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Topic Are you a sucker for a man in uniform?
Posted 31 Mar 2015 17:27

Yes I was. After finishing university, my first job was with the ADF or Australian Defence Force. As a journalist, I was hoping to cover overseas assignments but that was not to be. I was soon courted by a very handsome Captain at the time and within 12 months on base, we got married. I stayed on for two more years before starting a family when he later became a Major and a Colonel who went to Desert Storm and East Timor.

Topic Have you ever fucked two different people in a day?
Posted 28 Mar 2015 05:41

Simply put, YES! In the 1980's when I was attending the Melbourne University doing a BA in Journalism, I spent nearly 12 months working in a massage parlour after my waitressing job was torpedoed when the restaurant was torched and burned to the ground. I am not proud of what I did as it was survival, needing to pay for my accommodation, food and university fees.

Working two nights a week on an eight hour shift, saw me have sex with up to ten guys a night. There is nothing I haven't done or seen. Thirty years on, my past has put me in good stead and have a wonderful extended family to prove it.

Topic Have you ever been offered a payment to sleep with somebody?
Posted 31 Jul 2014 09:30

Over 30 years ago when I was at the University of Melbourne studying for a BA in journalism, I worked as a waitress in uptown South Yarra to help pay for my schooling and shared accommodation. After being burnt down in a gangland bombing, the restaurant was totally destroyed. One of the women who boarded with us was a call-girl in a local brother which also doubled as an escort agency. My flatmate got me a part time job there for 2 years until I finished my degree.

Being very much in demand at the massage parlour business, I was soon in demand to do escort work in Melbourne. This included judges, politicians, businessmen and foreign diplomats. When I was asked to spend a night with rich oil tycoons from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, I was wined and dined by them and paid a flat fee by the agency of $2,000 which was increased by the customer if they were pleased with my services. This often led to a private 24 hour booking in which I was offered $10,000.

I was not too proud to accept their money to sleep with them. I suppose every person has a price, some people just ask more than others. If you have ever watched the movie "Indecent Proposal" with Robert Redford and Demi Moore, would you sleep with a person for $1 million? Each person has their own beliefs and morals and I do not judge people for what they do. You never know the circumstances that may lead you to to doing something a little risqué or outlandish.

Topic Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Posted 29 Jul 2014 21:26

Jamie Lee Curtis, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, you decide.

They are two remarkable people to meet taya. Were they both on set at the same time? I guess if they were, then it must be a TRUE LIE(S).

Topic Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Posted 29 Jul 2014 21:17

When my husband was a colonel in the Australian Army, we met the Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, on two occasions; once being seated at his table. The function was held in Sydney.

Topic The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted 19 Apr 2014 19:56

I have been "guilty" of posting incest stories in the past. Although my "Mother and Son" story attracted well over 600,000 reads and was the second most read story here on Lush, I applaud Nicola and Gav for their decision. Their decision adheres to community morals and standards which is what this is all about.

I believe that there is still a story posted on here that should also be removed which appears in the most viewed section; that is A Threesome With A Mother And Daughter. That still legally constitutes incest as it is still about one family member with another, regardless of what sex they are.

Numerous people here are not sure what constitutes incest as different countries do have different laws. In the majority of countries, including Australia where I come from, incest pertains to:

Members of an immediate family outside a husband and wife relationship, such as: mother and son, father and daughter and siblings with each other. It would also include the mother-daughter-threesome as previously mentioned. It also applies to uncle and aunt relationships with nephews and nieces. All of these are pure incest and illegal meaning long jail sentences.

What is legal in Australia and many other countries is both marriage or sexual relationships between first cousins and second cousins. I know of two first cousins that have been legally married and numerous second cousins. First cousins is more frowned on in the community than with second cousins. In almost all countries, second cousin marriages and relationships are legal.

Thank you again Nicola and Gav for your action on this matter. Please check out that mother-daughter-threesome story to consider.


Topic After a man cums into you, do you clean up or just let it stay with you for the day?
Posted 01 Apr 2014 07:11

I don't shower or clean up specifically after having sex. If I have sex early in the morning, I will leave it in all day. I usually shower at night before going to bed, which means his cum can be inside me for almost 24 hours.

Topic Lie versus Lay - which is which? Authors PLEASE READ
Posted 01 Apr 2014 05:19

A politician lies all the time and they lay the bullshit on you thick and fast.

Topic Australia has bid $50bn to buy New Zealand
Posted 01 Apr 2014 05:01

Why would Australia want to buy New Zealand for $50 billion? They had another major earthquake again yesterday. Two more major earthquakes and both islands will disappear into the Pacific Ocean. Then Australia does their money cold. This is typical of our government led by Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey; they haven't got a brain between them, and they spend money like there is no tomorrow.

As it is, over half of New Zealanders have resettled in Australia already

Topic First Story
Posted 24 Mar 2014 07:30

Maybe in the Incest category can a story get that many views today but many stories never even get 10,000 views anymore.

There are just way more stories to compete with these days on Lush.

I can't agree with you on on 10,000 reads for non incest stories. I recently published a story 'Memoires of a Schoolgirl: The Art of Seduction' only 8 weeks ago and that has already got 17,000 reads. Ten thousand is a good figure, but most good writers here get good reads because people like to read good stories.

Topic Do you ever wonder if someone you know in real life is here?
Posted 20 Mar 2014 00:40

I wouldn't like my husband to recognize me here, or any of my friends from the town where I live. That would really start tongues wagging and eventually filter back to hubby.

Topic First Story
Posted 19 Mar 2014 23:09

My first story, ' Mother and Son ' was published the first day I submitted it. It has now been read over 600,000 times. You can all achieve this too.

Topic Would you meet someone off Lush for sex?
Posted 19 Mar 2014 19:40

Just over two years ago I met a young woman here on Lush who was in a lesbian relationship. Two months later we met at Easter and had the most wonderful time. My 20 year bi-curious status was updated to bisexual. After 2 ensuing visits to my place, the two young women moved in with us. One of them is now remarkably engaged to my son.

I was expecting nothing at the time but left with a new world opened up to me. So for all you people out there in Lushland, you can meet wonderful people. I was one of the fortunate ones.

Topic Have you ever fucked two different people in a day?
Posted 14 Mar 2014 02:29

yes without a doubt. In my younger days while attending university, I lost my part-time job as a waitress to help fund my schooling. A woman who boarded in the apartment I was staying, worked in a massage parlour. I got a part time job there two night a week and had serviced up to 14 guys in a night. Maybe some women here have had more than 14 guys in a night, but for the record, I have had 14 guys in one night. I can't say I was proud of my part time profession 30 years ago, but I am proud of the number I had in one day/night.

Topic What is the most times you haved masturbated in 24 hours?
Posted 01 Mar 2014 17:52

I can still vividly remember when I was 18 years old, I tried to see how many times I could cum in one day. On this particular day which started after I woke up with a boner, I managed around 4 in the first hour. On my first 2 occasions, the powerful squirt of cum hit the bedroom wall behind me. During the course of the day, I managed another 5 times. The last couple of cums were virtually dry blows, with barely a drop coming out. My cock was also very sore and red raw. Forty-six years on, I can never recall why I never tried to break my record.

This is the truth, the whole truth, so help me God!

Wow, Troglodyte, that is quite a feat, 9 wanks in a day. Did you use any aids such a porn movies or magazines to help get you up each time? I am sure if I was there with you, I could have coaxed your cock up to make it an even perfect 10. I like a guy who can cum 2-3 times and be able to please me for long periods. I would hate to find a guy who cums in 2 minutes or less, rolls over, and goes to sleep. I would shoot him.

Topic What is the most times you haved masturbated in 24 hours?
Posted 01 Mar 2014 16:39

The question is quite ambiguous or at least misleading. Do you mean how many orgasms a person has accomplished in a 24 hour period?

With a woman, multiple orgasms are easily managed due to body chemistry or the way they are built. When a guy cums, there is usually a latency between the time he cums and the time he can get another erection. Some guys are lucky enough to manage two cums in a row without stopping. Basically, with guys, once he cums, he has to wait until he can get it up again. His sexual plateau tapers off very quickly as he cannot physically or emotionally maintain that plateau.

With a woman, after she orgasms, that sexual plateau is maintained on a high level with very little dropping off. This can result in multiple orgasms by continued stimulation of the clitoris. When my husband was overseas on army duty, I had to satisfy myself for long periods. On one occasion, I stimulated myself for over six hours without relenting. This resulted in over fifty wonderful orgasms.

So the point of the question is: Did I only masturbate once or is it the fifty-plus orgasms that count? I would like to think it is the number of orgasms that fills the criteria here.

By the way, I did sleep very peacefully that night.

Topic Money from a prostitute?
Posted 23 Feb 2014 23:31

Back in 1983-84 I was studying to be a journalist at the University of Melbourne. For 15 months I worked 2 nights at a waitress to help fund my school fees and my shared accommodation. After the restaurant burnt down mid June in 1983, I was out of a job and needed money badly. One of the 3 women I was living with was a prostitute and a very nice person, may I add. She helped me get a job working 2 nights a week in a massage parlour as documented in some of my stories.

For some 15 months I did massage work which nearly always involved sex of some kind as well as some escort work which really paid big. I always kept my dignity, I always cleaned myself between clients and used protection whenever possible. I knew the risks that I was taking and luckily for me, the outcome was favourable. My experience in that line of work helped in my favour when it came to winning my future husband.

While some women work in such in an industry, please don't judge all sex workers with one brush. I was not into drugs, nor would I ever do any kinky stuff like torture. Some women work there purely to support their children who have been deserted by their husbands or whose husbands have died. They have sacrificed part of their life to benefit their children. I feel for these women and applaud them.

While not the choice of my professions, I can hold my head high for what I did back in those days and I support the women who were/are in my position back then. Play by the rules, keep clean and be hygienic and stay off drugs. I never felt any guilt from taking money from clients, especially the rich politicians and overseas diplomats where you could earn $10,000 a night.

These are my thoughts on the matter for paying prostitutes from a person who used to be in that business.

Topic Baby Oil
Posted 16 Feb 2014 20:37

I have used baby oil both professionally and domestically for years for giving both massages and having sex with. I have also used coconut oil successfully too which is more fragrant than baby oil. My favourite oil for massage and sex, without exception, is Arabah Rose Massage Oil.

I have used these mediums for 30 years now and with so much success. Clientèle, hubby, and my live-in guests get the special treatment from me with the Arabah oil. It is imperative that you use a plastic or rubber sheet on top of the mattress to avoid damage to the mattress.

I am bi-sexual and I find giving body-on-body massages with oil is a most erotic sensation. The oil on both bodies makes for near frictionless contact where one body slides over the other which is so erotic, Nipple on nipple, nipple on body, body on body, nipple on butt hole; whatever combination turns you on, is guaranteed with a good massage oil.

NOT OF WARNING: If people us a vegetable based oil for massage and sex, do not the oil if having sex with a condom. The oil will break down the condom and will likely split during sex, leaving you with an unwanted pregnancy.

Topic Husband interested in having multiple wives
Posted 08 Feb 2014 16:00

My husband was never interested in having multiple wives or playing up. Being bi-curious, for 20 years I wanted a threesome with him and another woman. Eventually I met a young lass here on Lush and she and her lesbian lover moved down and lived with us. Eventually, hubby resisted the temptation and I got the wish with having a threesome.

Hubby has been completely rejuvenated ever since and adores Callista. I am not sure he could handle multiple wives as a harem or concubine. Sleeping as a threesome definitely has its advantages.

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 08 Feb 2014 15:47


Topic Nudity in general.
Posted 05 Feb 2014 18:06


It might not be family entertainment, but it is certainly entertainment. Whether standing thigh deep in water or lying facing the white wash can be done very discretely and nobody else needs to know about your pleasure.

Topic Nudity in general.
Posted 05 Feb 2014 16:40

Hi, Meggsy,

I would like to thank you for your comment on my posting in the Forum on "Nudity in general". Nobody should be ashamed of their body, we were all born naked and the human body is beautiful. It is great to know that you have been to the same beaches as me, plus more.

Of the 2 beaches that I have been to, I much prefer Alexandria Beach at Noosa Heads. It is a long beach and tends to attract more family members than Lady Jane. I love standing in the water at Alexandria beach where the chopping waves are at pussy height, letting the white caps lap against my pussy. Either that of lie in the shallows facing the open ocean with legs apart and letting the incoming tide lap against pussy. Both are very erotic.

One thing about Lady Jane is its much smaller and has no lapping tides as such. You also have to go down those long ladders to get there. Also at lady Jane, atop the beach there always seemed to be a lot of gay guys just standing there naked, hoping to attract other gay guys. To me that isn't very family oriented.

Thanks again for your comment.

Topic Nudity in general.
Posted 25 Jan 2014 23:40

I have been to a nudist beach at Lady Jane Beach in Sydney, and Alexandria Beach at Noosa Heads in Queensland. I have been there with my family and really enjoyed the swim and the sites.

I live on a 10 acre farmlet, remote from the main road and out of sight from any neighbours. WE often go around naked in the house and outside as well. We use the hot tub naked as we use the swimming pool naked. I am not ashamed of my figure and being nude does not embarrass me.

Would I walk naked down the main street in town or walk into a supermarket naked? Certainly not! There are some rules to follow in life and I would hate to embarrass any shopper or pedestrian walking on the pavement. I would also hate to be responsible for any car accidents that may occur if a driver became distracted.

So, in short, there is nothing wrong with nudity. There is a time and place for everything.

Topic Where is the riskiest or oddest place you've had sex?
Posted 16 Jan 2014 18:56

It was at the top of a lookout tower somewhere near Murwillumbah years ago. Hubby was fucking me doggy style as I lay over the circular map showing various points of interest. Just after he cum, other visitors had climbed the tower and had joined us.

Topic Which part of your body do you consider most sexy?
Posted 16 Jan 2014 18:42

People generally mention my pubic hair the most, followed by my eyes and then my smile. If I am dressed, then the answer is my eyes.

Topic If you could only eat one candy for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Posted 08 Aug 2013 18:23

Blackpool Rock. It's a long way from England to Australia to go get it.

Topic Have you ever had sex or performed oral sex in front of others?
Posted 01 Apr 2013 16:03

Until 12 months ago last Easter, I had never had sex in front of others, oral or otherwise. Since then I have had F-F-F and F-F-M relationships and have performed in front of others. I find it a real turn on to both watch, be watched and all three working together. I have not been well in recent months and I have watched my husband in bed a lot making love to one of the girls I met 12 months ago. We all share the same bed. On occasions when 5 of us have been in a hot tub together late at night, I have made love to one of the girls or with hubby. So to answer your question, the answer is yes to both oral and intercourse. I have no inhibitions and I make love spontaneously when the urge is there, even at my age.

Topic Royal Nurse Commits Suicide After Prank Radio Call
Posted 09 Dec 2012 18:26

I am Australian and what happened is a tragedy. Before anybody plays a joke on another person, they should stop and consider the consequences. In this case the consequences resulted in a needless suicide. I feel for the woman who died and for her family. The perpetrators of the hoax are blood-guilty of the woman's death and as such are the main ones to blame.

The hospital also has some guilt in the matter as well. There are protocols to be adhered to and all staff should be aware of what can be done or what is not acceptable. Several DJ's on Australian radio lately have made very nasty, acidic remarks to innocent people including Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia by Alan Jones. Other abhorrent DJ's include Kyle Sandilands and John Laws. I believe that these radio stations should have very strict laws and boundaries in their talk back shows. If they do not comply, then they should be sacked.

Another outspoken Australian is the former Premier of Victoria, Jeff Kennett. He is currently the CEO od Beyond Blue, an organization for depression leading to suicide and other personal problems. This same guy said it was alright for the two people involved in the Royal nurse hoax to do what they did and that they did nothing wrong. That guy should be sacked immediately and left to rot in a sanatorium.

May God be with the family of the nurse who died.

Topic Uh, I need a girl's view on this.
Posted 07 Dec 2012 05:54

In Australia it is illegal for first cousins to marry or have sex but it is legal for second cousins to marry and have sex. I know of several families where second cousins have married and had children. As it is legal in Australia, I would think it would be allowed to be discussed here on Lush. That is my viewpoint and I am sticking to it. I am just pointing out the facts.

Topic If you have a dispute after fucking and your partner runs away with your clothes how will you react?
Posted 05 Dec 2012 18:17

That is a very broad question, so the answer depends on where you are at the time. Here are 3 scenarios on how I would handle the situation.

1 - If I was at my place there would be no issue as I have all my clothes there and i could change into new clean clothes. I would phone him up and tell him to bring them back when he learns to grow up.

2 - If I were at his house and he took my clothes and ran away and I needed to get home and I never had a car; then I would call the cops and tell them that some pervert stole my clothes and would they please come around and take me home.

3 - If we were holidaying together and staying in a hotel, I would take the elevator in the nude and go to see the concierge. I would ask him to please phone the police to come over and charge the guy with theft and assault and to bring over some new clothes.

If my partner did it a second time, he would no longer be my partner.