You Need More Training, Little Girl

Little Girl needs punishment to learn to follow directions.

Daddy likes to cuddle with you. We are cuddling, naked, me lying on my back while you snuggle up with your head on my chest, listening to my heart beat with strong affection for you. You are lying on my right side, and my left hand playfully teases your hair. My right hand gently strokes your smooth, soft flesh; your hip and ass are especially appealing to my fingertips. My fingers dance...Read On

First Time(1)


If I Had the Honor of Taking Your Virginity

Do you trust me to be your first time lover?

You live a fantasy on Lush, portraying yourself as loose, slutty and well-seasoned, sexually speaking. You get turned on reading the stories about the sexual episodes of others, and you find yourself almost obsessed with sex chat. You tell the story of someone who knows their way around, and you expose your dirtiest thoughts to strangers in a sexy, explicit way. Yet this belies the real...Read On

Oral Sex(2)


Horny on a Saturday Morning Part II

Our Saturday morning continues to satisfy

I am kneeling in front of you, savoring the sight before me. I have placed you on the sink counter in the bathroom, leaning you back against a mirror that fills the wall. You are naked, and in the throes of a building sensation. Your thin strip of pubic hair, playfully shaped as an arrow pointing down to your pussy, is inviting me to play a little more before I plant my mouth on your essence....Read On


You Can Call Me Daddy

A Friend's Niece Likes Older Men. Happy to help!

One of the most beautiful young women I had ever met, and I lost track of where she was. It was at a party, and a friend introduced me to his niece, who would be staying with them for the school year while she pursued her Master's degree. She lived in another state, but liked the program here at our local state university, so she came to live with her uncle and aunt while she continued...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


It pays to run to stay in shape!

6:45 am, everyday, I set out to run. I have been running about 4 miles, everyday, through my neighborhood, to and around the park and back. For three months now, I have run the same route, the same time, everyday of the week. My name is Kirk, I am 25 years old, in great shape and, in all modesty, a hell of a good looking stud. I am 6 foot 1, wavy brown hair, chiseled facial features and...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Horny on a Saturday Morning Part 1

How to spend a Saturday. Like this? Let me know.

You stand in the bathroom, checking your hair and makeup in the large mirror that fills the wall behind the sink. It's a Saturday morning, and we're not going anywhere but you still want to look your best for me. You are wearing your favorite jeans, and an oversize t-shirt (is that one of mine?). As is often the case around the house, you are not wearing a bra. I quietly come up behind you...Read On


Stolen Moments

How Kara Spent Her Summer Vacation

Thank you, sluttytwenties for your inspiration on this and other stories! Kara knew she was hooked. She spent several hours a day on Lush, and yet she couldn't seem to get enough. The stories, chats, forum postings; all contributed to a wonderful fantasy world where she felt validated. People she met through the site were all great, and everyone was awash in sexual freedom and the pursuit...Read On


The Pursuit is the Prelude to Passion, Part 1

Thanks to LittleMiss87 for your inspiration

Friday, finally. The end of another long week, punctuated by a gentle rainstorm that threatens to linger throughout the weekend. The work week is over, and relaxation is in order for Emma. Emma's work is fast-moving, fluid, and demanding. She works as an editor, fixing errors and finding the right way to phrase complicated political issues to effectively communicate the meaning and...Read On