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True sex stories, are those which feature real stories, either experienced by the author, or those they've been party to or told about. They could be tales of one-night stands, dating site hook-ups, blind dates, house parties, first time swinging experiences, free for all hippie sex romps. Stories submitted to this category, should be inspired by actual real events, and are deemed to be true.


My Two Secretaries

I had affairs with both of my married secretaries!

I took an assignment in California working on the Space Shuttle in August of 1976. It was to be for around a year and a half on TDY with all expenses paid by NASA, so I jumped at the chance for adventure and the added income. I had never been to the high desert before and was in for a surprise as I drove through Barstow, Mojave, and into Lancaster. After living in Florida where everything...Read On


How we started swinging and playing

My wife's 1st time

Like most couples, we had spoken during sex of threesomes etc. It always got her going imagining being fucked by a few guys or in a group setting. This went on for a few years, to be honest. She would willingly dress up while we fucked and the sessions got harder including some piss fun, fisting and of course watching porn. The kind she really got off on was the amateur gang/group stuff...Read On


My Introduction To Chelsey And My First Erotic Massage

An extremely sensual therapeutic massage, led me to explore the exciitng world of erotic massage

I shuffled my body aligning my face with the oval opening in the massage table. Inhaling the scent of the always freshly cleaned linens, I parted my legs slightly. The cool air from the fan caused goosebumps and I wondered to myself just how transparent or opaque the thin sheet covering my completely naked body would be. What a time to be thinking of this. Awkwardly I tugged on the fabric...Read On


My Crazy Life 3 - Susan

Sometimes a storyteller needs a little help to step out of the shadows.

If we were to meet today for the first time, you probably wouldn't be overwhelmed. I am not a bigger than life character. I am not sexually charismatic, or physically remarkable. You would probably notice that I am quietly confident, witty with dry humor, and I can often come off as having more than half a brain. At least you would notice me. That wasn't always the case. When my wife and...Read On


A dream in Jamaica

oh My God, you've got Stockings on

Katie draped both arms over his shoulders and kissed his neck as they moved slowly in time to the music. “This is beautiful,” she said softly. “I love it.” “Well only the best is good enough for my girl.” he smiled. He ran both hands down over her back and caressed the curves of her sexy little bottom as she pressed herself against him. "My girl," she said with a smile. "I like the sound...Read On


My Wife's Exploits (Continued)

So, what I'm attempting to do, in case you hadn't noticed, is relate my wife's sexual experiences during our separation and relate them in a chronological order.  The first story I posted took place about two months after we had been separated. She freely admitted by this time she had become so horny she couldn't even read books that had sensual parts in them, as they just caused her to...Read On


My Crazy Life 1 - Michelle

Maybe the title should be My Crazy Wife. She set me up!

I have written a lot of stories, and I believe I have a creative imagination. Because most of the stories are my fantasies, my main male characters tend to resemble me. This might quickly lead an astute reader to confusion, because in the various stories, my wife is either a nymphomaniac, or she's dead, or she left me for either a younger or an older man. My only answer is that to some...Read On


The Following Evening

Two guys come to visit...

Anyone who has read "Jaq Gets Some Big Cocks" will know I promised to write about what happened the following evening, this is an account of that evening. Jaq came home from her shopping trip at a little after three in the afternoon. "You know Clive and Dan are coming over this evening," Jaq barked. She handed me a bag and told me to get myself ready. Dan and Clive had fucked Jaq the...Read On


Amazing Gracie (Conclusion of Part 3)

The finishing touches of Part 3

As I lay next to Gracie in a contented sleep, I became aware of a stirring in my penis. It was nothing specific, just a very pleasant feeling. I assumed I was asleep and having a dream after the incredible sex I had enjoyed with Gracie earlier. I began to realize I wasn’t asleep and the feeling was very real. I opened my eyes and in the semi darkness I could both see and feel Gracie. She...Read On


My Wife's Sexual Exploits When We Were Separated

My wife and I were married for about two years and then decided a separation was necessary. We separated for a little over a year. About fourteen months to be exact. I, also, need to inform you she was a virgin when we met in high school. Had never so much as had a guy play with her gorgeous, 36DD breast. Or her beautiful ass, which was round and could cradle any man who laid down on top...Read On


Amazing Gracie (Pt. 3)

About a week after I met Gracie... this happened

The following happened one night about a week or ten days after Gracie and I first met. I showed up at Gracie’s door and knocked gently. Gracie opened the door dressed, not in slinky lingerie, but in appropriate outdoor summer wear. She had on a loose-fitting blouse/shirt hanging outside (not tucked in) a pair of khaki-colored shorts. She was barefoot and had a glass of wine in her hand. I...Read On


Dress With An Effect …Chapter 2

Jenn and Jack’s unexpected coupling continues

Holding me in his arms as he would a child, Jack began to make his way to my bedroom.  I felt so totally vulnerable; so submissive as he carried me up the stairs. Once in my room, he gently laid me on the bed.  Stepping back, he looked down at me as I lay there naked and whispered, “My God, you are so beautiful.” I reached up towards him, saying. “Come down here.” He lay next to me,...Read On


Twenty-Fifth High School Reunion

An amazing night.

I am going to my High School Twenty-Fifth reunion. My wife is working as usual overseas so I am traveling alone. I have not seen anyone of my classmates since I graduated. I am hoping one person shows up, Diana. I fly to Pennsylvania and rent a car and drive to the hotel where our reunion will be. I get there and I am excited to see my friends but I keep looking around. There is Diana. She...Read On


Amazing Gracie (Pt. 2)

Gracie's background

Gracie and I embarked on a period of time where we had the “mutual irresistible” for each other. It was strange, but she and I could not get together without feeling a heat. When we would go out in public we would usually end up cutting our evening short and hurry back to one of our apartments for private, carnal activities. As I learned more about Gracie’s history, her current attitudes...Read On


Dress With An Effect

True about the first time with my new FWB

“Jenn, I want to see you in my office before you leave,” commanded ICU nurse manager Jack Murphy.  Nursing was Jack’s second career after retiring from the Marines, and sometimes he forget that he wasn’t commanding troops anymore. My first thought was, “Oh great, what did I do now?” I walked to his office and found him sitting behind his desk with a rather stern look on his face. “Close...Read On


How Did I Get Involved With A Woman In Michigan?

After three years of phone sex, camming, and letters, it finally happens, face to face

Michigan!!  How in the hell did I get involved with a woman in Michigan of all places? The landing was uneventful, as was the de-planing, rental car stop, pickup of the keys and entry into the maze of Michigan freeways. Unknown to Dyann, I had planned my arrival to put me at her workplace during the workday. The surprise would be fun, and hopefully the night would be more fun. Traveling...Read On


Amazing Gracie

An encounter with an amazing mature lady.

I was in my mid-forties when this took place. At that time, I was living in a nice apartment on the 11th floor of a building in a downtown area. My job had me traveling frequently, and sometimes for extended periods of time. But currently, I was enjoying some time at home base following a six-week assignment to the great northwest (Washington State). There was a very nice lady that lived...Read On


Our 100% True Adventure

My partner is in her mid-fifties, 5’11” inches tall, with ice blue eyes and short blonde hair. At 135 lb. she’s slender with 34B breasts, which are crowned by coral pink ultra-sensitive nipples, and astonishing 36-inch legs. Her pussy is shaven except for a very small patch of trimmed hair at the top of her vulva. I’m in my low-sixties, 6’ even, with blue eyes, gray hair, and a six-inch...Read On


Cambodian Delights

More than five-star treatment at a luxury hotel

Before arriving in Siem Reap I had already spent three days in Phnom Penh doing research for my employer and was already exhausted. Luckily to save time, my resort, adjacent to the temples, had laid on a helicopter to fly me straight in. The views across Angkor Wat were simply breathtaking as we approached, almost making up for the trip so far. Sadly, I knew I wouldn't have time to explore...Read On


My virgin asshole

A night out with friends ends in my first pegging

Mandy was a stunning 10 out of 10 and clearly way, way out of my league but we had met at a local BDSM munch and had got talking. Ever since then whenever we saw each other we’d have a friendly exchange and always hugged when we met. But I knew nothing more was ever going to come from it - despite being way too hot for me she was also 17 years younger than me at 21. She is 5’4” a natural...Read On


A Night Of Firsts

Helping a divorcee discover her sexuality

The date did not get off to a good start. I arrived early as always, ordered a drink and found a nice seat outside to enjoy the amazing summer sun that for once was beating down on London. As the minutes ticked by I began to think that I’d been stood up. Suddenly, fifteen minutes late, my phone buzzed with a message apologising but assuring me she was on her way. She finally arrived...Read On


Naughty Getaway

We decided to book a few nights away in a hotel because we had been teasing each other with what kind of things we could get away with while staying in a hotel. Hotel sex is so much naughtier because you don't know who is listening on the other side of the wall and they could hear us also, which is very sexy.  On the drive up to the hotel, we were both so horny, my girlfriend was teasing me....Read On


My Kinky Girlfriend

At work one day while my girlfriend was at home feeling really naughty and horny, she kept sending me dirty messages and naughty photos of herself in sexy underwear, playing with her pussy. I couldn't take it anymore so I nipped to the loo and she rang, talking dirty to me as I wanked and came. But after that, she was even more horny. She sent me photos of her in the back garden lying on...Read On


Wedding Corset

Trying on my sisters wedding corset; it got me into a dilemma

My older sister Steph and I were frequently thought of being identical twins, in spite of our two years, three month and seven days age difference. This we used to our advantage on countless occasions. Sometimes getting out of trouble at high school, or playing pranks on our unsuspecting friends, boyfriends, and teachers. All in all, it was a lot of fun. We were almost identical in size...Read On


THE massage

great BJ in China

For those of you that follow my stories, thank you. For this story, I’ll step out of my normal genre of sixteen-year-old girls with an older man. I’m going to try my best to remember the facts. Before leaving for China I filed for divorce. I was angry, confused and overwhelmed. My estranged wife is from mainland China. Her sister’s son lives in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region....Read On


The Apartment Manager

Painting the apartment with the manager.

Managing apartments can be a real chore sometimes; but, once in a while, it can be great fun too. I once met an apartment manager in her mid-thirties while I was living on the yacht. She offered to pay me fifty dollars to help her paint an apartment to get it ready to rent. She told me I was to roll the walls and ceiling while she did the trim with her brush. We agreed; so, off she went...Read On


The Shower Helper

Girls helping with your shower.

CRAIGSLIST: Domestic Gigs  (Housemaids) Retiree needs female with a helping hand for his shower duties;  You need not be bothered by nudity; Pays $20/hour minimum.     Also have need of a driver for groceries, washeteria, beach, etc;  Same rates apply-$10/Hr for Person; $10/Hr for Auto/Gas. Most answers to this ad were girls in their twenties, out of work, trying to keep their sixty...Read On

The Spinner Series: The Boat

Another wild weekend with Jennifer on the boat.

It was another beach weekend coming up for Jennifer and me, but this time we invited my best friend Ted and his girlfriend, Tina. Ted called me Thursday to say that Tina had a family funeral that came up at the last minute so she couldn’t come down.   I asked Ted if he was going to the funeral and he said, “No, it’s out of state so she’s going with family so they won’t be back until Monday...Read On


Porn Shoot

Fun Porn Shoot

Well, I had said I wasn't going to do another photo shoot.  That however changed when the company I had been to before contacted me.  I had told them, no, but they were persistent and offered what seemed like a lot of money.  Eventually, I conceded, it was just too good an offer to turn down. This time they wanted to do a photo set with a guy and me, involving full penetration.  I wasn't...Read On


Multiple Personalities

A different personality for each person

Most days I am completely convinced I have multiple personality disorder. All the different emotions run through my body at any given moment, surging to the surface or getting locked away deep within myself. Each personality fights for her own space, her own unique needs, all while trying to please the beast within my groin as well. My dominant personality is Amanda. She is crazy and funny...Read On