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Trans is a broad category encompassing tranvestites, transsexuals, transgendered people, ftm, mtf, ts. There may be some overlap with the crossdressing section - please use that category if your story is specifically to do with cross dressing.

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Luck of the Irish

He felt lucky that night, but luck can be a tricky bitch

‘What the fuck just happened?’ The thought echoes through me like a shockwave, making my skin tingle as if lightning had just struck a nearby tree. The memories of this night have me feeling raw and exposed. I can sense her taste on my lips, and the subtle remains of her fragrance is lingering on my shirt. If not for these sensations, and the warm burn of her touch on my skin, I...Read On

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Too Much Porn Or Not Enough?

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Porn?

Do you ever watch so much porn, that you start considering watching porn you normally wouldn't? Yeah, me too. That’s what happened to me two years ago. My girlfriend had just broken up with me, telling me that I needed to find myself. Who was she to tell me I needed to find myself? How did she know what I was looking for, if I thought I was content? She tried explaining to me that I...Read On