Teenagers!!! Pt2

Sometimes all they need is a firm hand

Anna laughed, having figured both would have said reward as she stepped up between them, glancing down at the sizeable lump in Michael’s shorts as her hips brushed each of them. She grinned wider as both of them flinched as if they had received a small electric shock. “So be it,” she said simply before turning to her daughter; “Sit on the end of the bed Caitlin.”  The two of them looked at...Read On


Teenagers!!! Pt1

Sometimes all they need is a firm hand

Teenagers! Anna fumed as she pulled into the driveway almost catching the gate post as she turned in. She couldn’t really complain about her eldest son, Michael; he’d been every parent’s ‘wet-dream’ up until this morning, studious, polite, he even kept his room tidy. Then today he gets himself suspended from school for starting a fight! She shook her head as she climbed out of her car...Read On


I Spy...

It all started with a glimpse...

I’d like to say that it wasn’t my fault. It was a bad fitting door catch that started it all! But, I know I can’t, I didn’t have to go and look; I could have just walked away. ------ It was just past eleven o’clock and I had been in my room reading. My computer was on and as for a standard sixteen year old boy I was horny. I looked at the screen and once again thought of by-passing...Read On


...With My Little Eye...

For the next few days I was much more my old self and none of our friends at school seemed to notice anything different between me and Mel. We shared the occasional conspiratorial smile and probably walked along arm in arm more often than we had before but even though I didn’t feel I was any nearer to achieving that teenage goal of losing my virginity I was still in a very happy mood. I had...Read On


Something Beginning With 'S'

Kevin and Mel share their desires but not all is as it seems.

....Something Beginning With 'S'! That night the two of us were once again entertained by Jack and Janey. Their shopping trip had included a visit to a lingerie shop and Janey modelled a black basque with attached suspenders for Jack’s benefit. She had bent forwards across the foot of her bed as Jack had rammed his long cock into her neatly framed pussy from behind. The four of us...Read On


I Spy with my Little Eye Something Beginning with 'S'? 'Secrets'

Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Part 4 I woke up the next morning and groaned deeply as I felt a pair of lips sliding down my morning erection. Even before I was fully awake I was thrusting my hips upwards to meet that willing mouth. “Isn’t your sister good at sucking cock, my little baby!” came the whisper in my ear. My eyes shot open and I would have been panic stricken except for the feeling of a pair of...Read On



Mia- Pt 1

Life can be hard when desire lives next door

Part One - Too close for comfort She was the sort of girl who simply did your head in. Mine at least! Part of it, of course was that I had known her almost all her life, she was after all only a month younger than my eldest son and had lived next door since she was eight months old. She was in effect the daughter I never had. I had watched her grow and was almost as protective of...Read On


Mia - Pt 2

Life can be hard when desire lives next door

Mia - Part Two - Not close enough for comfort I took my wife’s advice to heart, and between the weather turning cloudy and cold limiting the use of the garden as well as business picking up keeping me away from home for days at a time, it was over a month before I saw Mia for more than a few seconds in passing. Her own life as well as my eldest son’s had also got increasingly fraught...Read On