tomasdeluc4's Blog Entries

I've got half of the next Fresh Start done after a long and eventful couple of weeks. with any luck it should be done sometime this week. It will be a bit shorter but hopefully will be of better quality.

21 Aug 2012 03:05

Going to work on a new story for Lush, expect a new Fresh Start at an undetermined date in the mean time.

10 Aug 2012 00:17

Taking some time off of writing, been a very busy weekend...

06 Aug 2012 23:05

Still working on Chapter 3, it's halfway done, with some more writing and a little bit of polish I should get it in by tomorrow...

02 Aug 2012 02:33

Am working on the next chapter, it's gonna take longer than the previous two because I'm working on other, non-Lush, projects at the moment...

30 Jul 2012 03:16

I'm so amazed at all the wonderful comments I'm receiving, you guys are so awesome!

29 Jul 2012 21:30

I've only just noticed the chat requests I've been receiving. I apologize for not actually being there to answer them, I have been busy writing the next chapter to "A Fresh Start" So don't take it personally, I'm just a scatterbrained writer...

28 Jul 2012 06:20

Howdy folks, how is everyone doing? I'm a newbie to the site but a longtime reader. I'm working on my first story right now and intend on putting it up on here soon.

27 Jul 2012 03:44