First Time(1)


New Neighbors 2

Will meets the busty neighbor

I awoke that afternoon with a hard-on. That, in itself, wasn't amazing. I always awoke with my eighteen year old cock fully erect. Usually it was in my fist, leading to my first jerk-off of the day. What made this special was that it had already been drained a couple of times that afternoon but it was raging again thinking of the new neighbor lady. Man, I had to shake my head (the big one)...Read On



New Neighbors 3

How I almost fucked my sister and lost my cherry.

The next day, at football practice, I thought back to my neighbor's reaction when her daughter almost caught us fucking. She had jumped up with my cock just starting to enter her soft tunnel. I had come all over her leather couch as she pulled on her dress and ran to the foyer to delay her daughter. After pulling up my shorts I went back to hanging pictures. Mrs. Bresh walked into the...Read On



The New Neighbors

A teenager cums of age.

  It was late summer and all of my buddies were either on holidays or working at crappy low paying jobs. I had just turned eighteen and felt every hormone tingle in my body. I had been a small boy growing up, not attracting attention from girls, but over the last year or two I had developed, in more ways than one. I had sprouted to above six feet and, with the help of my father's weight...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


New Neighbors 4

Will gets schooled and does some teaching of his own.

  S he walks quietly into the room, careful not to wake him. The taste of the wine still in her mouth, on her lips. The light of the moon partially reveals his sleeping form under the thin sheet. His breathing is heavy in his slumber world. She unbuttons her blouse as she watches him. Perhaps the wine has made her this way but she unbuttons slowly. A striptease for him even though he...Read On