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Topic Refusing Cunnilingus
Posted 02 Apr 2012 22:00

Do any you you refuse cunnilingus or know any women that do?

My wife does, citing two reasons:
1. She just doesn't feel like it is a sexy part of her body. She feels like it smells bad, etc. even right after showering and even though I tell her that being down there really turns me on and is pleasurable.
2. She wants to get straight to sex after foreplay, because, she says, it feels way better than oral has or could ever make her feel.

I've talked to her about it many times, because I really do love to do it. I know I'm not horrible at it either, since I did it with other women before marriage and received good feedback. Could I do better, sure, as could anyone with a bit more practice.

I have no problem bringing her to orgasm in other ways, but sometimes this really bothers me.