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Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 19 Jan 2013 10:53

A comfortable spooning, telling her how much I just adore stockings.

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 18 Jan 2013 17:30

Fuck.. hard..

Topic Fuck or Make Love
Posted 16 Jan 2013 10:33

Make love.

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 15 Jan 2013 16:33

Fuck.. gently ;)

edit - nevermind, someone beat me too it, i retract my previous statement >.>

Topic What would do with the avatar above you in the shower?
Posted 21 Jul 2012 11:26

A steamy kiss

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 09 Jul 2012 10:58

Bend her over and pound the tight little ass full of juicy cum.

Topic Word association game
Posted 23 Jun 2012 05:45


Topic Word association game
Posted 21 Jun 2012 13:23


Topic Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted 13 Jun 2012 04:27

A kiss and gentle groping ;)

Topic Gift for the Person Above You Based on Their AVATAR
Posted 05 Feb 2012 06:55

An icecube.

Topic What's your type??
Posted 02 Mar 2011 10:37

^ Her.

Topic The Bumper Sticker Scandal
Posted 28 Feb 2011 15:23

You should be free to express your opinion, but I can understand how the school wouldn't want such a statement being associated with them. Hearing things like this doesn't surprise me anymore though, I once read a story about a man that got taken to court for being naked in his own home, and a woman reported him when she looked into his window, walking past.

Topic Oral Sex or Fuck first
Posted 28 Feb 2011 02:46

actually I love oral both before and after, and that is both giving and receiving.
Just love oral

Agree with this.

Topic Sexy Girls !!
Posted 28 Feb 2011 02:16

Aren't there like 5 thousand topics currently discussing this anyway? Try and think of something imaginative..

Topic Word association game
Posted 27 Feb 2011 16:38


Topic Things said to you, which make you cringe
Posted 27 Feb 2011 16:35

"Do I look fat in this?"

To which I replied, no, you look fat because you are fat. And subsequently spent 3 days nursing my man veggies back to their natural colour.

Topic Pet names for your cock or dick?
Posted 27 Feb 2011 16:30

Haha, this thread is amusing. Personally I have never encountered a partner having a pet name for it, but if it happened I would most likely burst out laughing and lose the mood. :P

... I do call him Jeff when I'm alone sometimes though.

On a side note, why is the title of the thread "Pet names for your cock or dick?" Are they different things?

Topic Do men really prefer older women?
Posted 27 Feb 2011 16:17

First time I've been with a woman over a year older than me, and can say it feels no different apart from the obvious individuality of the person. The only thing that reminds me is that she calls me her cub fairly often. :P

Topic Skinny or Curvy?
Posted 27 Feb 2011 16:13

Curvy, curvy and definitely curvy. Super skinny women are a complete turn off, not only that but the image of bones showing beneath the skin is endlessly disturbing, makes me want to douse the woman in holy water and run for the hills.

How can you get sexually excited while you're holding a skin covered skeleton in your arms?

Topic Curious names..
Posted 27 Feb 2011 13:29

I like Mike Rotch.

Topic Curious names..
Posted 26 Feb 2011 09:22

I always liked the name Anna Sassin, it's quite subtle.

Topic Who on Lush would be the ONE AND ONLY PICK ONE you would want to taste!
Posted 26 Feb 2011 07:54

Lunasea0211, she is delicious. <3

Topic Is Fantasising the same as cheating?
Posted 22 Feb 2011 09:17

This question amused me to no end, try and apply some logic before asking such a thing.

Saying fantasising is the same as cheating is like saying killing someone on a computer game should get you a life sentence. d'oh!

Topic Falling in love in an online world
Posted 22 Feb 2011 09:01

My post is probably not going to be as long or philosophical as most in this topic, but I'd like to say my part anyway. I used to be one of those people who thought the idea of truly loving someone online to be ridiculous, but I have since changed. Skeptics may scorn the idea and think it naive, but I mean it when I say this; you cannot control emotion , and neither would I like to. If you have to question whether you are doing the right thing, then you are not in love. True love knows no boundaries.

There is an old quote I like that is fitting here; "It is not the destination that matters, but the journey to it." Will it end in heartbreak? Perhaps, perhaps not, you can never know what the future holds. But speaking personally, I would rather have the lovely experience than to never have taken that step.

I do what makes me happy, not what society (online or offline) deems appropriate, and if something makes you happy, why not do it? Being a sheep is not for me.

But then, each to their own. icon_smile

Topic Is it really true?
Posted 21 Feb 2011 00:37

Nice debate you have going on here guys, but there is something about this topic that just disturbs me a little. I have never been a fan of social stereotypes and when it comes down to this type of thing it is no different. I am a firm believer in the fact a person should not be defined to one particular type, if you think of yourself as something, or someone tells you you are something, chances are you are going to trick your brain into believing it and never have a chance to change.

Personally, I bat away all comments that try to define me into a stereotype, during my relatively short span of being sexually active, I can safely say I have been through pretty much all of these defined types (except stalker and cheater), and neither has stuck firmly. I don't consider myself any one of them, my mood and/or partner defines what I am.

As for who I should be attracted to? Well, the first thing I look at, can she make me laugh? If the answer is no then she is not the woman for me, I am lucky enough to have found a woman I love deeply and that, people, is stronger than a social stereotype. She can be whatever she wants to be, I will not change my opinion of her or be less in love because she is not exactly like me.

In conclusion, it is a sad reality that the trend of thinking in this thread will define how relationships are built pretty much forever. But in my opinion, stereotypes are insulting to a persons individuality. Love your partner for who they are, or don't make the move in the first place.

Topic How slutty are you?
Posted 15 Jan 2011 16:28

Science is certain, and so are we: you are absolutely 57% slutty.

I can't disagree with science. D:

Topic Would you fuck the person above you?
Posted 20 Nov 2010 00:13

Hell yes, on that chair too.