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True sex stories, are those which feature real stories, either experienced by the author, or those they've been party to or told about. They could be tales of one-night stands, dating site hook-ups, blind dates, house parties, first time swinging experiences, free for all hippie sex romps. Stories submitted to this category, should be inspired by actual real events, and are deemed to be true.


Temptation Wins Again

A married woman succumbs to desire

It was just another weekend night out looking for sex.  I was twenty-seven, in great shape, and prowling solo in one of the downtown dancing bars.  It was one of the warmest nights of early spring, and the vibe in the club was very upbeat. The club, Have A Nice Day Cafe, was fairly new to the downtown scene and it was drawing capacity crowds.  It had a fairly large dance floor that was...Read On


The Back Story on Our Relationship

The beginning of over ten years of debauchery and love…

I’ve been a political activist since the age of eighteen and over the years, I’ve worked on several political causes which is how we first met. The Chicago Police Department had a long history of brutality and violence particularly against minorities. Several high profile cases took place with unarmed suspects being shot to death that sparked public outrage in the late 1990’s and one...Read On


How I Became Jennifer

Why I am now called Jennifer.

This is a true story. This is the story of how I became Jennifer. I’m not going to give my full history in this story, that is for another time. But I do need to give a little background information for you. I’ve been cross-dressing for years, going through all the usual purges. Then about five years ago I decided to embrace the cross-dressing. I was approaching fifty and I decided I wanted...Read On


Two Lane Tango

Welcome to college young man...

I knew that finding sex partners in college should be pretty easy, but this easy?  I couldn't believe my luck when she followed me home and was riding my cock within 10 minutes of meeting her.  Wow, I'm really going to like college , I thought. It was only a few weeks into my freshmen year when I was invited to a party by a guy I'd met in one of my classes.  It was a Thursday evening and...Read On


My Crazy Life 5 - Tammy, Wendy, Brenda - Second Half

I finish my long tale, and then set myself up to reap the rewards.

In the first half of this story, I was telling my new friend Tammy about something mean I did to an acquaintance named Wendy. I was really enjoying the ego boost that I was getting from watching Tammy enjoy my true story. Tammy and I were both imagining how much we would enjoy it if Tammy were the woman I was having sex with. She started to openly masturbate on video chat while I continued...Read On


My Crazy Life 5 - Tammy, Wendy, Brenda - First Half

One story always leads to another. Is it bragging if it's true?

Sometimes, egos are good things. You can ride high on the wave of a growing ego, but you better watch for the breakers at the shore! This is a long story of how I built my ego up, flaunted it around, and then crashed back to reality. ===   Tammy: My wife met Michael at an infamous "Sue and Lyle" house party. He is a smaller dark-skinned man with a giant cock. At five-feet-six-inches, he...Read On


Confessions Of A Vietnamese Girl Part 3: First time

Staying virgin until marriage is not easy as it seems

The next days, Tim had to go work as usual. So I was talking with my friends and my family back in Viet Nam. I was also cleaning Tim's apartment and cooking for him. We met during Tim's lunches, which was nice. He introduced me to some of his colleagues and friends. Then on Thursday, I saw that Tim forgot to close his laptop, something that he did the previous days. I decided to check...Read On


While I was Sleeping

Waking up can be fun.

It was very late in the night, nothing but darkness except for the soft glow of a nightlight in one corner of my apartment. The sound of music coming from my stereo was playing quietly into the night. It was hot in my apartment tonight, so I was sleeping somewhat peacefully on the bed instead of getting under the covers. I soon went to sleep. I was asleep profoundly until I heard the key and...Read On


Fully Realised Domme

She wasn't sure she wanted a FLR, but she quickly got the ropes and wouldn't have it any other way.

The chilled Champagne tingled in her mouth and spread through her with an emboldening power as she relaxed in the warm bath. A wry smile emerged as she surveyed the room. Scented candles, flowers, and warm fluffy towels folded to perfection. He'd been an excellent study. She'd had to be strict with him in the beginning. Zero tolerance to any male ego, or any lapse in his concentration...Read On


Confessions of a Vietnamese Girl Part 2: Aftermath

The story about what happened after Tim went back to Europe...

After Tim went back to Europe, I went back to work. My usual schedule is waking up at 6 AM, going to work at 7, working from 7:30 till 18:00, having dinner with my parents around 19:00, watching some television, praying around 21:00, then going to bed around 21:30. And that is six days a week, Sunday is the day to go to church. As you can guess, there is not a lot of time left for any romance....Read On


My Crazy Life 4 - Cindy

Good communication and trust make for a good open marriage.

In a previous story, I mentioned how my wife had been bothered by my attraction to another woman. One of the things that make our swinging lifestyle work is our ability to discuss matters like this and work through them. Here is a fun little story of one of those encounters. Throughout our swinging career, we have been involved in three bigger groups and a fourth smaller group. The...Read On


Dress With An Effect - Chapter 3- The Next Day

Jack experiences something new

The sunlight streaming through the window woke me from a deep sleep.  'Did last night really happen or was it just a wonderful dream?' I thought to myself.  'Had I really had the best sex of my life with my former boss, Jack?'  The stickiness of our juices in my pubic hair confirmed that it was not all just a dream. I made my way to the kitchen and found my dress and panties that had been...Read On


Some Secrets Of My Time In Lebanon

Heady days of sexual danger...

In my story "Summer of '76 in the Nurses Home," I mentioned at the end that I went off to nurse in hot spots and war zones. So here I was, sitting in the shade of summer vines in the Beka'a Valley with a young woman, Safiya, telling me; "Il y a beaucoup des veuves de guerre dans notre villages; je suis seul, moi-meme." That is; "There are many war widows in our village, I am on my own...Read On


Just One Kiss

At a time when things were falling apart, one moment stands out.

College was a rough time for me. Intellectually, the first two semesters were awesome. Nothing else about the experience lived up to my expectations. I would be tempted to say that there wasn't really even one single highlight in my life while I was there. The third semester was the worst. It started in Chemistry. The only blemish on my grades from the first semester came from a...Read On


Confessions of a Vietnamese girl part 1: Nha Trang

Introduction to me and my confessions about what happened in Nha Trang

My name is Thanh, I'm a 24-year-young girl from Long Khanh, Viet Nam. I have long dark hair, quite a pale complexion (for a Southeast Asian woman), 1.56m small and around forty-five kilos. I live with my parents, a dog called Lucky and a couple of cats on the outskirts of a small town near Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). I'm earning my money as a merchandiser for a big company which is making...Read On


Out Of The Blue - Part 3

Lynette arrives home to a surprise

Rachael and I sat and talked, waiting for Lynette to arrive. It was 3:30 p.m. and there was no sign of her. I asked Rachael about her clothing choices and was she not interested in fashion.   Rachael’s answer astounded me.  She explained that her mother had drummed it into her and her sister that men only wanted one thing and it wasn’t very nice.  She had been taught that dressing up...Read On


Wife and Her Sexual Exploits (Part IIII)

If you've read any of my previous writings here on Lush, you know by now, my wife has experienced some incredible and, for me,  almost unbelievable sexual experiences. To know her as I do and to hear her telling me about the men she was with and then things she did was impossible for me to fathom initially. But, as she told me of these exploits and went into such graphic detail, I came to...Read On


A wonderful gang-bang in sexy leather.

Nymphomaniac sexual desires prior to organised gang-bang...

Nymphomaniac and slut were the names I was repeatedly called a few years ago.  I earned these licentious names because of my unquenchable hunger for sexual pleasure and gratification.  One of my lovers regularly organized orgies, to cater to my steamily insatiable demands for sex.      For me, gang-bangs, orgies, and threesomes were, and still to this day are highly enjoyable.   The...Read On


My Wife's Exploits III (continued)

Well, it's been a few days; weeks, perhaps, since I last discussed my wife and her exploits with other men when we were separated after only a few years of marriage. I won't recap much but will remind everyone that her experiences with sex, up until we spearated, were solely with me. That all changed when we separated.  She not only had intercourse with another man but she also experienced...Read On


My Two Secretaries

I had affairs with both of my married secretaries!

I took an assignment in California working on the Space Shuttle in August of 1976. It was to be for around a year and a half on TDY with all expenses paid by NASA, so I jumped at the chance for adventure and the added income. I had never been to the high desert before and was in for a surprise as I drove through Barstow, Mojave, and into Lancaster. After living in Florida where everything...Read On


How we started swinging and playing

My wife's 1st time

Like most couples, we had spoken during sex of threesomes etc. It always got her going imagining being fucked by a few guys or in a group setting. This went on for a few years, to be honest. She would willingly dress up while we fucked and the sessions got harder including some piss fun, fisting and of course watching porn. The kind she really got off on was the amateur gang/group stuff...Read On


My Introduction To Chelsey And My First Erotic Massage

An extremely sensual therapeutic massage, led me to explore the exciitng world of erotic massage

I shuffled my body aligning my face with the oval opening in the massage table. Inhaling the scent of the always freshly cleaned linens, I parted my legs slightly. The cool air from the fan caused goosebumps and I wondered to myself just how transparent or opaque the thin sheet covering my completely naked body would be. What a time to be thinking of this. Awkwardly I tugged on the fabric...Read On


My Crazy Life 3 - Susan

Sometimes a storyteller needs a little help to step out of the shadows.

If we were to meet today for the first time, you probably wouldn't be overwhelmed. I am not a bigger than life character. I am not sexually charismatic, or physically remarkable. You would probably notice that I am quietly confident, witty with dry humor, and I can often come off as having more than half a brain. At least you would notice me. That wasn't always the case. When my wife and...Read On


A dream in Jamaica

oh My God, you've got Stockings on

Katie draped both arms over his shoulders and kissed his neck as they moved slowly in time to the music. “This is beautiful,” she said softly. “I love it.” “Well only the best is good enough for my girl.” he smiled. He ran both hands down over her back and caressed the curves of her sexy little bottom as she pressed herself against him. "My girl," she said with a smile. "I like the sound...Read On


My Wife's Exploits (Continued)

So, what I'm attempting to do, in case you hadn't noticed, is relate my wife's sexual experiences during our separation and relate them in a chronological order.  The first story I posted took place about two months after we had been separated. She freely admitted by this time she had become so horny she couldn't even read books that had sensual parts in them, as they just caused her to...Read On


My Crazy Life 1 - Michelle

Maybe the title should be My Crazy Wife. She set me up!

I have written a lot of stories, and I believe I have a creative imagination. Because most of the stories are my fantasies, my main male characters tend to resemble me. This might quickly lead an astute reader to confusion, because in the various stories, my wife is either a nymphomaniac, or she's dead, or she left me for either a younger or an older man. My only answer is that to some...Read On


The Following Evening

Two guys come to visit...

Anyone who has read "Jaq Gets Some Big Cocks" will know I promised to write about what happened the following evening, this is an account of that evening. Jaq came home from her shopping trip at a little after three in the afternoon. "You know Clive and Dan are coming over this evening," Jaq barked. She handed me a bag and told me to get myself ready. Dan and Clive had fucked Jaq the...Read On


Amazing Gracie (Conclusion of Part 3)

The finishing touches of Part 3

As I lay next to Gracie in a contented sleep, I became aware of a stirring in my penis. It was nothing specific, just a very pleasant feeling. I assumed I was asleep and having a dream after the incredible sex I had enjoyed with Gracie earlier. I began to realize I wasn’t asleep and the feeling was very real. I opened my eyes and in the semi darkness I could both see and feel Gracie. She...Read On


My Wife's Sexual Exploits When We Were Separated

My wife and I were married for about two years and then decided a separation was necessary. We separated for a little over a year. About fourteen months to be exact. I, also, need to inform you she was a virgin when we met in high school. Had never so much as had a guy play with her gorgeous, 36DD breast. Or her beautiful ass, which was round and could cradle any man who laid down on top...Read On


Amazing Gracie (Pt. 3)

About a week after I met Gracie... this happened

The following happened one night about a week or ten days after Gracie and I first met. I showed up at Gracie’s door and knocked gently. Gracie opened the door dressed, not in slinky lingerie, but in appropriate outdoor summer wear. She had on a loose-fitting blouse/shirt hanging outside (not tucked in) a pair of khaki-colored shorts. She was barefoot and had a glass of wine in her hand. I...Read On