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Topic: Are you going to make Kony famous in 2012?
Posted: 20 Mar 2012 06:59


The pressure is getting to Jason Russell (co-creator of this group and narrater/director of the video). He flipped out yesterday. Running around naked, pounding on cars, reported but unsubstantiated public masturbation. Blamed on exhaustion and dehydration.
And here's some video footage of Russell from that day! oO

EDIT: Okay, so because of a strange reason that I don't know the link doesn't appear correctly in the forum with the "www" in front of it, but this way it works ;)

Topic: Are you going to make Kony famous in 2012?
Posted: 17 Mar 2012 02:39

Wow. Thanks for the your take, and for all the insight, TCU :) Hell of a first post; welcome to Lush, and to the Think Tank!
Thank you :)

Topic: Are you going to make Kony famous in 2012?
Posted: 15 Mar 2012 13:57

People! Please use your brains before you support a campaign based on such a terribly manipulating and one-sided video!
I'm not saying, Kony is not guilty. Yes, he and his LRA have kidnapped and killed thousands of children and adults. But all of this happened years ago and they haven't been in Uganda since 2006, but the film actually suggested, that the LRA is currently expanding! . Just watch the video again very carefully and you will notice that all of the content showing the kids in fear of being kidnapped, was filmed in 2003. 9(!) Years ago.
Also, the whole staging of the video disgusts me. Kony is being stylized as the world's no.1 badguy, even worse than Hitler on the posters. This is ridiculous! <img src="/images/emoticons/laughing7.gif" alt="laughing6"> As if Kony would have done more harm to the world than Hitler! And what is this little boy doing there, saying stupid, childish things. Just like the young Anakin in "The Phantom Menace" he's good for absolutely nothing and is annoying, but put in there to be cute and make people be on the filmmakers side. Of course, the sad and dramatic music is manipulating as well.
The film also says, that Kony has an army of 30,000 child soldiers - which he never had at any time!
In my opinion one of the worst things about this video is, that it spurs the viewers into action to prevent the withdrawal of the 100 US Soldiers in that region in Uganda. But why? There haven't even been plans by the government to do so. But as we see everywhere, here on Lush as well, people don't scrutinize a campaign, an aid agency and its motifs, and of course no video on Youtube, before they support it. The consequences are clear: millions of poorly and false-informed people give the US-government the wanted opportunity to start an extensive military mission in Central-Africa, which is so rich of mineral resources. There, in Africa, China and the USA are and will be fighting for resources and power. And thus we've come to the real problem in Africa. It's not the warlords, it's how we, the western world, treat Africa since we first discovered it: For hundreds of years now we exploit the land, the flora, the fauna, the humans living there. Millions of people starved to death because of us, and still tens of thousands are starving to death everyday!
And of course, 6 years after Kony's disappearance, there were changes taking place in Uganda. And to react to these changes, is far more important than to hunt down a man, who loses his men and his influence. Lots of his former child soldiers have aids now and would need medical treatment. The country itself has a lot of problems as well, such as growing unemployment, a high inflation rate or violations of the human rights by the government.
Invisible Children Inc. also supports the Ugandan army - which is convicted of having committed depredations and abuses itself.
Not to forget that Invisible Children Inc. invests only 31% of its donations into aid projects in Uganda, and that there are other aid organizations as well.

So, people: please be more intelligent than the Germans were 1933 and view mass phenomenons like this one more critically. Especially, if a campaign is presented so obviously sleazy, dull and one-sided as "Kony 2012".
I already had a bad feeling about it, when I first watched it and did not know about all these issues. But again, not saying Kony isn't a bad person. You all should just see the whole picture.

So, here are my sources:


Oh, and also take a look at this picture:


P.S. Watched the film again recently? Did you notice something? The commenting function has been disabled! And it's obvious why: because the Invisible Children bosses did not like the latest and highest rated comments and didn't want them to be read by a broad, public audience, which would definitely make more people aware of the bullsh*t that the whole "Koney campaign" is.

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