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I Have Sex With My Friend's Wife

I have my first sex

This happened a few years ago when I was 22 years old, working in an office, and living in a rented apartment. My parents lived in a village about 20 miles from me but were both killed in a car accident so I inherited their bungalow. I transferred to the bungalow and obtained a positition in a nearby office where I became friendly with Ted who was a computer expert, which I wasn`t. He...Read On



Beach sex with my sister

Camping leads to fucking

My sister, Jean, was widowed a year before these events. She lived about 30 miles from me. I am Andrew (Andy, my sister called me) and I divorced my wife two years before this. I had remained single since then and masturbated when necessary. Jean and her late husband and I and my ex-wife had been campers. On one of my visits to Jean we arranged to go camping in Scotland. I had been...Read On


Friends watch incest

Friends watch me and my sister fuck

I am Peter and have been a widower for three years. My sister, Audrey, has been widowed for two years. She lives in a bungalow about 100 yards from mine. Her next- door neighbours are a married couple, Frank and Mabel. My sister and I are friendly with them. I had recently returned from a holiday in the south of France where I frequentlywent to a nearby naturist beach. On the telephone...Read On


I fuck my wife and sister

Brother persuaded by wife to fuck sister

  My sister, Joan, lives in a town asbout 5o miles from where my wife, Edna, and I, live. Several years ago Edna was speaking to Joan on the telephone and invited her to spend a few days with us. Joan obtained leave from her employer and duly arrived here. When she did Edna asked her if she would like to go to a beach with us where ladies are allowed to go topless. "I don`t know about...Read On


I masturbate for my sister then fuck her

My sister photographs me naked cumming

I went to a naturist camp for a three-week holiday and very much enjoyed seeing naked girls walking about with no sense of embarrassment. I returned home with a good sub tan all over. My sister, Edna, who lives near me came to visit me and I told her about my holiday and said I was brown all over. She wanted to see it so I undressed in my lounge. I had no inhibitions about being seen naked by...Read On


My sister and I masturbate then fuck

Sister and I commit incest

At the time of this account my sister, Irene, and I were in our forties. She is a year younger than me. She had divorced her husband when he had gone off with another woman. A month or so after that my wife was killed in a car accident. So Irene and I now had no spouses. She bought a house in the village where I live and we often visited each other in the evening when we not at work. I...Read On


My sister and I watch blue films then fuck. By Tryer

Sister learns to watch blue films on computer

My sister, Ethel, is a widow and lives in a town about twenty miles from mine. She came to visit me for a few days and I gave her my spare bedroom to use. We taljked about our lives. "You`ed never married, Harry. Have you had a live-in girl friend?" she asked. "No, I haven`t". "You are twenty two and still a cock virgin. You must get an urge sometimes. What do you do about it?". "I...Read On


My sister invites me to fuck her

Sister and brother masturbate then fuck

I am a widower and my sister, Audrey, is a widow. She lives in a bungalow not far from mine. Earlier this year I took my caravan to a campsite in the south of France by the Mediterranean. When there I went to a nudist beach and became brown all over. When I returned home I went to Audrey's bungalow and she commented on my sunburnt face… She said that the weather on the campsite must have...Read On


My sister invites me to fuck her

Sister and brother masturbate then fuck

I am a widower and my sister, Audrey, is a widow. She lives in a bungalow not far from mine. Earlier this year I took my caravan to a campsite in the south of France by the Mediterranean. When there I went to a nudist beach every day and became brown all over. When I returned home I went to Audrey's bungalow and she commented on my sunburnt face. She said that the weather on the campsite...Read On


Youth masturbation with neighbours

Brothers and sisters masturbate.

I am Fred and some years ago, at the time of these events, I was 16 years old and my sister Ruth was a year older. Next door was a family which had a swimming pool. The family included a son and daughter that were the same age as Ruth and me. Sometimes we were invited to swim in the pool. On this occasion we swam in the pool without our parents, who were out at work in their various offices. ...Read On



A man and woman masturbate

Strangers meet and masturbate each other

One summer day I was walking along a lane near the village where I live. It had been raining but the skies had cleared and the day was warm and bright. I was dressed in shorts and tee shirt. A car passed me and sprayed me with water from a large puddle. I was soaked to the skin. To myself I cussed the driver and was angry at what had happened. I was surprised when the car stopped and the...Read On


I masturbate to be seen

I masturbate by a French window

I masturbate to be seen I am a 50 year old widower and frequently masturbate, always in the nude and had a wish to be seen doing it by a woman. Two women, seemingly about my own age, together walk past my house at the same time each evening. I wondered what would happen if I arranged that I would "accidentally" be seen naked by them. It may seem strange but I WANTED be seen naked by them,...Read On


Masturbation in the woods

Sunbathing leads to masturbation

There is a clearing in the woods a couple of miles from where I live and in the summer I cycle there to sunbathe in the nude. When there I usually masturbate. It is quite safe to be naked there because I've never seen anyone else come along the track. On this occasion, however, things went quite differently. I had undressed and put my clothes on a fallen log. When naked, I lay on the...Read On


Unexpected masturbation in my caravan

Wife of couple and me masturbate

I took my trailer caravan to a campsite in France. The day after I arrived an English married couple arrived riding bicycles. They introduced themselves as as Ted and Muriel. I told them I was Peter. From their packs they took a small tent, which I think is called a "bivvy" and erected it. That night the heavens opened and the rain was so heavy that the noise on the roof of my van woke me...Read On

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I fuck a passenger sailing on my ship

My passenger wants me to fuck her

I am Phillip (Phil to my friends) and a captain of a cruise ship. Two years before these events, my wife was killed on a pedestrian crossing by a car which did not stop. My first officer, Steve, has a sister, Pauline, who was sailing as a passenger on this cruise which included putting in at ports on the Mediterranean. We ran into a nasty storm and she suffered badly from sea sickness and...Read On


I Masturbate To Be Seen - A Development

I masturbate and fuck sisters.

You should first read my story"I masturbate to be seen" before reading this. Joan and Mabel had masturbated me several times when I was completely naked. When I said Id like to masturbate them they refused. However, there was a change in their attitude. One evening, when I was naked and ready for them to jerk me off, Joan said something that surprised and pleased me. Mabel and I have...Read On


My friend and I fuck his wife

A surprise leads to sex

I was naked, watching a blue film on my computer and getting a slight hard-on. I started masturbating, intending to cum, but needed some newspaper on the floor to catch it, when it shot out of me. Putting the film on hold and still still stroking my cock, which was now fully hard, I went into my lounge to fetch an old newspaper. I had forgotten that when I left the lounge to go to bed...Read On


My introduction to swinging parties

Friends show me how to swing

I had been a widower for two years and very much missed the sex my wife and I had had. I didn`t want to try to get a "girl friend" which other men had done. Instead, I masturbated pretty regularly. Always standing up and in the nude in my lounge with newspapers on the floor to catch my cum when I ejaculated. I had been jerking off and had a good erection when the doorbell rang. I put on...Read On


My wife and I are fucked by friends

My wife and I commit adultery

My wife, Nell and I took our trailer caravan to a campsite in France and became friendly with a French married couple, Jacques and Monique, who also had a trailer caravan. We were sitting on chairs in in their caravan awning and drinking wine when Monique, who spoke excellent English (unlike her husband who could not speak it at all though she translated for him whan necessary) said...Read On


Sex in Wales

Sunbathing leads to sex

I erected a tent in a field in Wales and went to a nearby beach which was fairly deserted. I lay on my back taking in the sun. As there was nobody near me, I slipped my bathing trunks down to my knees so that I was virtually naked. I wanted to get a sun tan on the whole of my front. After a while I began playing with my cock, getting it almost hard. Unfortunately, I hadn`t seen someone...Read On


Sex on a Britanny beach

I am masturbated by my friend`s wife then we fuck

For many years my wife and I were were friends with a married couple, Stan and May. I became a widower but continued my friendship with them. One day we decided to go to a guest house in Brittany and, when there, went to a nearby beach to swim. Stan could not swim and only paddled, fully dressed except for socks and shoes. May and I changed into bathers, she in a two-piece costume and me...Read On


Sex with my neighbour

Unexpected fucks

My neighbours were a married couple Jim and Jo and we often visited each others bungalow fora drink and chat. Sadly, Jim was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago which made o a widow. She and I still visit each other for drinks. One sunny day I decided to clear the dead leaves from my roof gutters so I put a ladder against one of them. When I climbed up I could look over the...Read On


Sex with my neighbour

Friendship with neighbour leads to nudism then sex

This happened several years ago. My wife was killed in her car by a drunken driver so I am now a widower. I continued working for nearly two years then changed to a new job in another town and bought a bungalow in a nearby village. My next door neighbour, Freda, appeared to have divorced her husband some time ago. We became quite friendly. One evening, over drinks, she said that when...Read On


Sunbathing leads to sex

After sunbathing, I fuck my neighbour

In the summer I often sunbathe, nude, in my garden, which I can do because it has high hedges and is not overlooked by the bungalow on the other side of the hedge. The owner of the bungalow is Audrey and we sometimes spoke to each other through the hedge and I had told her that I sunbathe in the nude knowing she couldn’t see me. One day she told me that she was going to have another...Read On


Sunbathing leads to sex: A development

I have sex with two sisters

You should first read my story "Sunbathing leads to sex" to understand this one. At another of my sex sessions with Audrey she told me that besides her brother she had a widowed sister, Emily, who sometimes comes to stay with her for a few days. She can be accommodated in the bungalow part of the house because she has no children, so is alone. Audrey had told her on the phone about the...Read On

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Masturbation and Joint Sex

Nakedness leads to sex

In the rear garden of my bungalow was a high hedge between my garden and the house on the other side. The couple who lived in the bungalow were friends of mine. They had a swimming pool between the hedge and the bungalow and they often invited me to swim there. We all wore bathing suits and had a glass of wine before swimming. I was disappointed when they sold the place and moved away but...Read On