Play time

We thought we’d try a little role play.

“My little girl’s been bad, hasn’t she?” “Yes, Daddy, does this mean I’m going to be punished again?” she asked expectantly. “You know this hurts Daddy more than it does you. Now bend over, raise your skirt and pull down your panties. Daddy’s going to spank his baby to teach her a lesson.” She does as she’s told, bending over the bed and pulling her pleated plaid skirt up to her waist....Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Long distance emails

True emails to my long distance lover.

Long distance relationships don’t always offer immediate gratification, but sometimes the delayed satisfaction can build desire. Here’s a little real-life communication that proves distance doesn’t dispel desire. I met this guy online, and we immediately ‘clicked’. He lived in another state, very far from me. We started communicating by email leaving no questions unanswered. It seemed...Read On



I He stands behind me, gently pressing his body against mine. Slowly he explores with his hands, beginning at my hips and following the curve of my body until his hands find my breasts. I feel my flesh tingling, my breath coming faster, deeper. His caresses increase in intensity, becoming more urgent. He moves us forward against the wall, suddenly before us, and I feel his hardness...Read On