Letter from My Buddy's Wife


Hey, Lover!   Welcome to the weekend!   It’s just a few short days away.   I’ve been keeping my husband’s cock busy every day, thinking about the fun we’re going to have.   Shit!   The anticipation is driving me fucking crazy!   I’m counting the hours until I can be your little slut.   Hurry up and fuck me!   How'd you like to come over to my law office early …...Read On



The Cuckold in the Hallway

My wife and I usually arrange our cuckold sessions, but I came home to a surprise.

My wife and I decided it was time to rip out the lawn and put in a "rain-garden" with all native plantings. Time to throw that old lawn-mower away! This naturally involved ripping out a lot of turf, as well, as selecting and planting all of the native species. We decided to spend the extra money and hire a landscaping service. Fortunately, there was a service that was well-known and...Read On

Gay Male(4)


A Pit Stop with NASCAR Boy

Another stop at the truck stop pays off.

It's finally Friday, and I decide to check the action at the Truck Stop on the way home from work again.  See my previous story "On the Way Home from Work," and you'll know why.  I was hoping to run into my friend with the big, uncut dick.  I've been sitting at work all day, thinking about what it would have been like to stick that fat thing in my mouth and suck it for all it was worth.  I...Read On


Afternoon Encounter

The author answers a personal ad and strikes gold.

Nothing was looking that good during the afternoon.  I was surfing through the personal ads, and, while I enjoy looking at all the fantastic pictures of dicks, nothing was really jumping out at me.  The ads were depressingly illiterate, and, after a while, they all started to look the same. "Come JO my really small pinus."  (If that's how you spell, your "pinus" is as small as your brain.) ...Read On


Older Makes a Good Teacher

A visit to a cruising spot ends up being the perfect hook-up.

It wasn't that easy being gay and living in a place like Omaha.  I was attracted to a lot of guys in my high school, but there was no way I was going to approach any of them.  I had visions of them ganging up on me in the gym and beating the shit out of me. I knew the answer would be in hooking up with older, maybe married guys.  Besides, they were safer ... they were just looking to get...Read On


On the Drive Home Today

The author takes a moment to tell you about The one that got away.

I keep telling myself I have to stay away from the truck stop.  The police watch the place, and I have actually seen some poor bastard get arrested a time or two.  My friend Ricky laughs off my hesitation.  "As long as you stay away from minors and you're not selling drugs, friend, you've got nothing to worry about."  So, the truck stop it is.  When you're in the mood for some random,...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Group Sex Disaster Stories

Some of the mishaps in the swinging life. It doesn't always go according to plan!

My wife and I really love group sex. It's especially fun to have either a third party or another couple join in. But not all of these stories are the super-fantastic, ultra-erotic adventures you hope they will be. Sex can have its sweaty, sloppy, clumsy side. I thought I would share a few of these adventures. ONE: My wife is at a party. I didn't choose to attend, so I stayed at home with...Read On



One Night in Canada

My daughter and I find fun and frolic in Victoria, B.C.

I was bored with the book I was reading and decided to take a look out of my hotel room's one and only window.  This wasn't one of Victoria's "view" hotels and, admittedly, not one of its better neighborhoods.  The only view I got was of the low-key drug dealing and hustling taking place in front of the convenience store across the street. I heard some fumbling with the outside door before...Read On


One Night in Canada, Part 2

The story continues.

Brenda looked up at me for a moment, and we both knew that we were plunged in to what we had started.  Without a word, she got herself into a kneeling position, and seized my cock with both hands.  As one hand slipped down to squeeze and caress my balls, the other expertly skinned back my foreskin and she promptly wrapped her soft lips around my aching cockhead. She looked up into my eyes as...Read On


The Girl in the Gang Bang

A man gets a surprise when he answers an ad for a gang bang.

Sometimes with Craigslist, you strike out.  Sometimes, you get lucky.  Some "events" are real disappointments, others deliver. This one delivers. They promised "gang bang", and that's exactly what's happening.  There are eleven men in the room, an even dozen if you count the woman with "DYKE BITCH" tattooed across her shoulder blades and wearing a strap-on that wouldn't look out of place on...Read On


When the Cat's Away ...

My sister and I fuck in her husband's bed.

The message on my desk said "See Dawn on your way home. Important," so I left work a little early and steered the Audi over to her place. It's probably more trouble with her husband , I thought.  I didn't care much for Jerry.  I didn't like his drinking, his drifting around from job to job, his bad temper.  Once, Jerry came home and found Dawn in bed with another man and Jerry put them both...Read On



Three-Way Disaster Story

Did you like my Group Sex Disaster Stories? Here's another one!

My wife and I like to have group sex. We especially like to have three-ways where the "third" is another man. Usually, we have good luck with our choice of play partners, but not always. Some of you may have read my earlier story, "Group Sex Disaster Stories." If you liked that, you should love this. My wife and I were in the mood for a three-way. My wife has a particular fetish where she...Read On



Onward, Christian Voyeurs

I answer one of the weirdest personal ads I've ever read.

Normally, I don't "watch," but I was looking through the personal ads the other day and came across something that really arrested my attention: CHRISTIAN VOYEUR WANTED My husband and I are a married Christian couple, living in the Mesa neighborhood. We are looking for a Christian voyeur who will watch as I dominate and abuse my husband, eventually abusing his anus with a strap-on dildo....Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


The Jerry and Sharry Show

I pay a visit to a married couple.

Sharry heard the noise in the driveway before I did.  She stopped sucking my cock and rearranged herself so she was on all fours. "That's my husband's car!" she said, "Shove your cock in my ass!  Quick!!" She was a Reubenesque brunette, with eyes so brown they gave the impression of being black.  Her tits were massive globes of eager, hungry flesh and her ass was as broad and...Read On