toshyjohn's Blog Entries

29 Jan 2012 10:33

good day, glad to be part of this day with you

25 Jan 2012 08:46

Lookin For a girl with nothing on but a smile on there face!

24 Jan 2012 15:29

What is the difference between sin and shame? It a sin to stick it in and a shame to take it out.

23 Jan 2012 11:17

i want to say i,m sorry too artangel for the for the large post last night please for =give my mistake

22 Jan 2012 07:31

True friendship is like sound health;the value of it is seldom known until it lost.

21 Jan 2012 13:39

i,m home naked,thinking about all the loving friends if they are enjoying them self too , that god allowed me to meet you all on lust, yhanks for being my friend