Jennifer Submitted

You will be mine, not my girlfriend, not my lover, but tonight you will be my property, you will ...

Jennifer is 34, blonde, 34D breast with a tattoo on her left one. She is married with one child, and she works for me. I am 51, with salt and pepper hair, mustache and beard, slightly overweight and most importantly infatuated with Jennifer. After years of harmless flirting, I decided to try and take it to the next level. Would it work? I didn’t know, but I knew there was a possibility. I...Read On


Jennifer Submitted II

Relax, this is what I want and you want to please me - Yes Master.

The morning sun coming through the balcony doors woke me earlier than I wanted to wake. There beside me was my beautiful little slave girl Jennifer. I thought back to what had happened the night before, she had flashed someone, walked naked in front of others, and let me fuck her in the ass in front of those same people. She had come a far way from just being my office assistant. As I lay...Read On


Jennifer Submitted III

What I do is not up to me, I don’t have to decide if I have to be strong or soft, tender or hard

Monday morning and it was eight in the morning. I was already sitting at my desk and the office would not be opened for another hour. Was I working, no. I was staring at Jennifer’s desk, my thoughts on what had happened this past weekend and on her beautiful body. I thought to myself “I wonder who is controlling who here?” as it seemed she had control of my every thought. It’s now...Read On



Naked in the Student Union

Strip I told her. Jenn stood up and removed her clothes and put them into the sack I was holding

"Strip," I told her. Jenn stood up and removed her clothes and put them into the sack I was holding, then put on the mask to cover her eyes and part of her face. "Now, when I text you, you will walk, not run, to the stairs at the end of the hall, down the stairs and then down the hall way to the doors on the other side of the building." Jenn nods her understanding. "Now remember, you only...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Pregnant and Horny

Last summer during the drought, Texas was hot but Jen was hotter

Jen is 5'7", blonde, and normally 125 pounds, with a nice slim waist and flared hips that support her D cup tits. She is sexy and knows it, and so does anyone who looks at her. Notice I said 'normally'. Well, seven months ago she got pregnant and now she has gained a little weight. She has a beautiful baby bump and her tits have gone to at least a DD. I can't help but get hard every time I...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


How to Cure Insomnia

Again you cum, that is three times in fifteen minutes.

You are just out of the shower, lying on your stomach on the bed with the covers pulled off and onto the floor. The bottom sheet is fresh out of the dryer, the scent of the clean sheet a refreshing smell. The lights on the bedside tables are dimmed. The windows are opened and the curtains are waving gently as the breeze from outside carries in the songs of the birds playing in the trees as...Read On

Wife Lovers(3)


Dani's Dream

Dani's dream of a black cock was closer than she thought...

Let me start with telling you Dani is 28, she is 5'8", weighs 135 pounds with an hour glass figure with 36 DD tits on top and a set of hips on the bottom that makes a man's mouth water. She has a nice bubble type ass that looks sensational in or out of a pair of jeans. Her pussy has a "landing strip" right above those lush lips. She is tan all over from nude sunbathing in our back yard. The...Read On


Dani's Dream Part II

Tony's tongue ran along Dani's slit and I took her right nipple in my mouth

Tony spread Dani's legs and after taking a moment to look at her almost naked pussy lips buried his head between her legs, placed his tongue at the bottom of her pussy and ran it along the slit until he reached her clit. When he reached her clit, he sucked it into his mouth and concentrated on it. As soon as he took it into his lips I bent down and took her right tit in my hand and the...Read On


Dani's Dream Part III

He then started to push into Dani, who threw her head back and looked me in eye

He then started to push into Dani, who threw her head back and looked me in eye as she was taken by another man in front of me. This was how part II ended if you missed it. Hope you enjoy. Tony slowly slide into Dani's pussy, inch by thick inch of dark black meat disappearing as he stretched my wife further than she had ever been stretched before. She had her feet planted on the floor and...Read On