Seeing Red

First Time Sub

I am upside down in a room with Red walls; I am tied with my legs spread and my arms bound behind my back. I can see him in the corner, watching me. I am scared but anticipate his touch. He comes closer, my breathing becomes erratic and my pussy throbs with want. I question myself, why have I allowed this to happen but at the same time I am proud that I have gone this far. I cannot...Read On



Watch me come

The sun was shining through my bamboo blind' s, a sign that it was time for me to wake. I was feeling naughty and had something in mind. I brushed my hands over my naked body, I started at my thighs, then moved across my taut stomach and then up to my nipples. They hardened against my fingertips, I could feel the dull throb between my legs. I didn't want to go there just yet, it was worth...Read On


Watch me come again......

This story is for farmerswife and whr43 a follow on from my previous story Watch me come

I awoke on a sexual high knowing what kind of day awaited me, my pussy was already throbbing with excitement. I stepped out of bed still naked and stood in front of my french doors which led out onto my balcony, remembering two mornings ago when I had fist fucked my pussy in front of my stranger. A strong urge came over me to do it all again but I knew I didn't have time so I stepped away...Read On



Put my panties down!

This is for you baby......bi69fun4us

"Put my panties down you sick fuck" I walked into my apartment to find the caretaker of my building on his knees with 2 pairs of my panties, one around his cock and the other pair held up to his face. I had complained earlier in the week that the sink in my en-suite had kept blocking and that I needed it fixing, he knew I would not be in that day and took his opportunity. However, I...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Late Night Treat

"Thank you for joining me....... finally!" "I'm sorry I'm late darling, I have had a rough day at work." "Maybe I can loosen you up a bit." "Mmmmmm, that sounds good. Maybe I can give you a little treat later on." That sounded even better. I got up and loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, the smell of his aftershave was stirring a fire within me. He wrapped his arms around me...Read On