The Private Lesson (Chapter 1)

I couldn’t sleep last night. Not that I was really good at the sleeping to begin with. My nights were generally short and had me begging for a nap the next day. My mother said that I got it from my father, I guess he was never a good sleeper either. So most nights when I could not sleep I laid there and looked at the ceiling. I would either fall back asleep from the boredom that took me...Read On


The Private Lesson (Chapter 2)

All day I laid in bed engaged with shapes that graced my ceiling. I saw things in these shapes that I had never seen before and I was slightly frightened by this. There was something different about my room and the girl that was laying in it and I was not sure if that was a good thing or if I had made a terrible mistake. I have had time to think over the events that took place earlier in...Read On