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I'm back!

10 Apr 2012 12:46

31 Dec 2011 14:45

Where have I been? Well, I’m penning two books, three series, and two editorial pieces. I own three sites, two blogs, and mentor new writers. A little busy but I’ll be around more often. Love you guys. Kisses, Nicola! You rock!

28 Dec 2011 23:30

03 Dec 2011 00:32

Thanks for your lovely emails and post. Had I the time, I'd reply to them individually as mass emails aren't my style. You folks are awesome. Hugs

12 Nov 2011 21:52

Thanks for your lovely emails and post. Had I the time, I'd reply to them individually as mass emails aren't my style. You folks are awesome. Hugs

12 Nov 2011 21:52

Twisted Lust: Erotic Tales of Deception, Manipulation and Revenge by Jake Malden

A predatory bisexual boss torments her thieving employee, drawing both her and her boyfriend into a fiendish trap. Two college girls seek possession of crucial test papers by way of a crazed surf-shack sex party. A luscious secretary commits an act of betrayal in the hope of professional advancement. And a beautiful young bride is cruelly blackmailed on her wedding day by the man she jilted. All roads lead to sexual mayhem in Twisted Lust, a collection of four stories by evil eroticist Jake Malden. Indiscretions result in erotic punishment, while lives and relationships change, sometimes forever. Revel in these deliciously guilty pleasures - as twisting as they are twisted, as ingenious as

28 Sep 2011 18:26

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hot pics and lovely emails (always nice!). I've been in and out for the past month preparing for my next book release and you guys have been extremely supportive. Kisses and thanks again. The bitch is back!!

23 Sep 2011 16:05

Damn! It feels good to be back!

29 Aug 2011 19:02

Hiya folks! I've been interviewed by Christy Parks. Have a read at your leisure. Cheers!

24 Aug 2011 08:15

Have a great weekend folks!

19 Aug 2011 18:40

They might be on to something. ;-)

17 Aug 2011 11:30

Tilly Rivers wrote a short piece about moi for Main Street Mag. Check it out when you have a chance. Cheers!

11 Aug 2011 05:24

Have a great weekend, folks!

05 Aug 2011 08:14

A day of line edits with my editors. This should be fun!

29 Jul 2011 04:54

Every time I go to the beach I come home with the sniffles. Navin, Madame Moderator is going to bed. Thanks for the nickname.

25 Jul 2011 16:01

24 Jul 2011 16:19

20 Jul 2011 19:54

Selecting cover art is doing my head in. Writing is the easy part!

19 Jul 2011 10:47

Great news! "Spanked" has been purchased and will be in stores later this year! Yippy!

17 Jul 2011 17:07

Have a great weekend!

15 Jul 2011 17:15

I have a boat load of meetings tomorrow. Sweet dreams!

12 Jul 2011 17:26

Expectation after two dance lessons...


11 Jul 2011 15:31

It's a wrap, gang!

08 Jul 2011 12:53

06 Jul 2011 06:08

I'm off to another meeting with my editors. Love them or hate them, we couldn't live without them.

05 Jul 2011 08:59

Have a safe 4th of July weekend, gang!

01 Jul 2011 09:34

Hiya gang! I'm in transit tomorrow so I won't be around much. In the meantime, I've added The Inbetweeners: series 1-3 to my Youtube channel (I can't remember who asked for them). Kisses!!

26 Jun 2011 20:21

I give up. I've lost my voice again!

25 Jun 2011 17:07

Whew! Two more conference calls to go. Bring on the weekend!

24 Jun 2011 04:03