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Hamilton, Ohio, United States
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24 Mar 2018 17:39
Reading, art, poetry and trying to write my own novel. I'm also into history whether it be personel or world.
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The Iliad and the Odyssey, The Aeneid, The Divine Comedy, The Dark Tower series, The Wheel of Time series, Vampire Chronicles, etc.
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Robert Jordan (R.I.P.), Stephen King, John Sanford, etc.
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To many to name, I'm an avid movie buff. But to name a few.....Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Thin Man series and on and on.
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Everything from classical to heavy metal.


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12 Jan 2012
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Topic: how can i cum while having sex??
Posted: 01 Nov 2012 05:46

All have given you sound advice. You need to know your own body so that you know what pleasures you, a partner who cares about your enjoyment not just his (nothing better than orgasming at the same time) and take your time and really enjoy each other. Sofie, She and slippery have got it exactly right.

Topic: What's for dinner tonight?
Posted: 01 Mar 2012 14:40

Home-made chili

Topic: if a exgf sent this how would you respond?
Posted: 29 Feb 2012 17:14

I have to agree with Curlygirly, it seems like your trying really hard to make him jealous or something and if he was that much of a prick why would you want to be friends with him? Just delete them from all your contact list and move on, focus on the new relationship and not on the past.

Topic: Playing with the butthole
Posted: 28 Feb 2012 17:46

You gently rub it and maybe even pull out and give her a lil tongue too and see if she is into it and then if she is willing slip a well lubricated finger in and maybe more if your lucky.

Topic: why do girls have to shave their pussys for guys!!! ?
Posted: 19 Feb 2012 09:58

I have shaved and man-scaped for a girl so yes we do it for them too. I like her to be shaved or at least neat but its her choice and would still pleasure her no matter what.

Topic: Penis size
Posted: 19 Feb 2012 09:48

I don't want a larger one either I'm happy with what I have and have never had any complaints, if I wanted anything it would be a tongue extension lol <img src="/images/emoticons/675-lick.gif" alt="675-lick">

Topic: When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted: 18 Feb 2012 20:27

15 days

Topic: Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted: 17 Feb 2012 18:49

Everytime I log onto FB she is on and sometimes we talk but when her bf is there we can't. We still talk about what might have been.

Topic: Word association game
Posted: 17 Feb 2012 12:33


Topic: ... in my pants
Posted: 17 Feb 2012 04:25

Winds of change....in my pants - Scorpions

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