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My Second Encounter with Kat - Kat Makes Dessert

A second encounter with the neighbors daughter

It’s late Tuesday morning and I am lying in bed recounting the events of Monday afternoon and I still can’t believe what I had gotten myself into with Kat. All those fantasies I had about her were nothing compared to the real thing. Just then my cell chirped with a text message from Kat. “Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you” was all it said. A few seconds later my phone...Read On

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My First Encounter with Kat

First encounter with the neighbors daughter.

I moved into my place about 12 years ago and became quick friends with all of my new neighbors, most of who had young kids that I have had the pleasure of watching grow up. The oldest of the kids was Kat who is now 23 and what can I say but she has grown into an amazingly beautiful young woman. She is about 5’ 10” with long brownish red hair and a perfect body that I attribute to her long...Read On