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Emily's Overseas Learning

Emily was the perfect candidate for an overseas exchange program.  Born and raised in a small Iowa town, Emily was just coming into her own as a junior at Waterbury Hills College.  Though she had a high school crush, this very liberal California college was exposing her to the unimaginable joys and pleasure that the world holds. Emily was a foreign language major.  However, she recognized...

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The Naked Professor

Professor Timothy Boxer walked briskly into the classroom wearing a blue tie with white stripes. Just a tie.  Nothing else. “Good morning, and welcome to Waterbury Hills College.  As you know, this class, Human Sexuality and Social Behavior, is a required course for all freshmen.” Tim Boxer was a relatively young full professor.  At thirty-six years old, Boxer was on the fast track as...

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Moms' Day at Waterbury Hills College - Part II

Jeremy, Rebecca, and their moms had a wonderful day on campus!  At dinner, Ashley apologized to Jeremy that she would not be able to spend the next day with him. “I’m so sorry, dear, but I have to be at work.  I need to leave first thing in the morning.  Melissa, are you staying another day?” “Yes, sort of.  I will be on conference calls all day, but I hope to be done in time for the...

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Moms' Day At Waterbury Hills College

“Hey Mom!  Are you ready to see what college is like in this century?” “Haha, very funny Jeremy.  It was only twenty years ago when I was in college.  I’m sure it’s changed a little, but not that much!” “Yeah, it has changed a lot.  And so have I!  You might be in for some surprises!” “Well let’s see! It’s going to be fun shadowing you in your classes today.  Let’s get breakfast and...

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Munich Swim Clinic

Starting when I was sixteen years old, I began to be a very competitive swimmer. I was totally devoted to the sport, and my parents were very supportive. In the course of my training, my coach told my parents about an intensive six-week swim clinic outside of Munich. It was run by a young German couple in their thirties at their home. They were former Olympic swimmers and had a beautiful...

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Waterbury Hills High School - Teachers' Friday Night Fun Club Part II

The three female teachers taught different subjects and were at different stages in life.  But they all had one thing in common.  They were cougars, and they had their sights on Bradley, the young first-year science teacher. Bradley was twenty-three years old, six feet two inches, one hundred seventy pounds, socially awkward, but still adorable.  At first, they saw him as their son, but...

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Waterbury Hills High School - Dads and Dudes Fashion Show and Auction

“Mom, is daddy really going to be naked in front of all these ladies?  In front of my teachers and friends and their mothers?  Oh God, in front of me?” Annie demanded to know! “And in front of me, too?” Shelly wanted to know.  Shelly and Annie have been best friends since kindergarten.  While Shelly had stayed overnight at Annie’s house many times, she never got to see Annie’s father naked! ...

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Waterbury Hills High School - Teachers' Friday Night Fun Club

I got home with my friend Seth late Friday night.  I could hear giggling and laughing and talking coming from the patio.  We walked out to find my mom standing naked pouring wine for her friends in the hot tub. “Hi Richie, you know everyone. Say hi to your teachers,” mom said. “Uh, yeah, hi Ms. Nelson.  Hey Mrs. Carey.” As seniors in high school, Seth and I had Ms. Nelson for...

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Waterbury Hills High School - The German Twins and Carol have the weekend alone.

After a grueling week at the office, Carol was finally able to relax.  With Melody and her father in Colorado on a college visit, it was just she and the twin German boys, Jan and Kim, in the house on this Saturday morning. Carol slept late, finally got up around 10:00 a.m., had coffee, showered, put on her bikini, and headed to the pool.  At forty-two years old, Carol has kept her...

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The New Lifeguard - Part IV

Tim worked hard all day at two things. First, he tried to concentrate on school and not what has been going on at the health club.  He would catch himself reliving the shower scene with his friend’s mom or the pool play with Miss Tomlinson.  And then he would hear, “Tim?  Tim?  Nice of you to join us,” from the teacher bringing him back to reality. The second thing he did today was to...

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