Another day at work

Another day at work. Another day of serving customers their cold cuts, who want it sliced extra thin, because its the only way their toddlers will eat it. Because they have problems digesting food. Because it just tastes better when its thin. Another day of being just one once over, and OH MY GOD, that's TOO EXPENSIVE! Another day of bullshit, or so I thought. My name is Nick, and I...Read On



Helping my sister

I help my injured sister in ways her physical theropy couldn't

    I had not heard from my sister in a few days, and I was a little concerned.  She called me and we talked almost every day, and we hung out about three times a week when our work schedules allowed for it.  We would usually hang out Friday nights at a bar, getting stupidly drunk.  This usually ended with her throwing up outside my car, and me holding her as various hues only vomit can...Read On