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True sex stories, are those which feature real stories, either experienced by the author, or those they've been party to or told about. They could be tales of one-night stands, dating site hook-ups, blind dates, house parties, first time swinging experiences, free for all hippie sex romps. Stories submitted to this category, should be inspired by actual real events, and are deemed to be true.


Over The Top Threeway At Work

Triple play turns into home-run

In 1990, I was working as an accounting supervisor at a large hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona. I was twenty-nine and in the prime of my life. My hair was cut in a pixie style and was dyed a light red and blond mix. I had 32DD breasts, weighed 110 pounds, with a 24-inch waist, 28-inch hips, and a tight, round ass. At work, I had to dress in a tailored blue skirt that hit just above my knee; I wore...Read On


Step By Step

Husband comes home to eagerly awaiting wife.

I couldn’t help but feel annoyed and slightly angry after this morning. All I wanted was to relieve my frustrations before I had a long hard day at work. What better way to do that then fucking my wife while she’s half asleep, getting my fix and making her feel like she’s having a sex dream. But all she did was moan with displeasure and tell me no as I pushed my morning glory into her back...Read On

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En France - Anne-Pierre, Chloe or Elodie

Based on true events, this was my dilemma.

I should have kept it to myself. Walking on fallen blossom leaves, the tree-lined boulevard carried the scent of hope. In a brief interlude of sunlight, we basked in the first warmth of spring. Fingers entwined, her expression pensive and doleful, we stopped for a moment under a weathered statue; it must have looked glorious once. I used to enjoy the silences, now it felt awkward. Tugging...Read On


The House On Maple Avenue

A visit to a non-descript house shows there's more to it than meets the eye!

4330 Maple Avenue... an address I came to know very well. I was first introduced to the five bedroom/three bathroom, two-story Craftsman house through a friend of mine that I worked with. We'll call him Tony for the purposes of the story. My car had broken down about a week previously and I was forced to bum rides to get around until my paycheck came. One day, I begged a ride from him and...Read On


Part Three: Sharing My Japanese Wife - The Budgie Smuggler

The continuing true story of sharing my Japanese girlfriend/wife with other men.

Keiko met her sixteen-year-old lover at the indoor pool of the high rise condo in downtown Sydney she shared with some wealthy Chinese and South Korean twenty-somethings who were in Australia to study English.  For three months Keiko went to an English conversation school daily and in the evenings would go downstairs to the pool. One day she met a teenage boy named Jason who began to flirt...Read On


Part Two: Sharing My Japanese Wife - The Soccer Socks

The continuing true story of sharing my Japanese girlfriend/wife with other men.

Keiko had been the boys' soccer team manager at her Japanese high school along with her best friend Akiko a few years before and was still crazy about all things soccer, a sport I only have a passing interest in. When she met Mark met at a party they connected through soccer and him being an Englishman who played soccer was an added attraction for her.  Soon after, she introduced him to...Read On


A Night in Suburbia

A busy couple finds time to play

It was a busy day. Up early with the kids, then we were off grocery shopping. Running errands, taking kids for lunch in a busy restaurant, fighting crowds and traffic. Finally home. Unload the kids and groceries. Off to the park with the dog and the kids. Clean the house, do the laundry, cut the grass - it never ends. Throughout the day I stayed close to her. I held her hand, touched her...Read On


My Last Day with my Secretary

College head of department shows nude photos of himself to hot secretary on his last day.

I'll never forget what happened on my last day as head of department. My secretary Debbie was very flirtatious. I remember walking in to her adjoining office, standing over her desk, and looking straight down her dress to see her breasts and nipples. (The dress wasn't low-cut or ostentatiously sexy, but the neck kind of opened if she leaned forward.) Her breasts were smallish, very white...Read On


Two Girls, One Tractor

A certain online dating site is not the ONLY place that two farmgirls can find romance...

Saturday, June 24, 1995 Heather was pissed.  Really pissed. Pissed off at her now ex-boyfriend Jimmy, pissed off at her father, pissed off at Katie Donovan, pissed off at the whole damn world. She slammed on the brakes of the beat-up, old Chevy work pickup she was driving.  It skidded to a halt on the dirty, dusty road. She turned the key and let the pickup die.  Heather gazed out at...Read On


Kelly Chapter 4

The Vegas Trip

Then there was the time I had to go to Las Vegas on business. My wife had no interest in going to Vegas nor the time to go. Kelly’s husband was on a business trip of his own to somewhere in the Midwest. So I took her with me to Sin City. Day 1 I scheduled our arrival to be late morning on Sunday. That way we had time to check out the town away from The Strip. We had both been there many...Read On


Sharing My Japanese Wife

The true story of sharing my Japanese girlfriend/wife with other men

Some years ago when I was a single guy in my late twenties living and working in Japan for a few years I met a twenty-two-year-old Japanese woman named Keiko who I fell in love with, and for three months we had a passionate romantic relationship, then, as planned, she left for Sydney, Australia to study English and I was to meet up with her there later in the year after I tied up loose...Read On


His Name was Jason

They'd been best friends for years...

Thursday, September 19th, 1996 Jason had been Jack’s best friend since the two of them were in the 4th Grade.  They lived a block apart.  Throughout their latter grade school and junior high aged years, they had walked to and from school together every single day.  They’d spent long hot summers together. They’d spent the night at each other’s houses. They’d had epic pillow fights....Read On


Voyeur At The River With A Large Cock

The day I became a slut...

When I was seventeen and a new freshman in college, I played trumpet in the band. The band had to practice beginning in July to be ready for the fall game schedule at the school. At the time I had a boyfriend he was nineteen and a junior— he played the drums — he used to drive us to the school's field for early morning practice, he always asked me to give him a hand job on our way to...Read On


Spencer the Submissive

As she slowly entered him, he gasped several times ....

Prior to the start of our almost eleven years in an open-relationship, Barb had a Domme/submissive relationship with Spencer. When we started seeing each other, she offered him one last session with her on the condition that I would also use him as a 'play toy' at the same time but he canceled the day before. We forgot about him until three months later,  when she received an e-mail begging...Read On


The Guitar Player Strikes Again

Another day at work...

My hands were on both of her breasts, thumbing her nipples as she moaned into my mouth in ecstasy. Our kiss intensified as I gently kneaded her luscious tits, pulling the tips outwards and squeezing both at the same time in a sensual manner. I really wanted to lower her body backward, towards the arm of my sofa so we could progress to what I really wanted, to fuck her pussy silly and sore. Umm!...Read On


Barb's First Paid Photo Shoot (Part #1)

JoAnn asked: "Could you handle ten or more pissing on you?"

We were sitting in the living room after supper, sipping some wine when we decided to look at our joint profile on Fetlife (Pixie_and_Daddy). We wanted to respond to messages that we might have received and look at photo comments. That task took us about thirty minutes, just as we were about to log-out of our profile, I suggested to Barb that we compose a post looking for a paid photo shoot...Read On


Kelly Chapter 2

Our First Hotel Rendezvous

In the first chapter, I explained how Kelly and I met. We were two lonely people in loveless, sexless marriages. We met on an adult dating site, chatted, texted and sexted for weeks before we actually met. The culmination of those events was the most sensual lovemaking session of my life. Now we continue: We hadn't seen each other for a few days but had kept up a barrage of texts, in which...Read On


Fun with Holly and Chris

Old friends have a new experience together

Pam had called Holly and invited them to dinner out with us on Saturday night. "What do you think?" Pam asked. "I think we should rent a hotel room... with two beds," I replied with a grin. "Great idea," Pam giggled, "we can push the beds together later." "You can always read my mind," I said to her. *** Holly and Chris have been our friends for a long time. We were going to...Read On


The Back Story on Our Relationship (Part 2)

Preparing to get gang-banged for charity!

While I drove home, everything that took place with Barb kept running through my head repeatedly! Once I was in my apartment, I left her a voice-mail telling her to check her e-mail because there’d be a long message from me that needed to be responded to ASAP. In the message I sent to her, I told her about my individual profile on Fetlife and urged her to create her own profile on it with...Read On


From playboy magazines to MILF fantasies

The night he went from jacking off to playboy magazines to fantasizing about best friends mom

She was the lady of our small town, everyone knew her as the classy Mrs.T or Carol by her friends. Standing at 5’2 with the shoulder length blonde hair, a fit body and the curves any woman would be jealous of. And they were, as all the men always took a second look as she passed by. But each man also thought she hated sex and it was a dirty word by the way she carried herself. She was prim...Read On


My wife's bareback adventures

Years later, I found out what my wife was hiding from me.

This is completely true. It was on my birthday, as we were dressing to go out to dinner, that my wife Anna decided, for some reason I never have understood, to tell me about her sex life before we met. It was a lurid tale, but luckily for her I am not a jealous guy. When Anna (not her real name) turned sixteen, she and her friend Jean decided they were sick of being virgins, especially...Read On


The Back Story on Our Relationship

The beginning of over ten years of debauchery and love…

I’ve been a political activist since the age of eighteen and over the years, I’ve worked on several political causes which is how we first met. The Chicago Police Department had a long history of brutality and violence particularly against minorities. Several high profile cases took place with unarmed suspects being shot to death that sparked public outrage in the late 1990’s and one...Read On


How I Became Jennifer

Why I am now called Jennifer.

This is a true story. This is the story of how I became Jennifer. I’m not going to give my full history in this story, that is for another time. But I do need to give a little background information for you. I’ve been cross-dressing for years, going through all the usual purges. Then about five years ago I decided to embrace the cross-dressing. I was approaching fifty and I decided I wanted...Read On


My Crazy Life 5 - Tammy, Wendy, Brenda - Second Half

I finish my long tale, and then set myself up to reap the rewards.

In the first half of this story, I was telling my new friend Tammy about something mean I did to an acquaintance named Wendy. I was really enjoying the ego boost that I was getting from watching Tammy enjoy my true story. Tammy and I were both imagining how much we would enjoy it if Tammy were the woman I was having sex with. She started to openly masturbate on video chat while I continued...Read On


My Crazy Life 5 - Tammy, Wendy, Brenda - First Half

One story always leads to another. Is it bragging if it's true?

Sometimes, egos are good things. You can ride high on the wave of a growing ego, but you better watch for the breakers at the shore! This is a long story of how I built my ego up, flaunted it around, and then crashed back to reality. ===   Tammy: My wife met Michael at an infamous "Sue and Lyle" house party. He is a smaller dark-skinned man with a giant cock. At five-feet-six-inches, he...Read On


Confessions Of A Vietnamese Girl Part 3: First time

Staying virgin until marriage is not easy as it seems

The next days, Tim had to go work as usual. So I was talking with my friends and my family back in Viet Nam. I was also cleaning Tim's apartment and cooking for him. We met during Tim's lunches, which was nice. He introduced me to some of his colleagues and friends. Then on Thursday, I saw that Tim forgot to close his laptop, something that he did the previous days. I decided to check...Read On


While I was Sleeping

Waking up can be fun.

It was very late in the night, nothing but darkness except for the soft glow of a nightlight in one corner of my apartment. The sound of music coming from my stereo was playing quietly into the night. It was hot in my apartment tonight, so I was sleeping somewhat peacefully on the bed instead of getting under the covers. I soon went to sleep. I was asleep profoundly until I heard the key and...Read On


Fully Realised Domme

She wasn't sure she wanted a FLR, but she quickly got the ropes and wouldn't have it any other way.

The chilled Champagne tingled in her mouth and spread through her with an emboldening power as she relaxed in the warm bath. A wry smile emerged as she surveyed the room. Scented candles, flowers, and warm fluffy towels folded to perfection. He'd been an excellent study. She'd had to be strict with him in the beginning. Zero tolerance to any male ego, or any lapse in his concentration...Read On


Confessions of a Vietnamese Girl Part 2: Aftermath

The story about what happened after Tim went back to Europe...

After Tim went back to Europe, I went back to work. My usual schedule is waking up at 6 AM, going to work at 7, working from 7:30 till 18:00, having dinner with my parents around 19:00, watching some television, praying around 21:00, then going to bed around 21:30. And that is six days a week, Sunday is the day to go to church. As you can guess, there is not a lot of time left for any romance....Read On


My Crazy Life 4 - Cindy

Good communication and trust make for a good open marriage.

In a previous story, I mentioned how my wife had been bothered by my attraction to another woman. One of the things that make our swinging lifestyle work is our ability to discuss matters like this and work through them. Here is a fun little story of one of those encounters. Throughout our swinging career, we have been involved in three bigger groups and a fourth smaller group. The...Read On