Straight Sex(2)


Fun at the Beach

Fun at the beach I call you up and ask if you would enjoy joining me for a day at the beach. You quickly agree. I ask when I should pick you up and you ask me to arrive in about 30 minutes, giving you time to get some things together. I agree and tell you I’ll see you in about half an hour. On the drive over to your place, I stop and pick up a picnic lunch for later and then continue my...Read On


The Elevator

This is my first story, please comment

I work in a high rise office, near the top floor. I use the elevator just about everyday because it's just too many flights of stairs to climb to get to work. There is the most incredible looking woman that rides the same elevator as I do just about everyday. I look forward to seeing her smiling face each time to get my day off to a good start. She's kind of petite, but has the most...Read On