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General Errors? Come on Lush D: Lemme submit my story v_v

30 Mar 2013 06:55

Gonna write a new story ^.^ Pretty excited for it

29 Mar 2013 17:52

This is actually a really powerful picture. Girls need to watch out for this and guys you need to not be like this. If any of you are, don't talk to me. -.-

05 Jan 2013 19:38

Ugh lush hates my computer

28 Dec 2012 21:58

Hold on guys(: I have to brb for a little bit

27 Dec 2012 15:09

Hold on everyone! I'm gonna go paint my nails since I have some free time I'll be back in 15 mins

26 Dec 2012 23:21

Stop with your errors lush.D: Can't a girl submit a damn story?! >.<

26 Dec 2012 10:27

Ugh >.< Can't wait for my stories to be verified. They're so good ):

26 Dec 2012 08:12