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20 Feb 2012 16:05

Long week already! need some love yo!

10 Feb 2012 07:04

MIght be heading to canada this weekend for some good time. lets see how canadians party. either way, plan on having a blast. after 5, let the games BEGIN!

31 Jan 2012 11:50

"An opinion is like a penis. It's fine to have one. It's fine to be proud´╗┐ of it. But please don't brag about it and whip it out in public, and please don't shove it down random peoples throats" -hahahahaha.. i felt this was appropriate to share here haha

30 Jan 2012 10:23

went out and whored around last weekend. now recovering from the weekend. happy monday i guess?? lol

27 Jan 2012 11:35

FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!! Gonna be another wild weekend. got 2 weddings so you KNOWWW something's gonna happen haha.. love the after parties

23 Jan 2012 09:21

recovering from a well needed long weekend. some good times. now working and bored and on here lol you KNOW thats not good hahaha

20 Jan 2012 10:05

its fridayyy! gonna pay my guys, gonna take the rest to my pocket and go have some mad fun. This should be a fun weekend anyone wanna join!?!? its all on me

05 Jan 2012 09:03


28 Dec 2011 20:03

Anyone wanna play truth or dare!? come on take a risk

26 Dec 2011 10:11

Updated my profile Finally! loaded some new pix. check em out. maybe also suggest what you wanna see

24 Dec 2011 07:56

HELLO ALL! havent been here in a while. how's everything?

22 Feb 2010 23:56

man im soooooo hornyy!! anyone wanna help me with that?

27 Sep 2009 22:11

does anyone know how i can change me name on here?

26 Sep 2009 23:52

Wants to play ;)

22 Sep 2009 22:59

hmmm... what am i thinking... can someone help me with that? lol