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Hello Lush

Been here for more than a year now, I'm mostly here to publish my work and occasionally read. I like to think I'm pretty approachable, even if I don't have much time to chat.

For Readers:

So far, I've tried to curate the ten stories visible on my profile page, but my library is always growing and since I think some are much better than others, it might be appropriate to list some of my favorites among my own works. I hope it will help you know what I value about my own abilities, in addition to how others feel about my work.

- Anybody interested in poetry, I'm happy enough with all of them that I've posted here in their own way, but the best are definitely "Scream Fire", an audio poem read by MadameMolly, "Undeniable", and "The Longbow", are among my best free and blank verse. Poetry is not exactly my strongest area, but I enjoy it immensely. In terms of structured poetry, I've recently added a sonnet sequence to my library, which begins with the erotic sonnet entitled "Tears Of Honey".

-In terms of my fiction, "The Brightest Black You've Ever Seen" is good for people who want something long, and a bit weird. "Virgin and Villain" also fits that bill, though I'd call it somewhat longer and much stranger.

-"Eating Breakfast In Glass Slippers" is fairly dark, in as much as the main character has just been left at the altar (more or less), and is quite miserable, though it earned me a recommended read and placed fifth in its competition. There's a lot of intense, emotionally driven sex in this one, as well as a bit of disjointed storytelling.

- For something short and exciting but not devoid of curiosity you want my "At First Sight" stories, or "Don't Slow Down". These are really quick reads, but action packed.

I really hope you enjoy anything of mine you find the time to read.

For Writers:

I score and vote on Lush. A lot. I think it's fair to give a heads up. I welcome comments and votes on my stories as well, by the way.

Commenting: I will leave a comment most of the time. I won't leave a comment every time. Love the reply function on story comments. When commenting, I do my very best to provide what I think is the most useful review possible. Sometimes, I write a general positive review. I do not mean that your story is flawless if I do so, but rather that I think you're heading in a good direction, and any specific guidance might stifle the creative process. If I give a review with specific critiques, it usually means that I'm offering pointers on typically minor things which I believe could help the story because what you've accomplished is excellent work, and I like to contribute. It's the teacher in me, I can't help it. I think I enjoy grading papers too much...

Voting: If I read a story or poem, I usually score it. When I do, I score according to my own standards, and try not to grade on a curve - though I think we all do to some extent. I don't casually toss around threes or lower, but they do happen. I did once give a one, and have judiciously spread a handful of twos around as well. I give mostly fives and fours.

Friends and my Wall:

I don't accept blank friend requests. The amount I expect you to write to me in introduction of yourself is primarily dependent on how much your profile has to offer me. If after reading your message AND checking out your bio, interests, stories, etc., I feel like I have a picture of who you are, I'll probably add you. That picture doesn't have to be a high resolution photo, mind you, it's fine if it turns out as kind of a blurry watercolor. I will also typically add readers.

To my friends and potential friends, I just wanted to say that I do, to some extent curate what is on my wall. I don't mind most posting as long as you know that it's possible I'll delete them, either if they don't go are aren't to my taste. Also, I usually leave up thank-yous for reading a story or poem for at most a week and then take them down, just because there's usually somebody else who wants to use my wall for advertising, and I don't want that to be all there is on it.

Certain things don't go on my wall. Specifically, I don't ever want to see images of children in any capacity on my wall. This is a blocking offense. Neither should I like to see anything involving any body fluids other than those typically associated with sex (sweat, cum, etc.). Obviously nothing that would be frowned upon by or is banned by Lush. I also tend to delete gifs that blink or sparkle, rather than move, since they give me a headache; it's nothing personal. Otherwise, post away. If you're going to offer me a bunch of images that's awesome, but just make it in one or two posts, so that you don't take up my whole wall. Looking forward to seeing what you all like,

Avatar, Image Gallery and Photo Albums

No part of any image in my gallery or any of my photo albums, nor my avatar is me or anybody I know. I keep myself to myself when I'm on the internet. The images I select are basically for the enjoyment of friends and wanderers. I separate them by category and post what I think is fun, and I hope some of you agree. Not too much to say here, just that I'm having fun and I hope you are too.

Avatars are selected sometimes on whim, but more often than not by the theme of a recent story.




I'm not going to tell you much about my appearance, so if that's what you're after, just know that I'm not going to play that game. I like it here both because of the content and the anonymity. I have a girlfriend who loves me, so I'm not looking to fill any voids there. I absolutely do not object to what anybody does here, and I'm not passing judgment on what I don't understand, all I'm saying is that I'm not looking to form any romantic attachments, or honestly, close friendships here. I like to chat. I like to be social, and I often don't have the opportunity to get out and meet new people, so here I am. Or, at least that's part of it. I DO NOT enjoy being talked to like a whore. That would not result you getting into my cyber pants, but rather a cyber punch to your cyber nose.

Something else to keep in mind is that I have an intense love-hate relationship with words. I love to shape them, craft them, wield them, and at least some of the time, I'm rather good at it. That said, I can be cut and injured by them as much as anybody else, maybe more. Please be polite and respectful, and I'll do the same. In compliment to my love for it, I harbor have an innate distrust of the written word, so if it takes me a while to warm up to you, that's probably at least a fragment of why. If I don't have time to talk, leave me a PM or a friend request. I'll probably respond assuming you've read and followed the guidelines I've laid out.

Victoria Bennett
Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Of course, I love sex. Sports and games. I adore the outdoors, hiking, climbing, running. Of course I'm very fond of all games. Card games, board games, sports, sex games. I love chess. I swear, I have a great and productive day if I open it with a cup of coffee or tea, a crossword, and a game of chess.

I do really love certain sports, but most of the mainstream ones are kind of tedious to me. I can occasionally dig baseball, and soccer (real football), even water polo, but I really enjoy things like fencing and sumo, and I love a good joust. I also LOVE archery. Lately I've been really enjoying shooting again. I have a couple of bows that don't get used nearly as much as I'd like them to.

At my core, I'm a writer. Lush has proven extremely useful for extolling some of my more erotic ideas. Really, this is where the ideas that are just too sexy, or even pornographic for my regular work end up. Like any other author, I have to confess that I have an ego, and I like to have it stroked, so I love comments and votes on my stories.
Favorite Books:
A nice copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (usually as published by Pelican, Oxford, or the Cambridge School). Memoirs of a Geisha, American Gods, The River Why, The Poisonwood Bible, Snow Crash, Emma, Pride and Prejudice.
Favorite Authors:
Barbara Kingsolver, P.G. Wodehouse, Jasper Fforde, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Sappho, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Aaron Sorkin, Patrick McManus, J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Jane Austen, all three Bronte Sisters - though particularly Charlotte and Anne, Douglas Adams, Neal Stephenson.
Favorite Movies:
Roman Holiday, Pleasantville, Almost Famous (the untitled director's cut), Groundhog Day, Sabrina, Wait until Dark, Charade, But I'm a Cheerleader, Vertigo (to this day, the scariest movie I've ever seen), Better than Chocolate, North by Northwest, XX/XY (not to be confused with XXY), Run Lola Run...
Favourite TV Shows:
The West Wing, M*A*S*H, Once Upon A Time, Firefly, Doctor Who, House of Cards,
Favorite Music:
Tom Petty (Wildflowers, especially), Nanci Griffith, Garbage, Angelfish, Bob Dylan, The Mountain Goats, Enter the Haggis, Sarah Barielles, Neko Case, Warren Zevon, Led Zeppelin, CSNY, Neil Young (Crazyhorse), The Who...
Date Joined:
26 Sep 2013
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17,784 times
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Stories Published By TheScheherezadeFeint
Recommended Read Undeniable

Under blinding strain Of push, and pull, Before the rain, A scrawny creature Relaxes, hoping beyond measure For another glimpse of her very own master. With breath pounding in her chest, She does as she is bidden, Alarms sounding at her behest, She is hunger overridden. Burdened by arousal delirious, and irreversible, Screaming forth in desirous mating call, Her...

Added 17 Mar 2015 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 18 | Avg Score 5 | Views 404 | 15 Comments

Drive Mad

I can't look back, at what I left in my wake; it's already time to go once more. Would have left a note, if I had a shred of tact, but I just allowed myself one last mistake... Didn't say I'd be back soon, just that I was just going out to the store. I don't care how I'm berated, I know exactly who to call, I hear your voice and I'm elated, Even though it's only...

Added 19 Feb 2015 | Category Love Poems | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 579 | 24 Comments

Recommended Read Synthetic Hours

Flashing blue light and a blasting alarm jarred Violet awake. The light turned red, bathing the bare walls in a hellish glow. Shift change. Two hundred people were waking up, removing their wires, pulling back the sheets. Within seconds, the concrete chamber was echoing with the sound of hundreds of feet clad in traction socks landing upon its floor. Violet looked at the dimly...

Added 20 Jan 2015 | Category Fantasy & Sci-Fi | Votes 32 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 2,431 | 25 Comments

Recommended Read Night Work

Wake up cold, scream out loud, Against silence and absent sound. Aroused, bold, cut the crowd, Feline frenzy on broken ground. Gowned in pretty tatters, Aching bodies pounce, hard as stone. Lustful whimsy shatters The house, of feather, pane and bone. Never worked after dawn, Never lent mind to laws nor crime. Suppose tonight it's gone, Forever, for always this time. ...

Added 24 Dec 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 752 | 13 Comments

Tears of Honey

A flock of statues, breathy with instinct, are hiding, bare. Near perfect silence. Sand flows, hands tick, and pass the hours Quick as they are loud. Time is trapped inside this hold, this lair; Sunless, vacant, void; the most important place for flowers. Crying out for pleasure, for love, howling “Doctor, Doctor!” Nefarious, warm in the ecstasy of a princess, Muzzle-down in...

Added 26 Oct 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 10 | Avg Score 5 | Views 536 | 10 Comments

Recommended Read Eating Breakfast In Glass Slippers

Elegant, beautiful, I was the belle of the ball. ...I was meant to be, anyway. Just last night... The stress of everything had been starting to get to me. Work. Family. Life. Planning the... it. Everything was building, coalescing, and then, quite suddenly, it stopped. It was over. I didn't feel it anymore. I was free. He left me. An instant, a flash, a horrifying blast of anguish. He...

Added 08 Nov 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 28 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,057 | 23 Comments

Audio Story Recommended Read Scream Fire

Writhing, twisting, scratching beneath you, beneath your sanguine, serpentine body, and everyone can see. I fight tooth, claw, breath and bone. To the nail, to the wire. Every second with you is combat, every moment dire, but when everything went wrong, you never lost control, we never blew a tire. Every voice inside my head calls out at once; everybody yelling, even the liar. ...

Added 01 Sep 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 36 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,384 | 33 Comments

Recommended Read The Brightest Black You've Ever Seen

Weightlessness still made Bethany a little queasy. Watching the stars outside the window, she stalwartly braced herself between narrow confines of her bunk, as if it helped. Eight weeks up, then back. She was studying what happens to human reproductive glands in zero gravity. The stars outside of her window shone so much brighter than they did on the planet below. Two weeks in, she still...

Added 30 Aug 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.87 | Views 3,602 | 15 Comments

Don't Slow Down

The engine revs under the less than gentle command of her foot. She sees the excitement in his eyes and makes for the edge of the map, ignoring his fear. “If you keep that up, I'm gonna cum,” he tells her. “Then take the wheel.” “What?!” He can't believe his ears. This girl is amazing, but he's starting to think that she might just be too crazy, even for him. Then again, maybe not... ...

Added 02 May 2014 | Category Hardcore | Votes 17 | Avg Score 5 | Views 14,646 | 12 Comments

Recommended Read At First Sight (He)

We've just stumbled in the front door of your house. It's not much, but I suppose that's no surprise. I saw you for the first time today, and the second I did, I could not stop thinking. About you. About me. The things I wanted to do to you. The very things I'm going to do now. Instantly, I found myself enchanted. Every detail of your face etched into my mind in a second, and the immediacy of...

Added 31 May 2014 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 10,442 | 14 Comments

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Friends Comments

Posted: 27 Mar 2015 09:15
Hi, Victoria. Have a good weekend

Posted: 23 Mar 2015 03:03
Popping by to say hi 😊

Posted: 17 Mar 2015 11:32
The only thing better than breakfast in bed is dessert.

Posted: 16 Mar 2015 02:42
Posted: 14 Mar 2015 05:34
Conserve water, shower with a friend...

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Posted: 23 Feb 2015 05:19
Have a wonderful week.

Posted: 20 Feb 2015 18:18
Posted: 19 Feb 2015 05:26

Dropped by to remind you... "Never drive mad"

Posted: 18 Feb 2015 05:13

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Posted: 14 Feb 2015 14:34
Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted: 06 Feb 2015 04:32

Posted: 29 Jan 2015 07:26
Posted: 29 Jan 2015 05:11
Coffee always tastes better when you have someone to share with. Have a wonderful sexy day. xx

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Enjoy your weekend

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