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Time can't heal all wounds...

Chapter I Kelly stared silently at the spot of red carpet six inches from her nose. She waited motionless on elbows and knees, her chin turned downward. Her wrists and elbows were tightly wrapped with soft, white cotton rope. Her elbows hobbled with a short line to similar bindings around her knees, wrapped to her ankles. Not that she would dare move from her submissive position if...Read On

Erotic Poems(2)



Careful who ya trust...

I'm a hired gunslinger, Sexual ringer, And I've set my sights on you. A smooth operator, Gentle persuader, Sultry sense of humor, too. I'm a sly disarmer, Silver-tongued charmer, So content to be your pawn. A sweet-talkin' slayer, Warm hearted player, Guaranteed to turn you on. I'm a careful lover, Pusher and shover, Highly skilled in either role. A strict Dominator,...Read On

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Pleased to Meet You

I know what you really dream about...

I’m patience’s gift for waiting,  Silent these long years,  Pleased to finally meet you,  Glad to see you here.  I’m keen to strike a bargain, Just a point or two,  Set me out to play, sample  Who I am to you.  I’m influence long ignored,  Whims you never tried,  Hushed voice of risqué musings,  Pleasures you’ve denied.  I’m thoughts you pack in shadows,  Back where secrets hide,  I’ve...Read On

Love Poems(5)


Can't Sleep

Never seem to have time for what's really important...

So cold and lonely,  My world was sleeping.  A sweet but troubled  Voice called out to me… She said… “Baby, I can’t sleep.  My past, it haunts me.  Please, will you come see  Why it torments me?  And, Baby don’t let  Shadows consume me. Oh, Baby don’t let  Lost hope define me. Baby, don’t let these  Demons possess me!” So sad and weary,  Her soul, it touched me.  Something about...Read On


Ever After

Every life is a series of ever afters. Forget the last one and live this one like there is no next

Hey, do you believe There just might be An ever after? Oh yeah, I don't too, Let's watch these fools Chase ever after... Just ignore their rules, We're way too cool For ever after... Come with me, let's play, Laugh when they say It's ever after... What? You like my smile? I dig your style, But, ever after? Ah, the things you say, I might just stay 'Til ever after... ...Read On



Just another sappy lullabye

Lately I don't know, Baby, what you want from me. After all this time, Tell me, why can't you see? We gave everything, Hey, we've done our best. But we're empty now, There's nothing left... So, hush little Baby, don'tcha cry, It's too late to talk this time. Hush now, Baby don't cry tonight, Don't really matter who's wrong or right. Hush little Baby, don'tcha cry, We're just another...Read On


I See You

I'm watching

My eyes see through you  While my heart is drawn to you,  My soul drinks from you... My lips smile for you,  Too many tears fall for you,  Mourn this void in you...  I sense good in you  Through such bitter pain in you,  Want the best for you...  My eyes see through you,  Witness raw vengeance in you,  Feel the hate in you...  Men fall hard for you,  Need sweet attention from you,  Hope...Read On



Such a dismal world without 'em...

Stiletto heels and crimson lips, Luscious curves and molten hips, Ultra-smooth, inviting thighs, Temptation rides her whispered lies… Satin panties, trimmed in lace, Lonesome need paints her face, Unleashed desire brought to boil, Token love rewards her toil… Supple breasts beckon touch, Lost within her wanton clutch, Unquestioned need for carnal sin, Tawdry passion draws me in… Such...Read On

Love Stories(2)


Alanna's Gift (part I)

…Soft, milky skin invites my touch. Her young, supple body inspires need I’ve not felt in years. Long, chestnut hair emblazoned with a streak of defiant blonde frames angelic features set with big, inquisitive blue eyes. Her tight smile is one of hesitant, youthful innocence overwhelmed by burning curiosity. It’s wrong. Forbidden. So deliciously forbidden… *** Four days ago,...Read On

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Alanna's Gift (part II)

Tuesday Morning. It’d been a little over two days since the conversation at Sonic. I had fostered every hope that Alanna would come to her senses. Had every intention of talking her out of this crazy idea. Nothing even came close. If anything, she had gotten more adamant. More excited. My breath hung lazily in the thick, humid chill, then slowly wafted across the picturesque view from...Read On

Quickie Sex(2)



Small talk is such a waste of time.

“Spread your legs,” my whispered command is barely audible as it rides passion-warmed breath to her ear. My hand on her thigh, I feel excited tension grip her body. With nervous hesitance, her legs part slightly. Her eyes question but her body responds nicely. I firmly massage the inner part of her thigh, just above the knee. My grip increases slightly, conveying subtle disregard for...Read On


Quick Lunch

Thanks for lunch

Her smile is captivating. Such a cliché. Something about it, though, penetrates the walls around my heart. She’s across the table from me, rambling about her last hike up to the waterfall between bites of nachos and slugs of iced tea…or is it something that happened at work? I don’t know. Can’t focus on what is being said. Green eyes sparkle with life as she barrels through the story I...Read On

Straight Sex(4)



Tabitha is a frustrated far will she go just to get a little attention?

Tabitha flips an unruly wisp of auburn hair out of her eyes as she applies the final touches of mascara. A quick pass with ruby lipstick and she steps back to check the mirror one last time before officially declaring that she’s ready to go. The blue eyed, auburn haired knockout returning her gaze from the bathroom vanity mimics her smile to confirm there is no ruby lipstick on dazzling...Read On


Lady Luck

Just when Brett thinks his life will never get any better and can't get worse, it does, and it does

It's ten thirty p.m. I'm staring at an empty e-mail inbox while waiting for the microwave to finish nuking my dinner. The empty inbox is no real shocker, but it is a disappointment because the online personal ad I placed three days ago still has yet to produce even a nibble...whoever the hell said you can find anything on the internet obviously never tried to rustle up a date with anything...Read On


Lady Luck (Chapt II)

In the process of stalking Tammy, Brett unwittingly becomes the hunted prey...

Chapter II Fuck, it’s hot. The smashed fender is stubbornly resisting all efforts to pry it away from the rear tire. Sweat runs in small rivulets from my forehead, down my nose, then drips to the wavering pavement below. Feels a lot like a spider crawling on my face and I have to stop working, way too frequently, to wipe the tickle away. The crowbar slips and a nanosecond before my...Read On


Lady Luck (Chapt III)

Lady Luck finally begins to shine on Brett, but how long will it last?

Chapter III I follow Tammy around the back of the bar and through a heavily scarred wooden door with a prominent “Employees Only” sign. Navigating empty beer cartons and stacks of liquor cases, I can’t help watching her perfect ass as it sways side to side with every step.  She is wearing faded, ultra-short, cut-off jeans and a snug fitting, sleeveless white top that shows off...Read On