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Greetings and welcome to my page.

This site was suggested to me and I became addicted after my first visit.

At the young age of 16, I spent a great deal of time travelling across the US performing magic and puppetry. I made many friends and encountered many different lifestyles and I experimented with many of them.

I was among the first of the mobile DJ's that are now commonplace. I played at weddings, parties and singles dances. The encounters I had at these venues make great reading.

Writing is a new medium for me and I do not write very well based on the number of rejections I get. The problem is that I spent far too many years perfecting all aspects of my performing skills that my writing skills have suffered for it.

I have a wealth of great story stories to share.

I love to chat and if I am on I will always respond to chat requests.

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25 Sep 2018 16:01
Acting, Theater, Magic, Paranormal Investigations, Harley Davidsons, Poker and Toy Runs.
Favorite Books:
The Miko
The Ninja
The Vampire Lestat
Queen of the Dammed
I, Vampire
Water for Elephants
The Secret Life of Houdini
Favorite Authors:
Eric Lustbaden
Susan Kay
Anne Rice
Annie Rampling
Favorite Movies:
Exit to Eden
Body Double
Body Heat
Two Moon Junction
Favourite TV Shows:
Ghost Hunters.
Favorite Music:
Classic Rock


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24 Apr 2013
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Topic: Lush TV Thread
Posted: 18 Sep 2018 17:30

It was everything I could have hoped for and didn’t know I wanted in a KK sequel of the adult years. Damn good writing. Excellent acting. Pure 80s nostalgia soundtrack. Be prepared to binge binge it all in one go.

Saw the first two and now I'm hooked.

Topic: teen or milf
Posted: 10 Sep 2018 01:13

Had both in my time. A very difficult decision to make but I'll go with the MILF.

Topic: What are you wearing right now?
Posted: 02 Sep 2018 00:41

Old grey sweatpants and a black t..

Topic: When you get yourself off . . .
Posted: 29 Aug 2018 01:12


Topic: Girls in panties
Posted: 28 Aug 2018 01:59


Topic: Would you have coffee or tea with the person above you?
Posted: 21 Aug 2018 01:28


Topic: when did you masturbate last?
Posted: 04 Aug 2018 15:34

Last night.

Topic: Gimme a dirty limerick... maybe win GOLD! [WINNER ANNOUNCED!]
Posted: 02 Aug 2018 00:42

There was a young man from Kent

Whose dick was so long that it bent

To save himself trouble he stuck it in double

and instead of coming he went.


Topic: How many of you, actually look at the PROFILE of the person you're asking to be friends with?
Posted: 26 Jul 2018 01:58

Always. It pissed me off when they are too lazy to post one.

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Across The Street. Part 1

In the space of a week, Dad moved them from their rapidly declining neighbourhood in the city to the clean and green suburbs. He purposely had waited until school ended for the summer before making the move. That way, there was nothing for the kids to worry about except getting packed. Their new residence was a new Craftsman-style house on a cul-de-sac. There were about a dozen other houses...

Added 12 Sep 2018 | Category Voyeur | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 2,195 | 3 Comments

Across The Street. Part 2

Mike couldn't believe his luck. One night he discovered the girl across the street had a penchant for parading around her room in some of the sexiest clothing imaginable. Now she wasn't totally visible due to her blinds being lowered, so Mike employed his powerful telescope to spy on her. So through the partially open blinds, he managed to get a good look, and what he saw he liked. Now he...

Added 18 Sep 2018 | Category Voyeur | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 1,544 | 4 Comments

Another Girl Next Door Story

They must have moved in while they spent the weekend at Kings Island. They noticed that the for sale sign was missing from the front lawn and there were now blinds and curtains in the windows. Zak and his parents all hoped that the new neighbours would be good people like the last ones. As it had been a long weekend and despite it being only 9:00 pm, his parents decided to turn in early...

Added 25 Aug 2018 | Category MILF | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 9,136 | 8 Comments

Another Girl Next Door Story. The Conclusion.

After supper and TV time he headed to his room and donned his Speedo and waited. It was just a little shy of 10:30 when his laptop beeped and Zak quickly donned his headset and hit the 'accept' key. Once again Airel's beautiful face appeared on the screen and due to the angle of the camera, he could see that she was clad in a shiny blue bra. "You like? It's made of satin," she informed him. ...

Added 27 Aug 2018 | Category MILF | Votes 18 | Avg Score 5 | Views 11,345 | 7 Comments

Another Girl Next Door Story. The Conclusion - Part 2

As Zak lay there feeling his semen cool on his rock hard abs he thought about the evening's events. He had intended to end his affair with the stunning Airel once he discovered her secrets. She was not seventeen as she had told him, she was twenty-two and married. Airel admitted to her lies but wanted to discuss it in person. Zak agreed and they decided to meet in their usual rendezvous on...

Added 03 Sep 2018 | Category MILF | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 8,213 | 4 Comments

Hopelessly Addicted

He was up way too early for a Saturday, but he had a pick up to make. He stopped at Starbucks for a coffee before pointing his BMW south and commencing to drive. He glanced in the rearview mirror to check the traffic behind him and then caught sight of his own blue eyes. "You're a weakling," he said to himself as he drove. He cursed himself along with the firm he worked for.as they...

Added 21 Aug 2018 | Category Trans | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 3,773 | 6 Comments

The Cardboard Fort

I discovered at a young age that I had a desire to wear female clothing, but not just any clothing, it had to be silk and or satin. I thought maybe it was a phase I was going through. I figured if I ignored these desires they would pass. Ignoring them didn't work and they became more intense.  I often found myself sitting and staring at the lingerie section of the large Sears catalogue with...

Added 07 Aug 2018 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 4,967 | 13 Comments

The Cardboard Fort. Part 2

That evening I thought about Gene and what had happened in their old fort. I finally had the opportunity to wear something besides the slip I  had shoplifted. I really enjoyed dressing up for his friend and what had happened as a result. I didn't feel weird or strange about it. "Maybe I should have been born a girl." I mused before falling asleep. Two days later Gene appeared at my door...

Added 08 Aug 2018 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 4,156 | 7 Comments

The Cardboard Fort. The conclusion.

My duo identity was not an easy thing to maintain. My lingerie was washed in the half bath sink in the wee hours of the morning. I then had to creep downstairs and hang them in the fort. They along with the wig and makeup were kept hidden in an old suitcase with a working lock I found in the second-hand store. All this secrecy was necessary because young men did not want to dress and...

Added 11 Aug 2018 | Category Crossdressing | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 4,848 | 8 Comments

Punished For Spying

Tom tried to look away from the scene in front of him, but some unknown forces wouldn't let him. He tugged at his bonds hoping to find a way to free himself but was too well secured. He tried to protest at being tied up but due to the makeshift gag across his mouth, he was rendered silent. So he tried to keep his eyes shut and to mentally block out the moaning of pleasure that filled his...

Added 24 Jul 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.79 | Views 9,091 | 9 Comments

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