theblackdynamite's Blog Entries

Story was approved AND got my first sex toy! Great day already =)

06 May 2014 13:49

My story has taken so long to verify =(

05 May 2014 18:33

Back at this! I really need to write again.

02 May 2014 19:02

Rise and grind! We out here tryna get it

01 Sep 2012 04:03

Back in NY. It's on starting now

31 Aug 2012 18:57

Probably losing internet connection until tomorrow when I get back to NY. But once I get back I'm throwing myself into everything I do. Getting ready for school and + embracing my sexual side. Kinda sick of getting pushed down with this stuff. I'm determined to find people who share my sentiments.

30 Aug 2012 07:04

Just put together the most personal story I've done so far. Real talk: views or not I put my heart in that fool.

29 Aug 2012 15:39

Taking a break from my other two series. I can't get this story out of my head, gotta out it to paper

29 Aug 2012 12:15

And now I'm trying to rationalize why no one wants me =(

28 Aug 2012 15:25

Still feeling shitty, but winning at the casino helps. Also sent in two stories today! Very excited for people to read them i worked my ass off on em XD now only if i could make some friends...

26 Aug 2012 21:34

Hate's this feeling =( feel so alone and out of place =(

25 Aug 2012 21:53

I'm disappointed in myself. The quality of work I produce should be better =( Promising better quality on part 3 Rochelle High and Part 2 of The Red Light Club!

24 Aug 2012 19:55

Need to do a story from a girls perspective. Those are always fun to do! Dropping it tomorrow night once I get some inspiration

22 Aug 2012 22:21