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Trans is a broad category encompassing tranvestites, transsexuals, transgendered people, ftm, mtf, ts. There may be some overlap with the crossdressing section - please use that category if your story is specifically to do with cross dressing.


Ms Eriksson's Cock

A boy gets his woman, sort of.

  Late for school again. I threw the door to my classroom open. "Sorry I'm late mis Erikson." I said to my teacher. "Sit down." she said sternly. I didn't care much for school, my teacher mis Erikson was the only good thing about it. She was in her mid thirties and she inspired awe in all the boys at school. Her rather big but oh so perfect ass looked very beautiful in those tight skirts...Read On


My wife`s revenge (Part one )

Caught cheating for the last time

    I had a very successful business owning a trucking company. I had a trophy wife who was a stunning beauty almost three inches taller than me .At 27 I had just about everything. My wife worked along side of me at our terminal complex and in fact she was the only woman in the building. We were a consolidator of freight the largest in the North East used to get kidded by the hundreds...Read On


A night with two shemales

Getting soft with girlfriend led him to a new, different girlfriend, and he's never be happier.

I’m an oil geologist and spend considerable time traveling to the Gulf of Mexico. . I stand 5' 10" wet, have wavy brown hair with already early bits of gray, (which runs in my family). Good genes have also blessed me with keeping the fat off. With moderate exercise I match up well against guys who power exercise once a day. My face has been described as triangular and my eyes are blue with...Read On



A story about a mysterious change and how it changed the life of two people forever.

The sunlight practically burned my eyes as I slowly woke up. I blinked several times and closed them again for a moment. I felt like crap, way worse than I should have. Last night the guys and I had gone to the bar drinking but I thought I had kept it under control since I still had to drive home. Apparently not though, otherwise I wouldn't have felt like this. I felt foggy and numb, yet I...Read On


The Journey - The Beginning

The creation of a slave

There was something truly surreal about feeling his half hard cock filling my mouth. The salty taste of his orgasm lingered on my lips as his white cream oozed down from my face to drip onto my large exposed breasts. My eyes looked up at him through smeared makeup in pure delightful submission, silently pleading for a sign that he had been truly pleased by the curvy redhead that had been...Read On


My First Tranny

A blonde gets a surprise she never expected

My name is Holly, and I'm twenty-eight. I'm a blonde, and I happen to be a lesbian. I have been with a couple guys before, but that's it. Anyway, one night, I was at a club securing the perimeter. Looking for some cute ladies, that maybe I'd take home. I saw a lot of worthy candidates, and a couple with D-cup racks. I wasn't a slut or anything like that, but I definitely played the field....Read On


Passionate Sex with a Beautiful Shemale

a man and his shemale lover get down to business

Will led Sarah by the hand into his bedroom. He closed the door as they entered and pulled her towards him. He placed his hands around her, caressing her toned stomach as he slightly nibbled on her earlobe. He could feel her trembling in his arms. Sarah lightly ground her ass into his crotch, rubbing herself against his hardening cock. “Mmm,” she moaned, feeling Will’s lips kiss the nape of...Read On


Lesbian Shemales

one shemales intense encounter with another.

Melissa lay on top of me, one hand gently groping my breast while her tongue explored my mouth. I ran a finger down the crack of her ass, stopping to gently massage her ass-hole through her thong. A small whimper escaped her lips as she ground herself against me, her hard cock rubbing against mine. She pulled away from our kiss and straddled my hips, her weight resting on my cock. She...Read On


Hustled at Pool

Truly a fantasy I would love to live out. (First Attempt at Story Writing)

It all started one day when I was invited to my best friend Dave’s house for a house warming party. He had just purchased the house after a harsh divorce and he wanted to break it in the right way. So, he invited a few friends who in turn invited friends. It turned out to be a bigger party than what he was expecting. The more the merrier was all he could say. There were at least 60 people...Read On


A different Kind of Neighbor

A new neighbor moves in and comes to the aid of an ignored husband

Being married for the past twenty-three years has been a different adventure. My wife was a virgin when we married. As we dated, she would jerk me off and would suck my cock but would never allow me to cum in her mouth, although she did like receiving oral. Knowing there would be some sexual quirks in the bedroom, I thought I could live with them since I loved her. Our wedding day came...Read On


My Wife`s Revenge (Part Two)

      I finally made it to the front door of the hospital.I Had passed many people on the way to the door and really, most seemed more interested in their business than to stare at me.My composure was starting to come back to me.I thought to myself what my wife had said to me when I was in my hospital room ,my haven from the world.She had said that people will NEVER know that I was once...Read On


Miss Tiffany Fulfilling Her Dream

Tiffany Fulfilling Her Dream With Hot Neighbor

Miss Tiffany Fulfilling Her Dream Finally, I had everything I needed to dress up for a little fantasy today.  Ever since I was a little boy, I had always thought my neighbor Steven was extremely handsome and sexy.  At 6 feet 3 inches, Steven is exactly what described as tall, dark, hard tone and muscular.  Tonight, I would finally have my chance to fulfill a fantasy to show him just...Read On


Missy's Transformation

Please rate and comment at the bottom, Thanks :)

I awoke to what felt like days, as I slowly opened my eyes I found myself in a tube filled with a strange thick liquid. My body felt heavy, swollen in some places like I had been in a car accident and fluid was collecting at my injuries but different. I thought maybe it was all a dream and I was walking up. Maybe I had just been in an accident and dreamed the entire alien thing up....Read On


Sex with 2 Trannys in Amsterdam

My dirty 3sum with 2 horny TV's in Amsterdam

Thanks for reading my first ever story I hope you enjoy it. This story is 100% genuine and describes my first ever experience with 2 sexy and naughty TV's. I am a 25 year old bi male 5'11'' normal build, good looking with a 7'' cut cock. I'm usually straight but after a few drinks and poppers, men and especially TV's get me so horny. A few weeks ago I went to Amsterdam with a straight...Read On


Female for a day?

A young man with a breast fetish takes a step that changes his life.

  I have always been obsessed with boobs. I like them all but especially big ones. I stare at them in the grocery store and of course have an extensive collection of pics from the internet. Lately, I have even been thinking about what it would be like to have a big set myself. I'm a guy don't get me wrong, but I am fascinated by what it would feel like to have a large set of breasts. ...Read On


Finding mother part 3

Nana knows whats best

Nana stood up and looked down at me as I sat on the floor, almost naked, in the bathrobe that only covered my shoulders and back. My cock was hard and I was so filled with lust for her. "Sweetie, I can see it in your eyes. It is so beautiful. Now tell Mommy you love her," she said. I moved further to her feet and kissed her perfect ankles dressed in nylon very softly and looked up at her...Read On


My Wife's Revenge (Part Four)

My wife has the ultimate punishment for me!!!

My wife seemed to be on a mission with me when we got to the mall. She first took me to a shop and had my ears pierced, twice in each ear! With my ears still aching, she then told me I had an appointment at her favorite waxing salon. I had no idea what she was talking about, but was I ever going to find out! We went in and a girl named Heather came over and greeted me. "So, you're Brittany....Read On



After the breakdown... Came some punishment

This story continues from my previous story “Breakdown”. It had been a few weeks since I had experienced being with a shemale. Alison was a beautiful big breasted, black-haired shemale. My wife, Sally, had found her underwear, hidden beneath the armchair on which we'd fucked each others brains out. Now she wanted to arrange a time for Alison to come over and spend some time, showing me...Read On

My Night in Amsterdam

Fulfilling my fantasies

My wife and I have been married for the last sixteen years. We still have a pretty good sex life. I mean, we don’t have sex every day, but still have it at least three times a week. I love my wife, very much, but I’m bi-curious. She has no idea about it, and I only satisfy my cravings for cock when I’m away on business trips. Lately, I've been jerking off to Shemale porn. I’m really...Read On


A Transcendent Experience

That summer in Italy, I did something I could never have imagined.

Just writing this down is a problem. I never thought that choosing the right pronoun would lead me to endless inner debate. And I’m a college teacher! I should know these things. And I should have known better than to go down the path of temptation. It was summer, two years ago. I was leading a six-week program for American college students in Italy. My wife was going to come over for...Read On


An Office Party I'll never forget

They tricked me, now look what they`ve done!!

I've worked for a large insurance firm for twelve years.I`m their top salesman, every year -salesman of the year. Am I cocky... you bet.I`m the best salesman, and everyone in the office is lucky to have me there. Now the ladies there always look so fine, and I get my share of skirt with most of them. Oh sure, they catch me once and awhile dating three or four of them at the same...Read On


A Story Of Feminisation: Pippa's Story.

Phil is caught by his wife 'xdressed' and given an ultimatum!

I was just entering my prearranged destination. It was 11 pm and just before I paid the admittance fee, I stopped to look at myself in the mirrored walls. Reflected before me was a sexy, if a little sluttish looking woman in her thirties. The only discrepancy being that I was actually a 37-year-old man, happily married and, here at the precise instruction of the woman I loved and was married...Read On



He finds the perfect woman

He had known what she was before they met. He had gone on to the net looking for her. Well not her, but someone like her. She had found him, if the truth be known. Had taken him, controlled him. They had met after a couple of days, his life fleeting past, his work a blur. She had told him they would meet and he had agreed. She sent him an email, with the day, date and time. The place was...Read On


Dick girl lust

I sat in front of this amazingly gorgeous stripper and my dick rising and rising in my skirt

OK, I'll give you a short version of my twenty nine years of existence. I was born in 1982, I was born a girl, but I had something wrong with me when I was in my mother's womb so the doctor's said when I reached the age of twelve I would have to have an operation. I had the operation with machines to me. But somehow during that time, while in theatre, something out of the ordinary happened....Read On


First Transgender Experience

Guy isn't too sure of his sexual preferences

I am an very attractive heterosexual man. I have had fantasies of having a hard cock in my mouth, but the problem is that I am much too much turned on by beautiful famales. I travel to the west coast alot, especially the bay area. One trip I picked up a periodical that had transexual women in the area. I spent a good deal of time choosing the right one and finally picked out a beautiful...Read On


My Virgin Ass

A straight married guy picks up a virgin tranny.

I sat in my car in the club parking lot, not able to move. I was dressed to the nines and my plan had been to enter this club and find a date for the night. A male date. It was a club that encouraged Transsexuals and Cross dressers as patrons to hook up with straight or bisexual males. I am not sure if I am a Tran sexual but I sure was crossdressing tonight. Why was I hesitating? This is what...Read On


Discovering Kelly's Secret

Kelly seduces and reveals her sexy secret

I knew Kelly was a different kind of girl. She stood at about five feet nine with a slender build. Her long hair encased her fair, feminine face and big brown eyes. By the way Kelly wore her red short cocktail dress, I could see she kept in shape. Her tits were about an A or B cup with perky nipples and her ass was round and firm to the touch. After several drinks at the hotel bar,...Read On


The price a slave has to pay - Part One

A slave must obey their Master even if it means permanent changes to their body.

I was driving my car to an address that Jimmy had given me. It was an apartment in a part of town I rarely went to. It had been almost a year since I had met Jimmy in a bar that catered to transsexuals and guys who were interested in them. We had sex that night and have been ever since. Jimmy is married with 2 kids and keeps that part of his life totally separate. Our relationship had...Read On


first time with a shemale

first time experience

Anyone who has read my other stories will know that they are based on real events, this one is also based on an actual event. It happened on a recent trip to Thailand. We arrived in Thailand on a Friday morning, looking forward to a well-earned break. Jaq and I worked long hours, and we lived for our holidays. We had decided to visit Thailand as we were both curious about the availability...Read On

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Cassie has two

You have a pussy and a cock????

Casandara Wilcox stepped out of the shower and stared at her image being reflected back to her in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Most women would kill to possess the feminine attributes Cassie took for granted, large heavy breasts, a flat wash board stomach, long lean legs, a tight but full bottom, a lovely face framed by medium length brown hair, and of course...Read On