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On Call

And finally his day took a turn for good

Stupid! Idiot! Knuckle dragging, sloth blooded … His round of profanities towards the slow walking gentleman blocking his way in the crowded passage stopped when he tried pushing his way ahead. He noticed the hunched stature, white wisps on the shining head, withered skin, quad cane and a urine bag in his hand. Although the unflattering moon behind the hospital robe was proudly...Read On


On Call (Part 2) - The Follow Up

The adventures in scrubs continue

A distant cheer of the crowd was resonating as the camera zoomed in from different angles. The tension was palpable and the crowd egged on. In one corner, people started to sing. Fists were pumped into the air; high-fives and screams were shared in excitement. His heart was racing and beads of sweat flowered on his skin. Suddenly the noise dropped down as they changed positions and...Read On

Love Poems(9)


Mirror Mirror

She admires the memories of passionate night left on herself

Showing what her eyes can see, "A gorgeous damsel, can this be me?" Urging, needing to touch, explore, Be an exhibitionist today or a peeping voyeur ? Falling in love with her own shadow, From the silky hair to the curling toe. Her hands wandered to her dainty curves, Her loins reacted to the firing nerves. She cooed, she giggled, she turned around, Looking for it and...Read On


Romance in the rain

Magic of the moment created by rain ...

A shimmering stretch of light in the sky  Triggering chase for a vision in my heart Familiar ride of sparkle in her eyes Drenching myself in her alluring art. Easing guard and a reaching touch Buoyant feel in the refreshing breeze Locking eyes in a soulful search Her curling lips in a sensual crease. First set of rain jewels descending on their way To catch those her arms...Read On


It has never been easy

It has never been easy Never so possible Speaking in words Those were lifeless, inaudible. Walking with confidence Smiling so wide Filled with emotions Those eyes could never hide. Hiding in mask Disguising the pout No longer could it last Damp eyes ripped it out. At times backing oneself Turning to stone Displayed vulnerably on shelf Stinging flesh on the bones. ...Read On


I am just jealous

just jealous ...

I am just jealous Of the charming rays and sunshine you adore Of the prudy nose and gorgeous eyes you trust To feel your feet and kiss, your opportunate floor Of the cozy warmth of your room you crave, you lust. I am just jealous Of the lifeless spoon and coffee mug you kiss Of the singing love-birds and curious kitten you care Of every enchanting memory you cherish and miss Of...Read On


Thinking Of You

Every thought is for you

Seeing daylight studded with stars Moving in dark night, with sunrays in view I know these thoughts can only lead me so far The world seems a stranger, when I am thinking of you. I work on footsteps to lead the way Losing and reaching different venues Breathing in worlds and feeling like a stray A loving distraction, as I am thinking of you. Spreading my arms while wrapping raindrops...Read On


My secret window

Freedom comes for a cost, some of you may understand what I mean ...

In my teenage room I had this secret window Through this tiny hole My dreams would come and go. I used to spend my time Staring and reading sky Flying and singing rhyme One day you came by. I was stunned by colors Your beauty and your grace We spent some happy hours And the bonding grew in days. I brought your favorite chocolates You brought my favorite flowers ...Read On


Nothing is as perfect as you

you are better than everything around ...

I call you my sunshine Because I want the sun to know that it is not only the one that brightens my day. I kiss you good morning Because I want my lips to know that you are the sweetest thing they’ll ever touch. I bring fresh roses for you Because I want them to know that there is someone much more beautiful than them. I gifted you canaries Because I wanted them to know that there...Read On


It's you

everywhere in everything , it's you ...

In the mind In the soul In the heart As a whole It’s you … In the lunch In the dine In the water In the wine It’s you … Whether day Whether night Whether love Whether fight It’s you … In the breath In the blink On the paper In my ink It’s you … In the rain In the drizzle In the dreams That I chisel It’s you … In the summer In the sun I care for Just one It’s you … In...Read On


I Still ...

still waiting for you ...

I still wake up in the nights Sweating to your dreams I still stare the open door Waiting for you it seems I don’t blink my eyes anymore Expecting you to pass I never knew it good That it would end up so at last. I still check my silent phone To see if you made a call I still sometimes shout and moan Hoping you hear it across the wall I don’t turn my lights off Letting you know that I...Read On