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some men are of few words I am a man of two... I'm awesme

01 Aug 2012 15:54

i miss her with all my heart

30 Jul 2012 04:37

I feel terror, pain, and lonelyness my love has left me for reasons unknown to me I have never felt a love so pure and true sweet and tender I was cheated by a vile woman who chenged my life lost a feared the thought of trusting another being until I was blessed with her she came in my time of need and raised me back to my feet and held me in her loving embrase but alas a turn of events has ruined me a cruel twist of irony has lead me to dispare lies led to the demise of my first love and truth is to be the dagger in the back of what is sure to be the last of my love and so my cries fall upon no one not a single tear shed in my favor for I am but a spec to you all it seems as if the gods them self have cursed my soul.

29 Jul 2012 16:58

scared to death

29 Jul 2012 15:56

I love my girl she is mine and always shall be mine no matter who stands in our way what obsticles stand before us we will fight to our last breath because we share one simple thing and this simple thing is all that matters love...

28 Jul 2012 16:56

terrorfied that my fears are in fact reality that my loves heart has been shared with another...

28 Jul 2012 13:37

worried sick

27 Jul 2012 20:00

because you suck and i hate you.

24 Jul 2012 20:32