of going to the dentist and being used as a sex toy

I was dreading going to the dentist’s office, but really needed to have a tooth extracted.   I kept telling myself that afterwards the pain would be gone, and I’d live through it, but I was more than a bit nervous about going, especially after my first visit to get the x-rays done.   I’ll start there, since it was a simple visit, only to have the x-ray and fill...Read On


Dentists Have Twilight Drugs, Part 2

This was my second visit, this time I would remember what happened, OMG will I

Well, now it is time to go to the second visit, I’m a bit nervous, but I know that I can opt to take the twilight drug should I need to.   Hopefully this time I will be able to remember what all went on.   I was greeted by the same warm friendly smile as Sharon saw me walk through the door, again the last customer of the day. I walked across to her desk and she...Read On