A Fresh Start Chapter 1

After his life falls apart a young man learns to enjoy himself with some help from his cousin.

The whole plane trip to Idaho was uncomfortably silent. Michael nor his mother said one word to each other the whole way. To Michael, everything had just fallen apart. Having just turned eighteen and finished his sophomore year at high school, Michael had felt like the future was totally open for him. Then his father and mother had a nasty and bitter divorce that resulted in both he and...Read On


A Fresh Start Chapter 2

After their first night together, Michael and Fi go camping at the creek...

When Michael awoke in his new bed in the mobile home settled next to his aunt's house he struggled to shake the cobwebs from his mind. As his mind cleared he recalled the night before. The night with his cousin, Fiona, and for a moment he feared that it had all been a very vivid dream. However, when he turned on his side and saw Fiona's smiling face as she sat on the edge of the bed he knew...Read On


A Fresh Start Chapter 3

Fi's best friend Dana invites Michael and Fiona to a lake house for the weekend.

Over the next few weeks Michael andFiona continued to have sex every chance they could. When they went camping, when their mothers were in town, they even had a quickie in the horse stables when they were feeding the animals. They were both insatiable. Michael was surprised at how Fiona's hunger for him had increased. She began to escalate the frequency of their sessions, to the point which...Read On