timeflys's Blog Entries

28 Oct 2016 05:52

First snippete completed :) Now to get an edirtor :D

27 Oct 2016 08:00

Thinking it might be time to write something new :) from a new point of view perhaps

10 Jul 2014 17:09

Still waiting on the green light for part 4... sorry about the wait...

08 Jul 2014 16:35

next chapter is written and sent off for approval sorry for the extra long wait guys!

08 Jul 2014 12:20

Thinking it may be time for Charlie and Cassandra part 4 its in the works guys

05 Aug 2012 14:41

Welll its been over a year since i've put another part of my story out... maybe its time.

19 Jun 2011 17:20

Part three is compleeted just waiting for the green light

19 Jun 2011 16:29

More work on the 3 part of the story... damn this one is taking a while

17 Jun 2011 09:57

Working on the much anticipated Part three of charlie and cassandra ^^

07 Jun 2011 07:05

Well Part Two Of Charlie and Cassandra has been compleeted, I'm just waiting for the thumbs up on the submission

06 Jun 2011 11:15

Part two Of Charlie and Cassandra in the works

31 May 2011 07:56

Starting to work on first story