Soulmates connected

two lovers experiment

The tight puckered arsehole twitches convulsively beneath the tip of my tongue as my saliva leaves a sticky trail over and around her rim of pleasure. Sexual tension races through my body mixed with the adrenaline surging in waves as I reach this most sacred of holes. Her whimpered moans of desire and pleasure only serving to drive my probing tongue as it trails across the flesh of her arse...Read On




Journey into our deepest desires

Adrenaline! I can’t begin to contemplate the complexity of this chemical that controls so many of our urges, our desires, giving us the propensity to fight and to fuck in equal measure. It is not for me to analyse and to decipher the intricacies of such chemical reactions with-in our bodies but more for me to understand it and how it translates into the situation that I find my-self and my...Read On


Renewal of passions

For the last half an hour I have been sat here looking at this single point on the wall. No, looking is the wrong description as it would suggest that I was seeing and the truth is that I have witnessed nothing at all. The noise of the children arguing downstairs washes over me like as though some audible tide is forever on the turn. Only the slam of the front door as it settles back in its...Read On

First Time(1)



Please see Authors note at the end of the story

Chapter 1 Tendrils of mist slipped silently over the ancient stones that stood sentinel-like before her. As the blanket of stars that enveloped the world she knew showered down their crystal light tiny silicates glinted and glistened in the hard grey stone that had been formed so many millions of years before. No one knew how or why these massive obelisks had been brought from the place...Read On

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A Soldier's Story

Enlightenment for a young soldier

Returning home on leave for the first time since joining the army as a young 18 year old I had headed down to the local bar to see if any of my old friends were still about. Sadly with it being mid-week all was quiet and there was just my-self and one other guy sat at the bar. We were soon making small talk and generally having a laugh and joke in between drinks and I found my-self relaxing...Read On