timeless13's Blog Entries

24 May 2012 17:15

Spanish would be a little easier if I could freaking roll my r's :/

11 Mar 2012 20:51

Will be busy with finals and essays due this week. Won't be on much.

29 Feb 2012 21:19

Today sucked. Worst day of my year so far. And I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight :/

28 Feb 2012 21:40

I cant wait for break So many books to read!

21 Feb 2012 22:35

Pretty horny. Help me fix that

10 Feb 2012 10:35

Who wants to fuck with me?

31 Dec 2011 17:29

I need me some good sex

14 Dec 2011 23:18

I hope everyone has an amazing new year filled with all the happiness and joys of the world

13 Dec 2011 19:33

I wish more than anything that I had a place to runaway to. Even if I did, I'm too much of a coward to go there.

13 Dec 2011 19:22


12 Dec 2011 19:18

Screw today! Screw tomorrow! Screw every damn fucking year! Screw it all! FUCK IT ALL!

12 Dec 2011 15:46

It's my birthday tomorrow and I might get snowed in :/

12 Dec 2011 12:56

I wish just once...that you would understand. Tomorrow is my birthday and I plan to disappear. Will you miss, I wonder? Will care that I'm not there?

Such a silly wish I have, one not going to be granted I'm sure.

12 Dec 2011 10:29

I really should stop having obsessions.

12 Dec 2011 10:06

Ugh, I'm so damn horny. >.<

11 Dec 2011 23:46

It's not that hard to get sex from a woman. You just have to show that not everything is about sex. Wonder of I'll ever get that from a man?

11 Dec 2011 23:38

Just finished The Hunger Games! It was awesome!

09 Dec 2011 19:37

Sometimes in thoughtful moments I feel like I'm misplaced.

08 Dec 2011 23:10

God, I'm starting to understand people's great dislike for doing homework and tests online. It's so confusing as to what and when crap is due. And because of that confusion I got a C in an easy class. I'm so angry with myself right now >

08 Dec 2011 17:00

Layout for my latest story is completed Yay

07 Dec 2011 19:33

Done with finals

28 Nov 2011 14:25

Finals are next week, so forgive my absence.

27 Nov 2011 21:18

Screw notes...seriously. I hate them so much right now.

26 Nov 2011 19:40

Did my nails...fail. Epic fail.

21 Nov 2011 19:32

I'm tired of feeling rejected...

08 Aug 2011 22:05

I need to drive. Or sit somewhere alone. I need to write, but I'm blocked because things are different. Why do things have to be this way?

23 Jul 2011 22:38

Flat characters, I dislike them greatly. Flat characters never change; don't create a flat character Q~Q

30 May 2011 20:29

I had the pee scared out of me today. Stupid ass boy!

29 May 2011 19:05

I'm sick, but thankfully getting over it. I hate being sick :/

26 May 2011 17:00

I need to do a paper, and it's a tad difficult when none of the damn characters have names :/