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21 Aug 2014 10:27

I've a kinky style. Very few taboos. Not interested in knowing about you. Only interested in the storyline. I'm hoping for some fun tonight.

Hi. I'm Mary hunting for storyline detailed rp.

I'm hunting for anyone whom is cool about playing a female character. I've done many different scenarios and have some taboo interests that some people may find a bit too taboo. Please feel free to contact me on my yahoo messenger or through literotica.


Please type it correctly and remember the TL after my name else naturally I'll not receive your message

At present I do have a kinky request

I do have a keen interested in anyone playing as a frigid female.

Like a woman that's not that interested or ever bothered about sex. She's more interested in being helpful. Doesn't mind being touched or even doing things to help out.

Can casually chit chat as things happen.

I've done visiting teacher, shop assistant, traffic warden with a ticket. as well as many others sometimes even museums and transport eg trains and planes. Well I hope to find interests soon.