Straight Sex(3)


A Story Of Colleagues Ch. 01

After ending a relationship, a guy finds solace in his co-workers.

A STORY OF COLLEAGUES – So, I used to work at a low-volume restaurant in a small town. For whatever, reason, though, we had some extremely good looking girls who worked there. This is a story about my encounter with four of them. For privacy’s sake, names and identifying information have been changed, although physical descriptions are accurate. First, you have to understand what these...Read On


A Story Of Colleagues Ch. 02

Next up is Brianna, with some help.

At this point, the other three girls slowly and quietly backed out of the room, closing the door behind them. Fortunately, Rochelle was still too lost in pulling the rest of the cum out of my cock that she didn’t notice the click of the latch. I pulled her back up to me and kissed her, and then sat up with her. “You may want to go clean up, the other girls are back.” “Oh? How do you know?”...Read On


A Story Of Colleagues Ch. 03

Lana and Kaitlin's turn, the end of the night.

I looked at Lana… “How about you next?” She smiled, and began taking off the rest of her clothes. “You said you had taken it in the ass before, Lana… did you enjoy it? If so, did you want to do it again?” She looked up at me as she released her bra, freeing those gigantic orbs on her chest. I reached for them and took them in my hands as she thought. “I enjoyed it, but the guy was...Read On