The Catalina Variation

Passion, patience and old school seduction

The Catalina Variation   (This event takes place over a period of 7  years or more, almost 30 years ago during my free living days. I have  condensed the storyline taking my cue from events that were essential  or as best as I can remember.) Jorge and I have been friends for  quite a while, a friendship which lasted over long periods of absence.  We met over 20 years ago, at a...Read On


Torched Cherry

Anjelica teaches me to submit

Xavier was away studying in college which was just fine by him because he and his stepmother just didn't get along. Now he was coming home from Miami for the holidays. I never took well to Xavier, he was a bit effeminate though naively I never suspected he was gay. His personality rubbed us all the wrong way, nothing was ever good enough for him. The food was always too cold or...Read On


White Witch

whipped into submission for cheating.

Jackie and I had been seeing each other for quite some time now, every available minute that her husband was away, or I was not working, was spent together. I enjoyed tooling her around the island on my bike showing her the rich Jamaican culture and a side of life rarely seen by non-islanders. Thanks to my Dad, who took our family on regular trips to rural towns, I had already covered every...Read On



Cheating submissive sex in disco

bi-girl cheat on lesbian lover

It was a late night at "The Cave" the local hot spot in the tourist resort of Montego Bay. The tourist outweighed the mix of locals, though most of the tourist showed signs of tiredness from the sun while the recent arrivals were still getting acclimatized. Earlier that night I returned from taking a group on a night-rafting tour on the river, dinner and a fire show which included native...Read On




cuckhold husband watches wife reamed by black cock

The Jamaican culture is rife with cuckold stories; white women bored with their husbands taking advantage of numerous available lovers to satisfy their needs. I went to school with the product of many such unions. Later as I matured sexually, I listened as the old bulls told of interesting liaisons, with the tourist women, who frequented our idyllic island looking for the same. So it was...Read On


Late Night Business Call

A naughty story!

Late Night Business Call I want to share a naughty story about Jackie . She was married for how long I don’t remember, and while she stayed in the marriage, sex was boring and there wasn’t much affection. Together they operated a multi-million dollar business in Jamaica where labor was cheap. Data input of those manufacturer coupons, rebates etc. you know the kind. The data was then...Read On

First Time(1)


Eva's Rising Secret

Somewhere over the Atlantic she woke to a familiar glow between her legs.

Eva ran down the stairs tugging her hastily packed luggage. After a long winter semester at boarding school in Switzerland, she was excited to be returning to Jamaica. She anticipated in earnest the summer, the parties and laying on the beach. She was turning 18 in a few weeks and hoped her doting dad would provide her with a big party. The product of a Swiss mom and Jamaican dad, she was...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Sun, Sea, and Sensimilla

Orgy on the beach

The Friday night party celebrated the end of the school year, there were about 200 people in attendance. Lots of music, food and liquor; Rodney had brought along a ‘stick of illie’ or marijuana as a bonus, and we all took turns taking a drag. The moon was full or close to it, we felt its effects and were horny. Our little group or clique, about 20 of us were really close. The...Read On



Who's your Daddy!

hot first time affair

Who’s your Daddy! I was 24, and in top shape. I noticed her checking me out on the squash courts while I did the same but we were both too shy to break the ice.   One evening when my court partner failed to show, Jackie came over and asked if I would hit a few with her and maybe show her some pointers, we played around a bit while I made sure to keep the ball in the front court so I...Read On



The Doctor's Office

Pauls lets loose in the Doctor's office

My friend Paul and I worked together for at least 17 years, we knew each other well and often hung out together on weekends. Our kids were also good friends so we also got together for birthdays and BBQs. We were opposites but in many ways we complimented each other, he was the planner, meet the deadline and get things in order and I, free living, enjoy life while you can. We trusted...Read On


Editor's Pick

Deidre's mom

the summer I came of age - capturing the wild eyed youthful amazement of totally uninhibited sex

Summer of '78 would be a memorable one. A few months away from turning 18; I had just got my driver’s license. Four months prior I lost my virginity to Deidre’s cousin Donna. Donna would occasionally give me head or let me fuck her it was never quite enough. We lived it up partying and going to the beach, I was the oldest of the group, but not by much, so I started to grow a...Read On



ketchi shubi

love and intrigue as two lovers struggle to be free.

Summer was ending and two weeks before the close, I was approached by Uncle Sheldon. “How would you like to intern with the company?” “Cool” I replied. “Doing what?” “Oh some book-keeping” “… you know learning the ropes … and keeping a watch out for things.” Sheldon was the Managing Director for a large retail supermarket, he was also Yvonne’s brother in law, in a double...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


What have you done for me lately?

Bitch sister in law gets her cumuppance.

The holidays are a bummer for me, I hate hanging out with my in laws, and typically I end up staying home alone for Thanksgiving and Christmas while my wife and kids visit her sister. We have been married almost 18 years and dated 2 years prior to that. Her older sister lived with us for a while and while I was always respectful of her, I knew she was quite the slut. She liked to party...Read On



Bound to Please

Aida straps a young stud

"Good morning Aida, how was your weekend?" "It was pretty routine, had the grand kids over on Sunday; but other than that pretty boring."   I loved walking up to the front office in the mornings; Aida dressed impeccably, sexy yet very professional. Her hair and nails were always nicely done. While she wouldn't create any beauty standards now, when younger she must have been pretty hot. Now,...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Techno Sex - Part 1

cybersex, reluctance

This story is the synthesis of email conversations I had with a friend I met online. I met R_ online over a year ago, her profile stated “submissive … I love Anal Sex”, we exchanged a few emails tentatively feeling each other out and then ‘wham!’ we were chatting every day. I got to know her well and found her life to be quite interesting. Currently working in the Financial Industry, she...Read On



What have you done for me lately? - redux

Turning my sister in law into my slut

Please read part one “What have you done for me lately?” for a background in the events leading up to this. The miserable cold wind blowing outside made a wailing sound as it pushed before it an icy rain. Florida was experiencing one of the coldest winters, definitely not a nice start to 2010, thankfully I didn't have to go in to work. It was Monday the 3rd, there was inventory at...Read On




Chinese yum-yum

My friend Phil and I were best friends since high school, we got along well together sharing an interest in math, chess and the martial arts. I hung out at his dad's bakery on weekends helping him with his chores so we could go fishing. That however wasn't my only reason, I also had a crush on his older sister Li-Li. She was a beautiful Chinese girl, with long black hair curvy hips and...Read On


Techno Sex - Part 2

B_ had to be the sexiest woman I had met online, she had an air of mystique that was incredibly hard to penetrate. She lived in Lebanon, was married and discovered porn through her husband. He however had no clue to the Pandora’s box he had opened and would be shocked if he knew exactly how addicted she had become. She revealed after much prompting that she had been a virgin before...Read On

Wife Lovers(4)


Beth’s Punky Reggae Party

The seduction - Rendezvous at 4:30

Beth, the hygienist on shift was an attractive lady with short auburn hair. A little heavy or rather buxom; she had a beautiful smile and bright blue eyes which made me warm up to her instantly. She also had a great personality and instantly put me at ease, a plus for my phobia. There are few things I fear more than a visit to the dentist, this news terrified me. I was considering having...Read On


Beth’s Punky Reggae Party - Part 2

(She had always been a little self conscious about her weight and had never been on top)

The sexual chemistry between Beth and I began to percolate. We looked forward to Wednesday and chatted on the phone frequently, having phone sex on the days we couldn't get together. Her husband was a Lawyer and frequently traveled out of town, we made good of every occasion even if it meant cutting school. On one such occasion she invited me over for coffee, but I knew she had other...Read On


Handyman Special

Her erect nipple trailed along the inside of my leg scorching me

Monday! Monday! Monday! Another rainy weekend results in miserable traffic. Shhhheesh a little rain in Miami and people forget how to drive. The traffic report stated “826 West has been closed from 27th Ave to 47th, its a parking lot now all the way from 57th to 103rd.” I wasn't in a hurry I just hate sitting in traffic, having borrowed Tom's truck this weekend, I was on my way to return it....Read On


The Hustler

Joan’s husband directs her in a Ménage à Troi

Here is a strange but true story. Visitors to Jamaica are always intrigued by the black market system. US dollars are traded for Jamaican dollars over and above the bank rate. Just about anything you want can be procured for a price. It isn't all bad, sometimes it is done to circumvent the greedy middle man; and in most cases that would be the government, with its high import taxes on goods...Read On