Straight Sex(2)


Memoirs Vol.2

Diary Entry #2

I quickly read the note and smiled to myself. After I finished reading it, I got out of bed and stretched my refreshed body. I felt like I had slept for days. Slowly, I crept into the master bath and washed my face. After I did that, I did just as Sean instructed and put on my sexiest set of lingerie that I had brought along with me. I stood in front of the wall-sized mirror and stared at...Read On


Relax Breath

More than she had in mind...

It was a beautiful, sunny Friday evening after a long, hard, rainy work week. My mind was burnt out from dealing with coworkers' mistakes, irate clients, and a husband at home that wasn't paying very much attention to me when I came home from my long days working hard to pay the bills. When I clocked out of work at 5:30pm, I left excitedly for a massage appointment I had set for 6:15pm....Read On