touchofgray's Blog Entries

18 Mar 2017 07:18

Chapters 2 and 3 of "Long, Hot Summer" were posted this week. It just can't become summertime soon enough for me, especially this past week. Hope you all enjoy.

09 Mar 2017 05:20

The first chapter of my new story, "Long, Hot Summer" was posted up yesterday, so please don't hesitate and give it a click and a read. Reflecting and writing about summer days during the winter months is always a bit of a small comfort.

04 Apr 2016 12:40

My First Experience Story entry, Some Girls, has been posted. Don't forget to stop by, give it a read, and vote. Thanks y'all!

26 Feb 2016 07:30

Finally got my new story published, Wren In Love. First thing I've done for here in a while. Guess I'm going to have to upgrade my membership to help future submissions get out there a little sooner. Hope some of you have a chance to stop by and read the story. The main character has been bumping around in my head for a while, and I foresee interesting things for her.

27 Jul 2011 10:13

Talk dirty to me.

22 Jul 2011 06:43

It's a heat wave, but the sweatier the sex, the better.

30 Jun 2011 07:39

Don't know what it is about a fine summer's day that makes the desire to fuck almost unbearable.