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Topic: 301 priests identified in Pennsylvanian sex abuse report
Posted: 26 Aug 2018 17:10

Rabbi Marc Gelllman, who writes the column "The God Squad" wrote today (Sunday, Aug 26) about talking with a Roman Catholic Bishop about abuse in the Catholic Church. He asked the bishop how, in the area he is responsible for, he kept it 'clean'. The bishop, Rabbi Gellman reported, said when he hears of that kind of abuse he reports it to the police.

What a simple solution.

Topic: Rest In Peace, Senator McCain
Posted: 26 Aug 2018 07:24

The bravest thing John McCain did was decline early release from the 'Nam prisons because his father and grandfather were both Admirals. He would not leave until the rest of the prisoners were released.

Perhaps the worst thing he did was to give Sarah Palin a national platform, but he, unlike so many others, learned from his yerrors, and worked to make the country a better place.

It's fitting in a way that both he and Ted Kennedy died of the same disease on the same day of the year.

We live in a better world because of his efforts, and the efforts of people like him. His work is done, may he rest in peace.

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A Most Dangerous Game: Frank

A most dangerous game: Frank It’s a poor excuse, but I was ‘On the rebound’. Well, maybe not. Rebounding suggests bouncing back --   after my divorce it wasn’t a bounce, it was more like a splat.  Three years earlier I abandoned my own grad studies to work so we’d have a reasonable standard of living while my new husband finished at Harvard Law. He graduated, passed the bar exam and started...

Added 27 Apr 2019 | Category Seduction | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 1,501 | 16 Comments

The Most Dangerous Game: Rudy

I don't know how often it happens with other couples, but fantasizing about wife sharing had become part of our pillow talk. Maybe it was because I answered my husband's questions about long-ago boyfriends and long-ago sex. There was nothing wrong with, or boring, about our life -- not the sex part, not the loving part, and not the day to day living part, but my reward for telling stories,...

Added 17 Mar 2019 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 20 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,713 | 13 Comments

Trophies Part 2

  I didn't mention it earlier: Carl practiced law mostly in Charleston SC, one of the more romantic cities in the South, and it's also home to MUSC -- the Medical University of South Carolina. One of my research grants includes a provision requiring me to offer seminars and training sessions at other universities. About two months after the ‘Show and Tell” I just told you about in part 1, I...

Added 04 Mar 2019 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 25 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,381 | 22 Comments

Trophies, Part 1 Of 2

Women my age will understand: menopause and its flood of hormones can really mess up a woman's view of herself and her world. Mine made me feel older, unattractive, and okay, ugly.  My husband worked at changing my opinion. "You're more beautiful now than when I married you," he said and he persuaded me to pose nude for him one Saturday morning because "You may become more beautiful but...

Added 27 Feb 2019 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 2,473 | 19 Comments

A Saturday Morning Fantasy

The internet and Google makes it easier for there to be ‘unexpected connections’. “Hey T,” the email read, “Are you going to the APA convention in Denver?  Love to see you there.” The American Psychological Association annual meeting was held there in 2016, the time frame of this story. The email  was signed ‘Russ’, and my Russ memories came flooding back. Russ was an associate professor...

Added 03 Aug 2018 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 41 | Avg Score 5 | Views 10,007 | 29 Comments

Sunrise at Pittcon

Like many of yours, my job involves travel, and most guys and women I know complain about the same thing -- we have high-energy days but at 5:00 PM, unless we have arranged a business dinner, we retreat to our hotel rooms, alone. Guys have an advantage, they can go to the hotel lounge and have a drink. A woman alone in a hotel lounge is often taken for, well, you know. I attend PittCon,...

Added 26 Jul 2018 | Category Seduction | Votes 39 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 5,601 | 29 Comments

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