First Time(1)


Flirting 101

inspired by my wild imagination:)

It was a typical day in college. Well at least thats what I thought... I hate these required courses in college, they are so pointless. But the girl I met that day was far from pointless. I sat down at my desk, towards the back of the lecture hall. This amazing looking girl, walked in a few minutes late, and sat right next to me because that was the only empty seat left. In my head I kind...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


Last Night

An impulsive decision leads to amazing sex.

As we stared at my star filled ceiling, each of us puffing smoke through our lips, down to our lungs and back out, we remained fairly quiet, wrapped up in thought. Both of us had the same thing on our minds. Get your mind out of the gutter, you perv! I'm only kidding, of course it was sex we were thinking about. Why else would you be interested? The entire day, all I could think about...Read On



Not Myself Tonight

I'm not usually the type of girl that goes out to bars or clubs a lot. Last Friday was an exception to that rule. I had a bad week last week. I got fired from my job, I was fighting with my best friend, and to top it all off, right after storming out of the job I was fired from, I broke my favorite pair of heels on the way to my car in the parking lot. Not a good week at all. On Friday, after...Read On


Gossip City Chapter 1: Revenge of the Kindhearted

The start to a new series of tales of the bitches of Gossip City.

In this segment, Mayor Meg helps Gina, (an innocent girl, accused of sluttiness, who had been framed by an actual slutty bitch) escape from prison. There have been many times in my life, when I found myself dreaming of a world without bitches. Then one night, I woke up from one of those dreams, and had an epiphany. I sat up in bed, and an invisible light bulb, as bright as a...Read On


Secret Love- After the Breakup (Part 2)

If you read part 1 first you will have a much better understanding of the characters =)

With Anthony pushed to the back of her subconscious mind, Delilah followed her new friend, Caitlin, into the club. Delilah caught a glimpse of the sign above the door to the club, it read: "Toxic Tonic" She had noticed that they had skipped the entire line of people waiting to get into the club. They were able to, since Caitlin knew the bouncer, which was a good thing, or they would have...Read On


The perfect day

A fantasy about the girl I love...

It was the perfect day. It started out at 9AM a few days before Chritmas Eve in 2010. I showed up at her house to pick her up. Nothing fancy, since I can't drive. I took the train there. She greeted me with that same adorable smile. It is just so contagious, and every time we meet up, there's that same smile. She is gorgeous. Her name is Lexy. She is about 5'5, long, soft, vanilla...Read On

Love Poems(48)



Don't push me away. Pull me closer.

Without you, I can't breathe. A sharp pain, Shattering fragments, Fly around, Free souls, Drifting to find a match. Don't leave me, I beg you, Don't give up, I love you. I know deep down, You feel the same. Pushing pulling, Tearing thrashing, Just above surface, Stay leave, Love hate, My heart is crying. Pull me back, I'll push you forward, We belong as one, Not two. The fragments...Read On


I The Dandelion

About this girl I'm falling for, who is already kind of taken. It's complicated.

So close, Yet afar. I a dandelion, Blending into, A field of daisies, Just a dirty weed. On the horizon, A beautiful girl, Skips along, Without knowing, Trampling I, The dandelion. My seeds, Blow gently. Wind carries them, Taking root, Growing again, A scrawny yellow flower. I watch, She's happy. I the dandelion, Await the day, You make a wish, To be with me. Her eyes, Shut tight. She...Read On


She Is

I can't. I don't. I won't. Figure it out. I have no doubt. She is. What words. Can't describe. I try. I want. I need. To finally find. No peace of mind. She is. Still nothing. Words can describe. I search. I wander. I beg. For some phrase. All is a haze. She is. Everything. I can't describe. Higher than heaven. Stronger than expression. More descriptive than writing. I struggle...Read On


One Step Closer

I started writing and it got erased, so this isn't as good as my first version, but hopefully its ok

Every one day is, Another day closer, To holding her in my arms, Going on dates, Kissing her. No screen in my way. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Closing the distance's miles of wingspan, Another mile closer, To holding her hand, To being together, Cuddling all night, Nothing standing in my way. Every day, Every month, Every season. One step closer to happiness, Another dollar...Read On



I love you sunshine.

So close, Yet far away. I close my eyes, You're here to stay. You're in my arms, I hold you tight, My eyes still closed, You're right in sight. Holding hands, Lust-filled eyes, In my dreams, There's no goodbyes. One day, I will be there, Or you'll be here, Into your eyes I will stare. No technology, Separating two, Forever together, Me plus you. I hold my heart, You're trapped inside,...Read On


The Way I feel

If anyone has been wondering why I haven't been on here writing, here is a hint =)

A million butterflies, My heart exploding. In the dead of night, My voice a whisper. The soothing sound of your voice, My breathing erratic. Only your words matter. My heart listens. My arms empty, Longing to hold you. My mouth curved upwards, Involuntary reactions. The way I feel, Is perfect. This time it's real, Not merely illusion. This is something rare. It's called...Read On


Cloud Nine Becomes Cloud One

Cloud nine is no fun, Where there is no sun, It's a cold, dark place. It's below freezing, I'm a block of ice, What you said, Didn't feel too nice. I'm now alone, On cloud nine, But if you ask, I'll say I'm fine. I feel trapped, Like a mime, No words come out, This is far from sublime. I love you, But things aren't fine, High above, On cloud nine. What if I take one wrong step? I could...Read On


Suspended (For Now But Not Forever)

Like soft Ocean blue, A pair of two, So deep, immense, Staring, killing me slowly, suspense. Two vital parts, Another two hearts, Captured, suspended in time, Nothing matters as long as you're mine. Such a simple task, But how? I ask, Do I grow wings and fly, High up in the sky? Suspended in air, But I don't give a care, All I want is you. Forget what I knew. Just me and you lost together,...Read On



Sometimes I wake up, I cry, Then smile, As I remember the sound of your voice. Sometimes I look up, To the sky, And smile, As I remember you're somewhere out there. Sometimes I lay in my bed, Staring at the wall, Then smile, As I close my eyes and imagine that you're here. Sometimes I forget, That you're so far, Then smile, As I put my hand on my heart remembering you're there. Sometimes...Read On


Emotional Rollercoaster (Tearing Myself Apart)

This most likely does not make sense to anyone but myself...

Crash. There goes my feelings. Thud. Face down again, in the mud. Rip. There is no longer flesh, only scars. Clank. My stomach sank. Ding. Someone's here but I don't answer. Smash. Face down on the bed. Bang. That's my brain as it implodes. Smack. Across the face for looking back. Crack. The wall breaks through my hand. Drip. Here come more tears. Hum. The low...Read On


Dry Tears

probably not my best, just kinda wrote itself...

I should not, But still I care. I wonder where, I wonder why, Then I think, What went wrong? Now I remember. It was there, But now it's gone. Forgotten and lost, Moving away, Hanging by a thread. Thread can be cut, But this one can't. First love doesn't die, But you can forget it. It just wasn't meant to be. You said no for a reason, So now it's my turn. For once in my life, I will stick...Read On



This is for a girl on here, who I really want to confess my love to, but I can't find the balls to do it. I really love her, and I have no idea if she know I do, and if she does, I hope it doesn't freak her out. If you are her, and you are reading this, I love you, and you will always have my heart. I know it sounds crazy, but I can feel it in my heart. Okay and now I will stop babbling so...Read On


Perfect Correlation

I love you so much, It's overwhelming, In fact right now, My hands are trembling. I'm going insane, A hopeless romantic, Chasing destiny, Flailing, frantic. So close, Yet afar, Shining bright, A lonely star. Please put my heart, At rest, You and I as one, Is best. Is it positive one, Perfect correlation? Or a negative one, That leads to frustration? Never was I good at math, But I follow...Read On


Invisible Tether

Another kind of raw poem, but then again I think all of them are. All from the same place. My heart.

I'm in love with you, But something pulls me back. An invisible tether, Has been cut. Then a glimmer of hope, The silver lining, Comes around once again, The tether still holds by a thread. Is it the distance? Is it the fear? Is it me being selfish? To you, or to myself? All I know, That tether is there, But whether you care, This I don't know. I want to say it, I really do, But if and...Read On



I want to be let in, To a loving heart, Be told I'm yours, You're mine. And say I'm yours, You're mine. For now I just imagine. I want to be held, In two loving arms, All night. Then hold you back, All night. For now I just imagine. To go on a date, Stare across the table, Smiling. You stare back at me, Smiling. For now I just imagine. To run across a field, Dance in pouring rain,...Read On


Thoughts At Bay

For some reason I keep procrastinating writing stories, but hey why not write a poem=)

I'm feeling off balance, I drink from the Chalice, On a Sunday afternoon. I repent for my sins, But the devil he wins, He brings me back to you. I pray there's a way, To keep my thoughts at bay, But yet they like to follow. A wild goose chase, My untied shoelace, Running I fall again. It's not due to the bird, Haven't you heard? I fell for a person again. Not just random things, My...Read On



When you're not around, My Heart sinks into the ground. Deep into the soil, Though my love shan't recoil. When you are around, The rooms filled with sound, A thumping beat, I squirm in my seat. You make me nervous, Blood rushes to the surface, To my flesh on my face, You make my heart race. If only you could see, These things you do to me, Maybe then you'd understand, How much I just want...Read On


Fallen Hard

This is one of the many love songs I have written... It's the first one I'm really sharing, I have only shared certain lines to 1 other song, but this is the first whole song I am sharing with anyone besides me... You came along, Walked right into my life, You sat down, Made yourself at home, In my heart. My weaknesses my flaws, You seem to love it all, You laugh with me, You...Read On



I guess I am in my writing mood again. Another poem writing rampage might occur...

I look to the universe for answers. Answers that do not exist. Answers hiding behind clouds, Beyond the rainbows, Jumping into the sun. Answers hidden, By the black curtain, With tiny glimmers of hope. I stare searching every night, Plotting ways to tell you. Questions are repeated. Who am I? Will I be with you? When? How? Why have I fallen so hard? So many unanswered things. Time...Read On



I really overthink things sometimes =/

Sometimes, I don't know what to feel. Is this a fantasy? Or could it be real? Sometimes, I feel loved, But like a baby bird, I need to be shoved. Sometimes, I feel hurt, And completely alone, Nothing more than dirt. Sometimes, The cloud has silver lining, A glimmer of hope, Forever shining. Sometimes, I mess thing up, Make it wrong, Maybe I should just shut up. Sometimes, I am stupid,...Read On



Instead of a love poem about some ONE I love, I switched it up to a someTHING I love.

Click. Another object, Or a person, Frozen. Click. A sound of love, Not a hobby, Passion. Click. It's more than that, It's awesome, Art. Click. Something simple, Completely changed, New. Click. Black and white, Maybe color, Film. Click. Develop. Admire....Read On


Path of Avoidance

Another poem, expressing what I am too scared to say out loud...

You are incredible, My feelings irrepressible. These poems are proof, My feelings suspended aloof. Floating through space, And in this case, To the sun, They run. The brightest star, So close, yet far. Just like you, If only you knew. But I'm a coward, My body devoured, Burned by fear, Off track I steer. Down the path of avoidance, This path is so pointless, But I don't want to say, It...Read On


Heart on the Page

my voice is lost, so I let words speak for me...

What if she doesn't realize? What if she doesn't care? What if she didn't notice, Even though it was right there. Written in my words, Hidden in my mind, All I can hope, Is that one day you'll find. Put the pieces together, Think of everything, We have a winner, Ding ding ding. But who am I kidding, You still don't see, Or if you do you hold back, And you don't tell me. I can write...Read On


Every Time

No matter what I do, It all comes back to you, All the time, Every single time. Every time I look at you, Every time it makes me smile, Every time I get these tingles, Every time my heart grows wings. Every time I talk to you, Every time you make me laugh, Every time I get these butterflies, Every time I think of you. Every time we say goodnight, Every time before I sleep, Every time I...Read On


Heart Dressed in Black

This is kind of deep, and a little depressing,

Part of this was inspired by a girl I like here on lush, and the other part by a guy who is in the army, who I care a lot about and worry about everyday. I would become very depressed and heartbroken, if I lost contact with the girl on here, and devastated if anything happened to this strong, brave man. Both of these people are very dear to me and mean a lot. For each person, some of...Read On


Dirty Thoughts Wandering Free

well this is a little different than my normal poems lol

My dirty thoughts, I drift away, Letting hands wander as the may. They start on their paths, Setting free, Losing control exploring me. Breathing now labored, Thoughts of you, Oh goodness what those thoughts can do. Soft moans follow, Along with a whimper, I feel my body growing limper. Settling down, A satisfied face, The explorer lay lifeless under a wet layer of lace. Even though I...Read On



Just some randomness resulting from my chipper mood...

Live laugh and love, Optimism. Sadness thrown away. Happy. Trails of tears, Behind. Happy years, Ahead. Time goes by, Memories. Frozen with a click, Pictures. It could all be gone, Snap. Taken away from me, Lost. I love my life so much, Content. I'm happy with me, Confidence. I love those around me, Hugs. Fun times together, Irreplaceable. I love life, Heart. I think of things, Smile. ...Read On


Screw You

Needed to get this out.

A few years ago, Ask and I'd tell, I love this girl, My first true love. Then the storm came, As I sat on the shore, Watching the past, The tide pulling away. How could you do this? That was all fake? And then you say sorry, To try to get me back? What kind of shit is this? I'm a loser, I'm pathetic? I think you got that all wrong. Yeah so what, I have made some mistakes, But I'm not...Read On



Another random love poem that wrote itself with the help of my brain...

Bread and butter, Two hearts flutter. Mac and cheese, Birds and bees. Books and bookmarks, Whales and sharks. Toothpaste and toothbrush, Me and my crush. Beer and campfire, Fences barbwire. Two peas in a pod, Camera and tripod. The blue to my sky, The tears to my cry. The drink to my cup, You fill my heart up. The cheese to my burger, Need I go further? We fit like a puzzle, With you I...Read On


Daydreams at Night

Probably not as good as my others but I needed to get this out...

I think of you, I think of me, And of how happy we could maybe be, Is it a slight possibility? In my dreams I see you. In my dreams I see me. We are happy, Laughing together. So close, Yet so far, Away, But still near. I wish I wouldn't wake up, So I go back to sleep. It feels so real, These crazy dreams. Then I don't sleep, I daydream at night, My thoughts overflowing, Sleep! Think...Read On


Count to Ten

The result of my thoughts keeping me awake another night...

You are the one, Or so I think, So I doodle hearts around us with ink. I hope yours is the heart I have won. I listen to, The sounds of love birds, Watching the pair the thought occurs, We could be just like those two. It's half past three, I'm still awake, Cause these feelings I can't shake. You don't know what you do to me. You make me want even more, Then just a mere talk. Maybe together...Read On


Now I Know

Inspired by a backstabbing bitch I thought I could trust with my life. Thanks you help me write.

I can rhyme in every way, I can rhyme more everyday. But nothing shows the pain I've trodden, The tears upon the sheets are sodden. How could you do this, I was close to a kiss, I thought I knew you, But with the wind you blew. Far away, That's where you'll stay, Never will walk hand in hand, Footprints left in the sand. The path I've trodden, I've left sodden, With trails of tears, From...Read On


A Climb to the Summit

Another poem...

Stuck in a fantasy, What's real and what's not. It's just pure blasphemy, But I think you're hot. I think I may love you, I know I do like, I gave you a clue, Climb high up the mountain using your bike. Follow my trail and atop the summit, The answer is there. I pray we won't plummet, I'll be safe and climb stair by stair. I don't want to lose this, Whatever we hold, Kiss cheek or kiss...Read On


Happy Together

I have stared at blank pages, I have gone though these phases, Everything come and go, But to me you stand out and glow. I want you to stay, But how can I say? We are already happy, How we are this way. Friends forever, I must be clever, Think of a scheme, To complete my dream. Happy as friends together, My hopes tied to a pole tethered. But do I want more? Stop with the questions my brain...Read On


I wonder

So I threw a bunch of feelings at a paper and they formed some words again...

I wonder. What would it be like? To kiss your lips, To hold you, Right before drifting off to sleep. I wonder. Under the same moon, The night sky I stare into, The sun, What did you do today? I wonder. Am I your type? Do you care At all? Or is this unrealistic? I wonder. Have you ever thought, The same thoughts, The same time, And think your as crazy as I? I wonder. Do you care? Do you...Read On


Brain vs. Heart

The brain always tries to stop the heart from talking... well, at least for me...

My Brain, Drives me insane. My heart, Well that is a work of art. The two never feel the same. Never agree, It's a tied game. The brain always trying to tame. The heart runs free, Brain says, "Don't hurt me!" Heart says, "I don't give a care." The brain is protecting, Setting up walls. The heart tries escaping, But it's just too small. The heart finds a way, Cause it needs to say, What...Read On


Lonely Fool for Love

My heart wanted to talk again, and my brain allowed it.

Am I a fool? A fool for love, Or do I not even know? I feel low, I'm plankton on a food chain. Inexperienced, Unknown, To the world of love. A hopeless romantic, Waiting, Watching. Never a word, Escaping my foolish lips. But as I wait, And as I long, In the wind, I hear a whisper, A song. Is it in my mind? Am I stupid for believing, I could find someone, Or maybe I have, And just don't know....Read On



I try not to think and let my heart do that talking. My heart seems to have a brain of its own...

I feel sick. Sick of waiting, Sick of wanting, Sick of not saying. Sick of dreaming, Of a fairytale. But then there is that silver lining. It never fails, To light The night sky. I break down, I cry. I'm so sick. When do I get to be happy, Content? When do I get to Wear a smile? Not fake. Genuine, Finally something that's real. But isn't it crazy, I tell myself no. Convinced that it's...Read On



We always inquire, Want and need. What our soul seems to feed. Love. We question, Our brains suggestion, Love is the solution Our brain a revolution. A new heart we search, Another step we lurch, A couple steps forward, To rewind and go backward. We think we know, But it's not a show, It life, We need to roll the dice. Soldiers march forth, The compass points north, But will it take me...Read On



Have you ever wanted to tell someone how you feel, but couldn't find a voice?

I stop and think, And wonder, About you, Your life, How you are. The humor being, Chances are, You never wonder the same. But for a second, I'd like to think, Before you sleep, You think of me. A smile spread across my face, All I want is to just see yours. Your smile, Your laugh, The sound of your voice, But every night before I sleep, I think of you, And I wish, You think of me as well. ...Read On


Do you know

Do you know you are always on my mind? But still your heart I cannot find. Our thoughts the same, Some think its lame, But yet I still feel. Across the sea, Across the sky, I never want to say goodbye. I stare into the air, Knowing your right there, On the other side. I sit at my window, Just staring out, We haven't talked in a while, I wear a pout. The tears I've cried, Create a drought. ...Read On


dark spade

A poem about heartbreak, and what the heart may feel about someone that ends up stabbing it...

Do I take a step forward? Or two steps back? Leaving you in the dust, Was that going ahead? I thought it was good, But now I'm unsure, Lost and confused, My heart abused. My brain cannot think, So I rely on ink, To get this all out of my head, So maybe one of these days, I can think again. All that you've done It can't be reversed, It's not a rehearsal, Of a Broadway play. For this ends...Read On


Love me

All my life, I drew hearts on paper. Millions of pink and red, Yellow, green, Rainbow hearts. Growing up, I knew it was you. But I just hadn't met you. I want to meet you, I'm ready right now. Come out come out, Wherever you are, It's time to hide no more. Come out from the shadows, I want you to find me, To love me. Since I learned what love was, To the best of my ability, I looked. Still...Read On



Are you her? I feel like you might be. I stay up all night, Just to talk. Nothing and everything, Whatever's amusing. We sit and laugh at nothing, For endless hours. I love how you make me smile, Even though I have only known you, For only a while, A few weeks, But feels like forever. That's what I want with you. Already these feelings, I can not control. The feelings I hide deep in my soul....Read On


Who are you?

Are you real?

Here I am again. Waiting, Watching. The music blasting, People mingle, But yet somehow, I'm still single. I sit and wait. Will you walk in? I sit, Glued to the chair. People come and go, Drink, Dance, Laugh. Why am I still alone? But then you see me, By myself. You approach, Introductions. Next thing I know, I wake up in your bed, With you. I don't know your name. What did I do? I...Read On



a poem about my wild imagination...

As broad as the ocean, My brain filled with emotion, Of what I feel, Fiction and real. My imagination wild, Not quite like a child, But with some bits and pieces, My thinking never ceases. As loose, As a freely running goose, Full speed through the meadow, My thoughts just flow. All over the place, Even outer space, But I try to keep them contained. But the Lion is hard to tame. I crack...Read On



I want you My thoughts askew, Never in person, My feelings worsen, Deeply in love, A girl sent from above. Flawless and kind, Never leaves my mind. Even when I log off, Your image so soft, In my mind embedded. Through my thoughts, your threaded. Can't get you out, So I sit and pout, Until you come back on A light shines through neon! Your back at last, I type really fast, Before you drift...Read On


Off Limits

About a lesbian crushing on a straight girl...

You are more pure than a dove, An angel sent from above. You seem so flawless, Makes me thoughtless, Just taking one look at you. Caught my breath, But you had flew. Away from me, But can't you see, I just smile happily. I spread a grin, Above my chin, But then it fades The thought invades, I really hate that you are straight, Why can't you just bite the bait. Just take my hand, And you...Read On

Love Stories(9)


Rides, Crowds, And Oh Wow You Are Sexy (Part 2)

If you read part 1, it will make a lot more sense.

"Hi, mom," Nicole said into the phone, walking into her bedroom, pacing back and forth. "Yeah, I told you I..." Her voice trailed off. I waited patiently, playing with her kitty, Kurt, until Nicole returned. "Okay... Yeah... Okay mom, love you too." After a few minutes, Nicole walked back in the room. "Sorry, my mom called, but I realized when I was in my room that we forgot about your...Read On


Rides, Crowds, And Oh Wow You Are Sexy (Part 1)

Part 1 of an adorable lesbian love story. This part is mostly the storyline to build character.

It was a dark place in my life. I had absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go, no job, no friends. I needed to get out of my house because my parents were fighting as usual. Yes I know what you're thinking. "Why don't you move out instead of complaining about how you hate living with your parents?" Well easier said than done. It is not exactly easy to just find a steady job and actually...Read On


Snowed In

This is a not so typical type of love story, with a little bit of something for everyone...

It was December 18, 2010. That was possibly the best day of my life, to my memory thus far. I had the best group of friends in college, including my boyfriend, Jack, my best friend, Lauren and her boyfriend, Emmett. My name is Samantha, Sammy for short. I still remember this amazing day, as if it just happened yesterday. It was the aftermath of a snowstorm, which had trapped us in Jack's...Read On


Two Worlds Collide (Part 3)

part 3 of the Two Worlds Collide series =)

Note: This installment doesn't contain sex, it is a buildup of the two characters, so you know more about them. There will be some in the next part though... and I will most likely be writing 1 more part, maybe another 2 parts, I will see where it goes... It has been a month since the first weekend Amber and Hanna spent in each others arms. The past month has been the happiest of either...Read On


Two Worlds Collide (part 2)

part 2, it makes more sense, and you get to know the characters if you read part 1=)

The girls turned onto Amber's street, still hand in hand, side by side. Amber led Hanna through the doors of a two story apartment building, and up the stairs to the second floor. They walked to the left, coming to a halt in front of apartment 2B. Hanna started to let go of Amber's hand. "It's okay, my Dad doesn't care. He's most likely drunk anyway." Amber said as she grabbed Hanna's...Read On


Two Worlds Collide (Part 1)

A tale of two completely different girls who become friends, and maybe more...

Note: There is going to be more than just this one part. I will be writing maybe another 2 parts, possibly more, I will see where it goes. Here is part 1, part 2 will follow up in the future. There really isn't any sex in this installment, because I wanted to explain the story of the characters, and didn't want to put everything into an insanely long story, so I decided to split it up. ...Read On


Two Girls Meet (Part 3)

Part 3 of two girls meet...

After our perfect day at the beach, we returned to Emma's house. We were full of sand, so we decided we should shower, and then go out somewhere. Emma showered first, so I kept myself busy waiting for her to get out. I sat on her couch, browsing the internet on her laptop. A few minutes into her shower, I heard her moaning softly. I lost interest in whatever website I was on, and walked down...Read On


Two Girls Meet (Part 2)

the second part to a possible series of stories... It will make a lot more sense if you read part 1

I was so happy I was staying at Emma's place for a whole week. I just wish it could have been more than that. We woke up at about 10:00AM, still cuddled together. I woke up, and gently kissed Emma on the lips. She started to stir, and her hand that was resting behind my head, pulled me closer, and we started kissing for a few minutes. "Good morning gorgeous," I said gazing into...Read On


Two girls meet (part 1)

A love story about two girls, who finally meet after talking online for a while to each other...

She looked so stunning, standing there, at the airport, just waiting. I have never witnessed such a work of art. She was standing there, about twenty yards away from me, looking around. I can't believe I was finally going to see her, in person. We have talked for endless amounts of time, and now, finally, after what seemed to have been an eternity, we were in each others presence. It was...Read On



I wish you were here

might be what I do occasionally...

I sit here. Staring into the computer screen, with my bright green-blue eyes, staring at the story written on the screen. Sitting here reading about two girls fucking, reading a love story, a chat, a story about masturbating, depending on my mood, I choose a story. I have a great imagination, picturing everything happening in the story, perfectly in my head. Every detail, drawn like a painting...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Secret Love- The Beginning (Part 1)

Tried writing something a little different for a change...

Delilah and Anthony have been in a great relationship for almost two years. No one expected it to change, not even Delilah and Anthony themselves. Everything about their relationship was so perfect. They got together at the end of Senior year in high school, during the last month of school, right after their prom. Delilah wanted to keep their love a secret at first, because she didn't want...Read On


Charlotte's Vacation

Charlotte takes a vacation she will never forget...

Here we are, the middle of Summer. The peak of blazing hot weather. The sun cooking people who dared to step outside into Mother Nature's oven. People walking the streets with uneven tans, some wearing sunglasses too big for their faces, people splashing around in pools in their backyards, unattractive men jogging in short shorts hidden behind their huge hairy bellies. It was a perfect...Read On